10 Best Upper Body Workouts for Women



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10 Best Upper Body Workout for Women

Are you always in an endless search for the best upper body workout for women?

Are you infinitely in a hurry to have that gorgeous summer body but you don’t even know where to start?

The long search is over for you’ve come to the right place.

This article is your ultimate guide to upper body workout for women.

Here you can find a simplified version of just about everything you need to do to get that well-sculpted upper body you’ve always dreamed about.


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10 Best Upper Body Workout for Women


Before we go into the details, let me give you the lowdown on upper body workout for women.

This also applies to almost any kind of workout program.

First, you have to know that not all workout programs are customized according to your needs, capacity, fitness level and goals.

The problem is that we tend to think that we can try out just about any program we stumble upon without even prioritizing our health and checking out any possible injuries that may hamper our progress.

Additionally, what works well for others might not work for you so don’t worry if your gym buddy gains muscles faster than you.

Next is, the main goal in working out should not only be towards looking good but also about having a strong, fit and healthy body.

That being said, you have to carefully plan and choose which workout program suits you best.

In addition, we have to accept that there’s no shortcut to success.

The types of upper body workout for women are just as hard and tons of patience and discipline is required to achieve lasting results.

These roadblocks to working out are all due to three major factors: lack of knowledge about upper body workout for women, lack of purpose and lack of discipline.

This means that we should work hard, make time and have enough patience and discipline during workout.

Now here’s a rundown of the best upper body workout for women to guide you in your journey towards your dream body.

Dumbbell Front Raise

This beginner type of exercise helps to strengthen and enhance the chest and shoulders.

On a standing position, hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing each other.

Raise each arm in an alternate manner and make sure the dumbbell is at shoulder height.

You can do this for 12 reps or follow the recommended reps advised by your instructor.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand and make sure your palms are facing forward.

Keep your upper arms stationary and carefully curl the weights towards shoulder level as you squeeze your biceps.

Hold for a second and go back slowly to the original position.

The bicep curl is the simplest and most traditional way of achieving sculpted arms and biceps.

Bent Over Lateral Raise

Start by bending low and making sure your chest is parallel with the floor.

Lift a dumbbell on each hand allowing each arm to hang down and making sure your palms face each other.

Raise your arms to the sides and make sure they are in line with your shoulders and parallel to the ground.

Bring your arms down and do 12 reps or follow the recommended reps by your instructor.

This workout targets the shoulders, chest, upper back muscles, triceps and pecs.

Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

Stand straight, slightly bend your knees and also bend your body forward.

With a dumbbell in each hand, extend your elbows by 90 degrees while making sure not to swing the dumbbells.

Hold for a few seconds before going back to your original position.

The main target of this upper body workout for women is to increase your strength and help you achieve toned arms.

Lying Cross-Body Dumbbell Extension

Lie down on a flat bench or on the floor.

Hold one dumbbell up, making sure your arm is in a straight position.

Bend your elbow and lower the dumbbell towards the opposite shoulder.

Reverse and repeat accordingly. 

This exercise is also beneficial for your triceps or the muscles located at the back of your upper arm.

Lying Skull Crushers

Your elbows should be aligned to your forearms and away from your body.

Lower the weight towards your face slowly and bring back to the original position.

Repeat with the recommended number of reps.

Barbell Dead Lift

Stand in front of a barbell with your feet aligned shoulder-width apart.

Grip the barbell while making sure your arms are properly extended.

Push through your heels and stand up straight while holding the barbell in your hands.

Bend back down to the original position and repeat with the desired or recommended number of reps.

This workout is for core strength and muscle mass.


Push-ups are best for improving core, biceps, back and upper body strength.

Push-ups are one of the most common upper body workout for women.

However, some find it hard to adjust to push-ups for it relies solely on the body’s weight.

You can do push-ups with dumbbells or push-ups alone as long as you match the reps and intensity to your body’s capabilities.

Push-ups are a part of bodyweight training exercises wherein no gym equipment is used and you rely only on your body’s strength and capabilities.

Other examples of bodyweight training exercises are squats, lunges, pull-ups and abdominal crunches.

Plank Jacks

Start by doing a plank position with your shoulders placed over your wrists.

Your body should be in a straight line and your feet should be put together.

Plank Jack helps strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles.

This is the perfect workout for core and upper body strength.


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Upper body workout for women


Gym Equipment

Apart from weight training and bodyweight workouts, you can also maximize the use of gym equipment to improve your upper body frame. Here are some examples:

  • Cable Seated Lateral Raise

  • Seated Cable Rows

  • Chin-Up

  • Barbell Incline Bench Press Medium Grip

Looking good takes a lot of hard work but the results are definitely rewarding.

Your body goals should not only be alive during summer but also the whole year round.

Make sure that you maintain good posture as you perform these training exercises.

It is also a must to practice good breathing as you go through each step. 

Mostly, a good stretch or warm-up exercise will help prevent intense pain and injury during your training.

Any form of upper body workout for women will be effective and beneficial only if you let your body slowly adjust to it.

The workout program you choose should be customized according to your age and fitness level as well.

So as you head to the gym, you can have this article on hand to better guide you towards your dream body.

Also, remember that you don’t have to do everything at once and you can start off with a few numbers of reps and sets.

Always look for the workout plan that is tailored to your age, fitness level and fitness goals.

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