The Health Benefits of 12 Hour Fasting



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The Health Benefits of 12 Hour Fasting

12 hour fast - the most popular and convenient type of intermittent fasting.

Most people choose this length of time for fasting because it is more favorable to adjust.

Most people take an early dinner and wait for 12 hours to take a meal again - which is equivalent to a very little time of waiting the moment you wake up.

You can also simply skip dinner or breakfast - which is more easy to some people.

People also find it as an enough length of fasting because you do not need to wait for days - nor starve yourself too much.

12 hour fast offers just enough time for the digestive system to rest.

This type of fasting is beneficial for both health and weight loss.

Health Benefits of a 12 Hour Fast

With just leaving a 12 hour gap between your meals, you can already gain so much health benefit.

1. Weight Loss 

A 12 hour fast will make it easy for your body to burn fat than the usual.

Giving yourself more time to fast will also give your body more time to burn fat.

Normally, the body burns through its stored glycogen.

But - if a person engages into an intermittent fasting like a 12 hour fast, its glycogen supply gets depleted.

Having that said, the body will burn the stored fats instead.

And this will absolutely lead to losing weight fast.


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The Health Benefits of 12 Hour Fasting


2. Improved Detoxification 

A 12 hour fast can give your body so much time to rest from digesting foods.

The body usually uses it energy for digestion.

Therefore - if we give our body more time to pause from its digesting duties, its energy will be used for other functions.

One positive effect of fasting is it improves detoxification.

Because instead of using its energy for digestion, the body can use it for detoxifying.

This can also result into reducing inflammation which is very beneficial to our health.

To sum it all up, a 12 hour fast will give your body enough time to rest, produce more antioxidants, improve detoxification - and reduce inflammation.

a 12 hour fast helps to detox the body

3. Boosts Brain Function 

A 12 hour fast can definitely offer so much more health benefits.

Experts say that fasting can indeed boost brain health.

Fasting can help in producing more nerve cells which are essential for enhancing cognitive function and protecting the brain against any disorder.

It can improve brain function and reduce risks of having brain illnesses.

Fasting can even help in healing people with existing brain illness like neurodegenerative disorder.

a 12 hour fast helps the brain function

4. Increase Growth Hormones 

A 12 hour fast can make a person's body produce more human growth hormones or HGH.

This type of hormone has been proven to be essential for metabolism, growth, muscle strength - and weight loss.

Fasting can also help sustain a steady blood sugar level and insulin level as well.

Fasting is indeed made for weight loss and improving health stability.

fasting helps for detox

5. Aid Fatal Diseases​

A 12 hour fast can offer health benefits beyond your expectations.

Heart disease and cancer both belong into the top causes of death.

Now listen - fasting can aid both fatal diseases.

Fasting can help in decreasing cholesterol and triglycerides level which will lower the risk of having a coronary heart problem.

Researches also show that fasting can help in blocking a tumor formation and increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Though it still needs additional proofs and researches, but this is already considered as a fact.


There are few things to remember in order to succeed with 12-hour fast.

First - always make it a priority to keep your foods healthy.

The length of time you are allowed to eat does not mean you can eat everything you want.

Continue consuming healthy meals and always avoid the unhealthy ones.

The quality of the foods you consume is highly important.

Second - be always conscious with your calorie deficit.

It is crucial to eat normally like you have not skipped a meal nor waited for hours.

Eating more than the servings you usually consume will compensate the calories you have supposedly reduced.

Lastly - train yourself to become more patient.

Following an intermittent fasting is really tough at first.

Self-discipline is very important to succeed with any type of weight loss process.

Having enough patience will make things easier for you.

have patience when you go fasting for 12 hours

How Fasting Makes You Lose Weight?

Fasting can do so much change in our body because it introduces a new cycle in which our body needs to adjust.

And the most visible effect of fasting is weight loss.

Below are some of the reasons why a 12 hour fast can help a lot in achieving your weight loss goal.

#1 - Fasting makes fat burning easier

Eating nothing within a particular length of time will result into increasing human growth hormones (HGH), boosting metabolism, and decreasing insulin level.

These activities inside the body will make the stored fats more accessible and easier to burn.

This is one of the main reasons why fasting is an effective way to lose weight fast.

#2 - Fasting helps reduce calories

Eating with proper guidance of calorie count and proportioning will help a lot in achieving enough calorie deficit.

The main protocol of fasting is skipping a meal - and that would mean you are reducing calorie intake.

The results are said to be impressive - the reason why more and more people are engaging with this kind of weight loss process.

fasting is not good for maintaining muscle mass

#3 - Fasting prevents losing muscle mass

Most diets have a domino effect - it burns fat and burns muscle mass as well.

And we do not want that to happen.

But - intermittent fasting offers a more interesting result.

This is losing weight while holding on to your muscle mass.

This effect is more essential for those people who want to lose weight without losing too much muscle mass.


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The Health Benefits of 12 Hour Fasting


Final Note:

A 12 hour fast is considered as the easiest type of intermittent fasting.

If you crave for weight loss but do not want to suffer from too much starvation, then a 12 hour fast is a must try for you.

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