14 Metabolism Boosting Foods for Losing Weight

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14 Metabolism Boosting Foods for losing weight

Are you struggling to lose weight fast?

You have been trying all kinds of things and don’t know what to do anymore.

You are just way too busy to visit the gym 4 times a week in the evenings.

I know how you feel and you are not completely alone in this journey.

While you can’t do much about working out, you can pay close attention to what you eat on a daily basis.

I will share with you what kind of foods you should eat more and WHAT foods you should totally avoid the next time.

Are you ready to improve and change for the better? If so, continue with me! If not, just leave my blog, please.



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14 Metabolism Boosting Foods for Losing Weight


Your Metabolism

Metabolism is just another term in simple words on how your body works and is processing food.

Is it burning a lot of energy from the foods consumed?

Or in other words, it has a high metabolic rate and burns lots of energy so there is not a lot of fat stored in the body.

Or do you have a low metabolic rate?

This would be that your body does not burn a lot of energy from the food you eat and leaves you storing lots of fat, which leads to weight gain.

A low metabolism depends on a variety of factors, think of:

  • getting older
  • no physical activity
  • eating the wrong foods

You really can’t do much about getting older, but you can certainly do something about the foods you are eating.

Eating “bad” foods only stimulate weight gain.

This is a bad habit.

Ultimately what we want is that you are burning fat passively, while you sit, while you read and so on.

This is what this article is about, so let’s dive deeper into this.

What to Avoid

Do you know that fruit juices contain more sugar than the “bad” sodas out there?

This is a fact and you might wonder. 

"Hey, you are wrong, fruit juices are made out of fruit and therefore they are freaking healthy."

You are right on the first part but the latter part is not quite true.

Most fruit juices lose most of their vitamins when they are converted to juices and tend to get richer in sugar.

Besides lots of additives are added and I recommend you to take a closer look at these: fructose, corn syrup, and juice concentrate should be considered as EVIL and these are really bad for your health and make it easy for you to gain weight.

Always have real fruit over fruit juices.

Eating fruit will also allow you to consume the fibers that would otherwise have been wasted.

The Truth About Omega Acids

We automatically link omega to omega-3 acids that are found in fatty fish, nuts and fish oil.

The real good stuff, we all know those terrible fish oil drops we had to take in when we were small.

So when we see Omega-6 acids we naturally link it to healthy and good for our body.

Omega-6 acids are a different story and promote weight gain and obesity.

Therefore this type should be avoided whenever possible. 

It just disrupts the body’s efforts to digest food normally and instead it stores more energy as fat.

Foods rich in Omega-6 can be found in fat-rich foods like products from the oven: muffins, donuts, cakes and all kind of cupcakes.

Also, try to remove pork meat and products from your daily diet.

So let us move from the negative to the positive part.

What you can and should eat more of!

The following foods can easily be incorporated into your daily program and lifestyle, so there should be 

NO excuses at all. You don’t need a big budget, you don’t need to prepare and bake a whole cake.

The products can be found in your local grocery store, I will also leave a link to the product on Amazon so you can get it also from there.

Remember this is your own health, your own store. No freaking excuses.

This is your moment. Not tomorrow. 

Right now is the time to be the BEST version of yourself.

The 14 Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

1. Chocolate

We are not talking about hazelnut chocolate with coconut inside.

I am talking about dark chocolate.

The one that tastes bitter at times and is not sweetened with a freaking load of sugar. 

We want that one that has at least a 70% or higher cacao content.

Dark chocolate helps you to curb other cravings like sweets, chips and ice cream.

It has a good effect on your body on how your body’s system absorbs fat and carbs and really helps to improve other things in your body, like blood circulation.

It is good to give your metabolism a boost.

Stick to a few pieces and please do not go overboard on this.

Chocolate still contains lots of calories and consuming too much is disruptive.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a goodie you will encounter in many of my other articles on weight loss.

It is THAT good for you and THAT simple to take in. It helps to lower your blood sugar level and this, in turn, helps to process food better and regulates your appetite as well.

Why do I like this so much personally?

First and foremost it is a homemade drink and I just shove two teaspoons in my water bottle and I have my healthy drink ready for the day.

I carry it outside with me and whenever I get thirsty, I don’t need to resort to a shop to by a Coke or Fanta.

I always use a straw to drink this from my bottle as it might enamel your teeth if you drink this straight from a cup or battle.

So in short just two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in your bottle or a cup and fill with water.

I recommend and get my own Apple Cider Vinegar from Braggs.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is still considered to be really healthy but nasty in taste. Even in the grocery store, you can find different flavors that tackle the flavor issue.

You can find instant oats with strawberry flavor and so on.

The only problem is that these “instant oats” are not healthy for us (read people who want to lose weight).

These packages are full of added sugar and so on.

Sugar is what you want to detox/refrain from when you want to lose weight. Instead, we choose for the plain old rolled oats that can be slow cooked.

Oatmeal is full of good fiber and is good to spice up your metabolism. It is not only good for that, but it also helps to improve your digestion and solves constipation and fights against bloating.

It helps you to stay full for a long time and basically means that you won’t eat other shit as you just ate a healthy full portion of oatmeal.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries give you that vitamin C boost and are rich in antioxidants.

This combination helps to speed up your metabolism

Besides that antioxidants help to fight bad cells and repair damaged cells in the body. Without antioxidants, your body would not digest food that well and you wouldn’t be able to lose any fat at all.

You can buy the deep frozen ones or fresh ones.

You can infuse them in your bottle of water, add them to your Greek Yogurt or have them plain.

Have them for breakfast or just as a snack during the day.

5. Almonds

Almonds and all nuts I usually do not recommend when you want to lose weight fast as they are calorie dense and it is easy to overeat on nuts, which will lead to easy weight gain.

But I put them on this list as almonds are rich in fatty acids, which are good to speed up your metabolism.

Have them as a snack, or add almonds to your salad in the restaurant. Just be sure you ration portions.

6. Salmon

Fish, in general, is good in any healthy diet. I always recommend eating fresh fish over meat.

This is because fish like salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and full of protein and it is extremely light for your stomach to digest. 

So if you are one of those persons that almost falls asleep after every meal, eat fish as it is light to digest.

Furthermore, the health benefits are many of eating salmon.

It helps in metabolism and weight loss but also with heart health and more.

It is certainly my favorite type of fish I like to consume next to all kinds of sushi, canned sardines, and tuna. I like to grill my salmon and just spice it with salmon oil and pepper. I have this often for dinner.

7. Apples

Apples contain that good fiber that helps to detox your body.

This is good to remove toxins and waste from the body’s system that disrupts your weight loss efforts.

Apples are rich in pectin, a fiber good indigestion.

I just want to you to stick to a single apple a day.

Why? Apples are full of natural sugar and too much of this is not good.

Also, avoid shiny apples in the grocery stores. 

These are waxed and full of pesticides.

Go for the organic apples that look dirty and do not shine like a diamond.

These are natural produces. Just wash your apples thoroughly.

8. Spinach

Popeye was right on this STRAIGHT. So where do we start? Spinach is full of Vitamin B, K, A and is high in fiber and low in calories.

You can definitely say it is a superfood. It naturally boosts your metabolism and helps to restore your body faster after a workout.

You might find it difficult to eat spinach on a regular basis, but there is more to life than stir-frying spinach.

Add a bit when you are making eggs, salads, and soups!

10. Whey Protein

I always have a small pack of cinnamon in my bag and add it to almost everything I eat outside on the street.

It gives my food a lovely taste. I even go so far to add it in my coffee and tea haha, also sprinkle it on my apples, soups, and salads.

Cinnamon is really good to boost your metabolism.

It lowers your blood sugar level and makes sure you feel full for a long time.

I recommend to try out the Whey Protein variants of Orgain. These are organic, kosher, vegan, fluten free and the quality and taste is just good.

11. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be added to your cup of coffee or you can cook with it.

The secret is that there are a lot of fatty acids in coconut oil that your body absorbs really quick and can be used for energy and will not be saved as fat.

Make sure to choose the purest form of coconut oil to preserve all the natural health benefits.

Tiny portions are just good enough to help on a daily basis.

12. Green Tea

Green tea contains exactly 0 calories. Have several cups a day and it will help to improve your energy levels because of the caffeine content and to increase your metabolism.

It is full of antioxidants, caffeine and is just a drink you should add on a daily basis. Want to take it to the next level?

Try out Matcha Green Tea Powder to level your game up.

As I find that you will build healthy habits and ones that are sustainable. Try out Jade's Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder.

13. Eggs

Everyone has been telling you eggs are bad for your cholesterol.

I will tell you this, I eat eggs on a daily basis and have several of them. 

First, they contain lots of proteins and proteins are good for weight loss.

It will cause more good than bad stuff. So don’t listen to other folks claiming this is bad shit.

I rather eat two eggs than two freaking hamburgers.



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14 Metabolism Boosting Foods for Losing Weight


14. Greek Yogurt

Normal yogurt does contain lots of good vitamins and nutrients.

However, they contain just too much sugar. 

Sugar is not good in your weight loss progress.

Greek yogurt is a good alternative as it has more protein and less sugar.

Make sure your Greek Yogurt has less than 9 grams of sugar.

Add some blueberries to spoil yourself.

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