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Hello Emma, I got my 3-week Burn Fat Program 4 weeks ago and my life changed ever since, so I wanted to share this.

After my pregnancy, I couldn't lose the 20 pounds that I gained. I just couldn't see what the issue was. Your program made me understand very fast where I could make some improvements and overall it was super easy to follow. I will start again with another round and aim to lose 6 pounds just before we go on vacation.

You made me more confident (and also attractive again for my hubby) I tried lots of diets before which just were a waste of money and time. If I could turn back time, I would have bought your program first.

DANA MOORE  //  full-time mom


Dear Emma,

Without exercise, I managed to lose 5 kilos in my first seven days. I followed the step by step as well as the day per day plan and I am seeing incredible results. 

The information in the book is really powerful and very easy to absorb. I have the approved foods list printed out and it is literally to be found everywhere in my house! 

It really works and I want to thank you for making this program as it was mind-blowing for me at first.

PATRICIA JACOBS  //  IT Professional

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight GUARANTEED

110% Money Back Guarantee.

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The best part about the program is that you start with it right now. All the handbooks are are available in PDF form which means that you can access it on any device that you want and in every place. 

There is a full 110% refund policy if you don't lose any weight. Your initial investment is already cut back by $50,- In any gym nowadays you would be paying the investment of this program per MONTH and they do not give you any guaranteed weight loss results or money back.

If you are not satisfied with the program or do not see any results within 30 days, I will refund you your money back, no strings attached. 

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What's included in the 3-week Fat Burn Program:

Introduction Handbook Understand how we gain and lose weight. What is the most effective way to lose fat in areas that were difficult to see improvement before.

Besides that the introduction handbook will go deeper in to the foods that are the best for your body if you want to lose weight fast, the facts behind it and how you can use all this information to get a better metabolism and so a more productive life by being more healthy.

Diet Handbook Here you will find a detailed step by step guide on what you can eat for the upcoming days. Discover the exact foods that you should eat to reach your fat burning potential and also learn what foods you should not touch at all during your weight loss period. 

You will lose weight if you follow the steps in this handbook. Is is the secret sauce you need to burn fat fast The best part is that you can apply these techniques over and over again. So after a break you can start again. So you do not need to go into starvation mode and you will be able to enjoy life as it should be.

This handbook is alone worth more than $150 and you are basically getting it with the whole program for a fraction of that price.. 

Inspiration Handbook  Your mindset is one of the secret keys in order to achieve success  to get the internal motivation that you need to reach your weight loss goals. You can use these tips not only for weight loss but for almost everything in life.

Learn the secrets and tools to get yourself on the right path and to stay in shape for the rest of your life.   

Daily Checklist  This will give you all the essential information you need in a clear overview that you can check whenever you need it. All the prohibited as well as allowed foods can be found in here.

Also the daily diet can be found in this part and it is in essence your playbook that you should live by.

Emma Wilson  //  Founder & Creater

Hi all! My name is Emma Wilson and founder of this blog. I started out with FoodyWhale because I struggled with overweight for a long time and am in shape now for years.

I am extremely proud of the program as I tried to make it as simple as possible that you can follow and understand right away.

Even for those that are extremely busy can participate in it. I'm so excited for you to try it!

Emma Wilson

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Love it! I can access it whenever I want!!

This program would have saved me TONS of energy and time years ago and I am sure it will save me time and energy in the future. Lost an astounding amount of 21.6 pounds in the first 3 weeks!!

I love the different kind of guides with all kinds of information. I will use this as much as I can. Thanks!"

Sharon  //  Food Lover

17.4 LBS DOWN IN 21 DAYS!!! I stood on the scale for a full two minutes and cried. 

But so much better than the weight loss, is the fact that we feel GREAT!!! Changing our eating habits has made such a difference in how we feel. I have not had the aches and pains that I was so used to. 

DANA KEAGAN //  Designer

It stopped my emotional eating, and regained my health and happiness.

It has literally changed my life. I'm a 30 year old mother of 2 and if I can do this, anybody can do this. Just sign up!

SAMARA JANSEN //  Mother of 2

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The button is the only obstacle between you and 10-20 pounds lighter in 3 weeks or just staying the same. You can download it and get all the information in your own hands within a few minutes. You can repeat the diet over and over again till your reached your weight loss goal.

Get it before the prices goes back to $97. The whole package is easily worth more than $200. This is a ONE-TIME investment in yourself.




110% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am not promising you a 40 pounds weight loss in 21 days or a 6-pack within that timeframe. 

However, If you follow the step by step and day by day plan and execute it, then you should lose between 10-20 pounds AT LEAST. I am confident that by then, you will not only feel better but also more positive and energetic. You will go through daily live with a whole different mindset.

If you do not lose any weight at all I will refund you your money and send you an 10% on top. To show you how confident I am about my program and that I fully stand behind it.

You only need to click the purchase button and it will be in your inbox in a few moments. If you've finished the program but are still not happy, then send me an email to and I will refund you your money 110%

Emma Wilson

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Notice your improvement within the first week and how much more positive you will move. You will feel better and more confident.

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