5 Clean Eating Tips for Weight Loss

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Do you occasionally slip from your diet and eat something unhealthy?

Once you’ve done this you feel like crap and almost like you were a pig.

I know how this feels and we humans just get caught by our emotions..

Do this on a daily basis and you will be gaining weight unconsciously.

It is all about understanding the science of weight loss.

That’s a big issue.

Luckily, you can prevent this from happening again.

Read you can do this for your own health and body and learn how to lose weight naturally.



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5 Clean Eating Tips for Weight Loss


5 Clean Eating Tips for Weight Loss

Clean eating is really the most important part in losing weight.

You may be wondering:

What are the best dos and don'ts for weight loss diet?

Obviously exercise plays also a critical role but if you workout like crazy and don’t eat well, then all your efforts are for nothing.

It is therefore important to start building healthy habits that will help you lose all that weight.

That’s why in this article I will share with you 5 clean eating tips that will help you lose weight.

Remember bad habits lead to results you don’t want.

Good habits on the other hand will bring you happiness and a good health.

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Have Breakfast

Start your day with a breakfast. It does not have to be a big breakfast. Just as simple as an egg with coffee/tea can be enough already.

This will help your body to digest the food in your body better.

This will help to remove all the waste from your body.

An egg for example is good as it contains lots of proteins and good vitamins and minerals. 

Coffee and tea are rich in antioxidants that will speed up your metabolism.

But you can have anything else for breakfast that is lean in fat and full of protein and nutrients. Think of a protein shake, oatmeal & Greek yogurt.

White bread and other bakery products like donuts, croissants or cakes are carbs that are bad for belly fat.

Spice everything up

Get a can of chilli/cayenne pepper and some cinnamon.

These spices are known to aid the digestion process and will make the food digested in your body move better.

Besides these spices are good to improve the taste of your food but the peppers will also suppress you from eating more.

The spicier it is, the harder it eventually is for you to continue eating.

Build Muscles

There is a truth to the old saying that building muscles burns fat fast.

You can improve and speed up this process by providing your body in the right fuel.

Think of lean meat such as chicken, beef and salmon.

You can have these foods grilled for lunch or either dinner.

They provide your body with the right amount of nutrients before your workout.

Be in control of your life

The only way you can achieve success is be having control over the situation.

Therefore, you should also be the boss over your own eating schedule.

Prep meals in advance so that you give signals to your brain that you already worked out your eating schedule for the week in advance.

This will also prevent you from eating outside when your friends ask you to have some fried chicken.

If you want to hang out with your friends, either invite them to your home and eat healthy or choose alternatively a place of your own choice to eat outdoors.

Always be prepared for every situation.

Have some snacks prepared in your bag so you will not find yourself finding an excuse to go to the local fast food joint when you are outside and hungry.



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5 Clean Eating Tips for Weight Loss



Keep yourself hydrated.

Water is a good way to flush out all the toxics out of your body and it helps you to stay in shape and lose weight.

Drink lots of water.

You can vary between tea, coffee and water. These are the perfect examples of simple grab and go snacks for weight loss to fill your stomach.

If you do not like water, try out fruit infused water.

Nowadays, you have special bottles for this. I use this bottle whenever I am in the mood for fruit infused water.

The only thing that you need to do is to add fruit of your own preference and add some water to your bottle.

The longer the fruit can infuse in the water before you drink it, the better.

It is a great way to give a treat to your body and something that is also very healthy.

The waters with flavors you can buy at the store are full of sweeteners and additives that will make you gain weight.

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