5 Fast Weight Loss Tips for Women over 200lbs



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How to Lose Weight Even If You Weigh over 200lbs

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself: why am I not losing any weight?

Or worse yet, you feel that your clothes are getting tighter and you are just gaining weight?

You’ve tried all kinds of weight loss programs and diets, so you don’t know what the problem is.

You are thinking that if you soon don’t get rid of all that stubborn fat, you’ll never be able to lose weight.

I assure you, there is a way to get past your weight loss issues.

Know what? You aren’t alone. Let me show you how you can start to lose weight fast.



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5 Fast Weight Loss Tips for Women over 200lbs


Consequences of Being Overweight

Overweight does not only have an impact on your physical state, it also has a serious impact on your mental state.

It lets you feel unsure and you start to doubt yourself.

Does the one you like so much find you attractive as well?

In the end you do not have the confidence to take action and you end up alone in your room.

This is solely due to you being overweight. Imagine if you would be slim and have a well-toned body.

Do you think your chances would increase of getting the love you want? The truth is that it does bring a difference.

I did not even mention the impact overweight has on your body and vital organs.

You feel tired quickly and fall asleep at sudden moments.

The excess of weight brings a lot of pressure on your organs and this results in your vital organs working tremendously.

This will lead to an exhausting journey of your body.

If not tackled properly, this can end with serious illnesses.

Finding proper clothes becomes a serious issue as well and you are limited in the choice you have and the price tags.

There are infinite more benefits to losing that weight as quickly as possible than to have it stick to your body where it only causes problems in the short term and later on.

Allow me to explain this in-depth to you so you can define the real cause of you being overweight. Once you have discovered it, you can start to tackle this right away and jumpstart your weight loss efforts.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Overweight is most always because you are eating the wrong foods at the wrong moment.

In my opinion weight loss is more about diet than it is about exercise.

When you eat the wrong foods, you will cause your body to deal with extra sugar and fat, which it can’t burn or use for energy purposes so it will store it as fat.

Eat at the wrong moments and your body will gain weight like crazy (big time). Do the complete opposite and eat the right foods at the right moments and you will find yourself losing weight like crazy.

This because you have turned your body into a fat burning machine.

However, if you have been on this weight for a time, chances are high that you are not losing any weight.

You can diet as hard as you want or exercise for hours in the gym, but that weight is not going down.

This is mainly because your hormones are out of balance.

This causes your body not to react to foods in a normal way as it should.

You should see it as a horse gone crazy and that is out of control.

That is your body’s hormones as well: out of control.

Majority of the people that are overweight are unaware of this issue but yet it still applies for them.

Only one way to get your body function normal again.

And that is to do a full reset.

You do a 24 hour fast where you deprive your body from any foods, just water, tea and coffee (without sugar or any form of milk/creamer).

This will allow your body to use its fat resources for energy, but more importantly it gives your body a chance to get the hormones back to normal.

So that when you start eating the right foods, the right impact will come and hit your body.

And that you will start losing weight FAST. This is how my own weight loss program: The 3-Week Fat Burn starts.

How a Carb Detox Will Help Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Efforts

A carb detox is the best strategy to lose weight fast in your case.

A detox basically means that you deprive your body from certain foods, so that you clean your body from the inside out.

You get rid of harmful toxins and other waste material in your body that would otherwise hinder your body, so that your body can work normal again.

In this case all kinds of carbohydrates: bread, pasta, potatoes, fried food and all kinds of other food.

Carbohydrates can be found in processed foods. So in this period you do not eat any processed foods.

In addition, processed foods are full with additives and sugar that are bad for your body.

Instead you will only eat products that come without a label.

Think of fruit, vegetables and lots of protein: chicken breast, wings, beef and wild fish.

Fruit and vegetables contain lots of good nutrients for your body.

Proteins are good for your body and when you do overeat on protein, it is not so harmful for your body than it is as when you overeat on fat.



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5 Fast Weight Loss Tips for Women over 200lbs


How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

The beginning will be hard. If it was easy, everybody would be slim and well-toned.

Prepare yourself mentally that a hard and difficult journey is ahead.

However, it can be done and it is definitely possible. First things first, clean up your kitchen.

Get rid of all processed foods.

This accounts for all foods that comes in a can, package or plastic.

Out of sight means out of mind.

Create an environment for you that facilitates this weight loss journey easier. Not more difficult.

Next prepare meals and always have your plate half full of veggies and the other half only protein.

You can prepare your vegetables and protein in any way, except deep fried.

Have it grilled, roasted or steamed.

I like to have my vegetables and meat grilled.

Preparation is important and when you’ve prepared yourself well, you have already won half of the battle.

The Ball is in Your Hand, It’s Now or Never 

Taking action is the most important thing.

Not tomorrow or next week.

But right NOW.

You can realize this and I am here with you to support you.

Remember that you are never alone in this journey. Start with the knowledge above and you will achieve greatness.

If you want to have a step by step plan for every day on what you need to eat and cook, then check out my weight loss program. You can read more about that hereunder.

Last but not least, it is infinitely more dangerous to have that excess of weight on your body than it is to lose it terribly fast.

Lots of people say losing weight fast is dangerous for your health.

Trust me, it is more dangerous to have that weight stick to your body. So again, reset you body and do a 24 hour fast. After that detox your body.

The 3-Week Fat Burn Program

If you want to lose weight, then try out my Fast Weight Loss Program. In here my clients lose 10-20 pounds more in just 3 Weeks without spending a single minute in the gym.

All they follow is a simple and easy to understand system. Everyday there is a clear format to follow and tells them what foods they can eat and which ones are forbidden during their 3-Week Diet.

It is a system that you can use over and over again. So if you have lots of weight to lose. You can repeat the program again until you reach your desired weight. 

What makes me really happy is that my students email me on how this changed their life and why the tons of other programs didn’t work.

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