5 Healthy Tips – How to Lose Weight in 30 days

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5 Healthy Tips – How to Lose Weight in 30 Days

You need a proven system that you can use again and again when you want to lose weight. Right?

You might have probably read more than tens of different blogs on weight loss and still don’t know what to do.

Or you are even more confused than before.

The only thing you want is to get fit enough so you can fit your old size. I know how irritating it can be to be at the store only to find you don’t fit your size anymore.

This is completely normal and can happen once in a while. So be at ease as I will share with you my tips on how you can lose weight in 30 days.

Use these principles as a system that you can use whenever you want to lose weight.

You can use these easy and simple tips for when you need to get ready for a big event or if you just want to feel better.

It is better to start right NOW than later.

If you soon don’t find the time or methods, you’ll never be able to lose weight again.

Luckily, I will show you how you can do it.



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5 Healthy Tips – How to Lose Weight in 30 days


Plan Ahead and Structure

Always wondered why movie actors stay in shape and lose weight fast before a movie

Did you noticed that movie actors always know how to get in the right shape for a role and movie just in time?

They get this done not only because they have a personal trainer or a whole crew around them, but because they have a strict diet and workout plan they have to follow.

If they don’t get in the right shape, they don’t get the role. It’s that simple.

You can achieve the same results without having a personal trainer or a crew around you.

The only thing you need is a clear structure of what you can eat and when.

If you have been gaining weight for the past period, then it means that you’ve been eating too much of the wrong foods and didn’t follow a structure or plan.

So let’s go deeper into that part.

Wrong Eating Habits Lead to Weight Gain 

It took you years to gain that weight, don’t expect to lose it all within 5 days.

It is possible to lose weight just by paying attention to what you eat and by being physically active.

First you need to set realistic expectations for yourself.

It took you a long period to get that weight on your body so do not expect to lose it within 5 days. 

Be realistic and set a timeframe for yourself that is realistic but still challenging.

Most people go wrong with this and fail in their weight loss efforts.

The truth is that you can lose weight just by focusing on what you eat and by being active.

You just need to have the right foundation. You need to eat the right foods at the right time of the day.

That is what this post is about and I will share with you my knowledge and tips.

With the right fundamentals you can lose weight over and over again.

Weight gain is most always attributed to eating too much.

I will go into this and share with you how you can avoid this from happening again.

Stress Can Lead to Weight Gain

Are you often stressed or do you feel stressed?

Stress plays an important factor in your hormone regulation and if you are stressed all your hormones are not in balance and this is not good for your overall health as you are more likely to gain weight during the times that you are stressed.

Just take a closer look at yourself…

When you are stressed you are more inclined to eat unhealthy just to reward yourself and please yourself on the short term, which in the long term doesn’t turn out so well.

Stress means that your hormone “cortisol” also known as the stress hormone will increase and this directly impacts your metabolism and may impact your insulin levels.

So not only will it make you go craving for all kind of fatty junk foods, higher insulin levels basically mean that you are insulin resistant and that your body cannot convert the glucose from the food you consumed into the body for fuel, so basically the sugar remains in the blood stream and therefore speeds up the process of gaining weight.

If you experience stress at the office, make sure then that you go out of your chair every hour and then to walk around and reflect on the tasks you still have to do and organize it so that you can finish your deadlines and that the stress will slowly disappear from your life.

If you experience a difficult phase in your life then just remember that this is temporarily, find something you love to do, whether that is talking with a good friend, or walking in the nature or biking around or playing bridge. Have your own quality time so that you can relax.

Schedule it in your agenda every day so you have something to look forward to and derive pleasure from.

Quality Sleep Matters  

Make sure you get enough sleep every night.

This differs for everyone but normally a person should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. 

A lack of sleep affects the hormones in your body that control your appetite.

A lack of sleep only increases your appetite for food, which in turn may lead to weight gain.

Make some rules for in the bedroom. Firstly, do not work in your bedroom, your bedroom is only for sex and sleep.

Secondly, make sure that your bedroom is pitch black and that there is no ray of sun to be found in your bedroom.

This will help you to improve your sleep and not to distract you during your sleep.

Third, no electronic devises except for kindle or e-book readers.

The light of your smartphone or laptop has a significant influence on your brain and therefore you will have much more trouble falling asleep.

Even if it’s just for a relaxing activity such as watching a movie. It still has a negative impact on your sleep.

Watching a movie or show triggers your brain with so much pleasure signals that you will be so excited and pumped up at the time you actually want to go to sleep.

And as a result, you will spend more time awake thrilled and thinking about the story in that movie or Netflix show.

If you apply the above, then you most certainly will improve your sleep directly and you will also be less grumpy during the day.

So your family also benefits from it!

You Can Eat Fat – Only Good Fats Though  

If you are having a problem with your weight and especially they way you gain it.

Then you need to cut back on carbohydrates in your daily diet.

If you consume to much of those on a daily basis, then your body becomes intolerant and does not use the excess of carbs you consume.

Those extra carbs will be stored as fat and is one of the reasons why you are gaining weight so fast.

So remove all kinds of carbs from your diet: bread, pasta, dairy, rice, potatoes, corn and soda. 

Instead overeat on protein and healthy fats.

Eat protein that does not have any fat or only healthy fat. Think of fresh chicken filet, steak, fatty fish like salmon.

These last ones are actually very good for you and it is okay to eat lots of those. 

Especially because they will fill up your stomach very quickly and therefore hard to overeat on and gain weight on.

Do a Sugar Detox  

Most of the sugar you consume and get in your body is via packaged food, remove every form of food that has already been processed.

Think of cookies, cake, pre-packed salads, instant meals and go on.

The manufacturers have added a lot of sugar so you like the taste and added tons of chemicals so the food can be stored for a longer amount of time.

This of course is no good to you and you would be way better of in your weight loss journey if you do not consume any of this.

Go all natural and choose food that in the first place come without a label.

Even if you have your coffee or tea with cream or sugar then this is still considered a bad habit.

You can only have your coffee black and without sugar, cream or milk. This will hinder your weight loss efforts.

You might think it is innocent, but if you take three coffees on a daily basis with sugar and milk then on a monthly basis those calories really add up.

Move Your Body  

You do not need to sweat for hours in the local gym, but it is important that you get your daily exercise.

This is important to get your metabolism up running so that it can help your body to burn that fat.

Find something that you would love to do and gives you nothing but happiness.

So if you hate to run around in the neighborhood then you don’t do that.

Do something you like, the options are plentiful, think of tennis, swimming, biking, yoga and much more! If you do something you like then you increase your own chances of reaching your weight loss goal.

Because you are much more likely to do that thing that you love more and more. If you on the other hand would choose running and you don’t like it, the chances are higher that you will stop with your exercise and in the end stop with your entire weigh loss journey.



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