5 Instant Weight Loss Drinks That Work



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5 Instant Weight Loss Drinks That Work

You’ve been reading tons of information on living healthy and losing weight, but all the information is conflicting and leaves you utterly confused.

You just want to know a few weight loss hacks that you can apply everyday.

This becomes increasingly different as the weight loss industry is heavily commercialized and companies just want to generate money by selling you stuff.

As a result, information becomes less reliable and that is just frustrating if you just want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

To save you a headache I’ve put up the 5 best drinks you can have everyday and will jumpstart your weight loss efforts.

Even if you are busy then you can drink these beverages. These are just plain simple to create and perhaps might already be a part of your daily routines.


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5 Instant Weight Loss Drinks That Work


Overconsumption on Sugar is The Real Reason Why You are Not Losing Weight 

I will be straight with you and do not waste your time.

Sugar is the main reason why you have not been losing any weight.

You can workout like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lebron James in the gym but if you have a poor diet, then all your hard efforts are for nothing.

And you might think, I am not guilty of this practice.

Well trust me. Falling into this trap nowadays is quite easy as sugar is almost present in every product.

Sugar in almost everything we buy and consume.

I am just not talking about soda’s and candies.

Big companies have become excellent in hiding things on the food labels and products such as diet sodas, cookies and diary are full of added chemicals and additives that are harmful for your health and body.

They might taste good (that’s the whole point of adding additives).

Ain’t no question about that.

You have to give the big brands credits for that.

They have tried everything that they could to improve the taste so good that you will go purchase.

Day after day.

Good for them, but not good for you. Especially if you want to lose weight.

We should not only refrain ourselves from eating sugar, but also from carbohydrates.

However, carbohydrates can be found in almost every type of food the “common” woman consumes every day.

So let’s go deeper into this and find out why sugar and carbs are so bad for the body.

When It Comes to Weight Loss – Sugar and Carbs are the Root of Evil

Fact is that your body needs sugar and carbohydrates.

They are like fuel to our body as what gasoline is for cars.

However, what we do on a daily basis is to consume too much of these two types of “gasoline”.

Carbohydrate can be found in almost everything that you eat on a daily basis.

Think of bread, cereal, pasta, white rice, potatoes and cookies.

You have to think in another way.

Every type of food that you can find in the grocery store and is either packed, canned or comes out of the bakery department can be defined as a “carb-rich” food.

Every time we consume either too much sugar or carbs then we have too much of this in our body.

This causes our blood sugar level to rise tremendously.

While this is normal and will go back to normal after some time, this is not the case when you over consume on sugar and carbs daily.

The extra sugar in your blood sugar level can’t be handled by the body and all extra sugar in the blood will be stored as fat.

This is a typical example of when your body is not functioning normal anymore after an abnormal diet of “bad” foods.

If you want to lose weight fast you should focus on removing these type of foods completely.

That is what will help you jumpstart your weight loss efforts.

Fruit juices and and all other kinds of beverages are also a NO-GO.

If you want to have fruit, then eat them as they are.

This is because fruits lose most of its vitamins when converted into juice.

Fruit juices and all kinds of soda and diet soda drinks are full of sugar and additives.

This is one of the easiest ways to give your body a sugar pump and derail your body’s system.

Instead switch out these type of drinks for any other of the drinks I will discuss right now.

These are easy to create and can be either made at home or at the office.

Green Tea – Eastern Antioxidants Shot

Green tea is full of antioxidants and antioxidants basically repair and damage done by oxidants.

Oxidants are created normally within your body to help fight against microbes and bacteria’s but if you have to much of these, then they can be damaging to your body as well.

In addition, green tea contains a lot of antioxidants called catechins, which are good to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat for energy.

Green tea also contains a tiny bit of caffeine, which can help you perform better at the gym.

How to Make It:

Boil water and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. After that add your green tea leaves or bag. You need to let the hot water rest because if you add hot boiling water to the leaves, they will be burned and all the health benefits will be gone.

You can use any brand of green tea, I get this one right from Amazon.

When you are comfortable with drinking green tea on a daily basis then you can also try out Matcha tea, this is a variant of green tea that has a higher amount of catechins than normal green tea leaves. This is because of the traditional and time consuming process of how Matcha is made and therefore makes this beverage a super choice for losing weight

This is the organic Matcha brand I personally use every day and I like it because of the texture and flavor.

Coffee – More Than Just a Caffeine Boost

Black coffee without any sugar, creamer and milk is known as an effective aid in weight loss.

Besides giving you the caffeine boost that you crave for, a cup of coffee also will provide you with lots of antioxidants that will help your body’s system to repair.

Coffee is also good to suppress your appetite so you will eat less.

Besides, coffee will also give your digestive process a boost.

This is good to remove waste from your body so that your system is free from any toxins.

How to Have It:

Drink your coffee only black. Adding sugar, creamer or any milk will disrupt your weight loss efforts and the health benefits will be gone completely. If you just can’t stand the taste of black coffee, try to add a little bit of coconut or almond milk for the flavor.

Cinnamon Water – Excellent Detox Drink

If you think that you already drank enough coffee and tea and are ready to try something different then try cinnamon water.

Cinnamon is good for weight loss as it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. Besides lowering your cholesterol and increases your metabolism.

This makes cinnamon as one of the best spices that you can use when you want to lose weight as improving all the key functions of your body is necessary in losing weight.

How to Make It:

Add either a cinnamon stick to a cup of hot water or add cinnamon powder. You can add organic honey to the mixture for the taste and sweetness.

This is the organic cinnamon brand I get from Amazon:

Apple Cider Vinegar – Easy and Healthy Drink

This is a great and easy drink that you can create immediately and is powerful in helping you to lose more weight.

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and this acid will help you stop gaining weight and burn more fat around your belly fat area.

This is done because acetic acid improves your metabolism level. This easy drink will also help you to suppress your appetite so that you don’t overeat.

How to Make It:

You only need to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into your drink and you have your drink ready. Be careful that apple cider vinegar can erode your teeth, so make sure to either drink this with a straw or cleanse your teeth with water afterwards.

I personally use the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, click here to see it.

Ginger Tea – Spicy Drink for Weight Loss

Ginger is a powerful food that you can use to lose weight naturally.

Have a cup of this drink after a meal and you will feel good as well.

Full of antioxidants which helps your body to get rid of the toxins that cause inflammation and all kinds of diseases

In addition, ginger has thermogenic properties and this means that it raises the body temperature, so that your body’s metabolism working at a higher speed to burn more fat.

Lastly the digestion process will be improved a lot.

When your food is processed in a better way, then your body can get rid of the nutrients are redundant.

How to Make It:

Cut a piece of ginger into fine pieces and add this to your cup of boiling water. You can add a piece of lemon in your drink. Let the drink sit for at least 5-10 minutes so that all the nutrients are absorbed in the water.


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5 Instant Weight Loss Drinks That Work


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