5 Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People

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Being overweight is frustrating and very hard continuing to do.

Especially if you working hard and not seeing any results.

You are doing the same exercises and eating the same boring food but you don’t see any results in the mirror.

It really takes time to see results in the mirror. I get that.

That’s why I wrote this article and shared my best weight loss tips to lose weight in a lazy way for when you are just not in the mood to exercise like crazy.

There are ups and downs. Once in a while you will have your ‘bad’ time.

During this period you just can not find the motivation to go to the gym and eat healthy.

It is just not your moment and you find yourself going back to your old routine.

This is completely natural and not bad at all. After all we are just humans and not super humans.

And if you take a closer look at the most successful people in any industry, whether it be health, money or happiness you will see that they are not the ones that are working the hardest.

They play the game clever and smart. The same can be done in staying in shape and weight loss. I teach the same in my fast weight loss program called “The 3-Week Fat Burn” where there is a huge focus on the diet and what you eat. My clients lose 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks without spending a single minute in the gym.

The tips I here are ones you should already have in your daily life.

If not, apply them straight away and these will help you stay fit all the time, especially when you are a bit down.

I do not mention any exercises or workouts at all.

These are all tips focused on your eating habits and what you can improve.



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5 Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People


1. Organize

Whether it is in the office or at home.

Keep all kind of sweets, chips and licorices hidden.

We always seek some kind of distraction when we are at home of working.

And more often then we want we go and grab something to put it in our mouth.

It is almost the same with when we cash in our wallet. 

We like to spend it and we just think of same ways in our mind on what we can do with it. 

Now, with credit and debit cards we have the same amount of money, but not the incentives to spend it.

The same applies with food. Not in sight, not in mind!

2. Plan When You Eat – Everyday

If you spend most of your time at the office or at home, then you can plan your meals in advance and spread it.

It is a bit trickier if you spend most of your time outside and have meetings in cafes and restaurants.

For example, when I used to work at the office my eating pattern would look like this from Monday to Friday:

09:00AM My first small meal of the day: a half of a sandwich.

11:00AM My first snack: a whole banana

12:30PM Other half of my sandwich

14:30PM A snack that would either be some nuts or an energy bar

16:30PM Right before I would head back home I would have an apple.

At home I would relax a bit and get ready to cook dinner. It would usually be a big meal consisting of protein, vegetables and a bit of potatoes or rice.

18:30/18:45PM Dinner

21:00PM Snack of Greek yogurt and blueberries

This would help me in several ways.

Not only could I plan how my day would like look, I could also schedule my tasks and work very efficiently.

Apart from that I knew what I was going to eat and it saved me money in my wallet and time to ponder on what to get for lunch.

3. Eat Until You Are Not Hungry Anymore

We are usually busy on our phone or watching a show when we eat and that makes us just eat and eat.

Without actually being aware of how we feel and if we like the food or not.

I recommend to just eat until that hungry feeling goes away and not to eat until you are really full. 

It takes more than 30 minutes for the food to digest.

You might recognize this as the after lunch/dinner dip when you just don’t have the energy to focus or do anything at all.

This is because your body is busy digesting all of that food that you just consumed.

So just eat a bit and until you do not feel hungry anymore.

4. Snack Healthy

There is a common perception that dieting is strict and that you are only allowed to eat 4 different foods.

Those people are mistaken.

You can snack and eat, but you should choose those foods carefully.



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5 Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People


I always bring some snacks with me when I am on the road in my bag. It can vary from a bag of nuts, some pieces of fruit or an energy bar. I always like to have some nuts in my bag.

Below the bag of nuts I always get from Amazon.

I rather have myself snacking on something healthy and good for my body.

Because the temptations are many when you are out of your house.

If you are not prepared you are more likely to make an impulsive decision and shove lots of unhealthy things down your throat.

5. Drink Water Before Your Big Meal

Before every meal you have try to drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes in advance.

Besides from a good and thorough body cleansing, the water will help fill up your stomach and make you feel less hungry.

This will make you eat less and still get the toxins out of your body.

These were my healthy tips and hacks for lazy people that want to lose weight.

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