6 Home Remedies for Obesity & Weight Loss

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Obesity is a serious issue that is becoming more and more common in our society. The reason for it is quite clear.

We humans are not very active physically indoors and outdoors and because we are receiving a good income, we also tend to consume more food.

This combination is obviously not good for our weight.

And while some people manage to keep a good balance between their physical activity and their daily food intake.

There are also other who have a hard time with managing this.

The people having difficulties often just lead the same live and eat at the same times.

The difference however can be found in the details.

The portion sizes might be different and the type of food consumed might be totally different as well.

Obesity can be managed if you are to ask me. It is a matter of managing your time and a lot of self-awareness. I go deep into the science behind losing weight in my own fast weight loss program. In here my clients lose on average 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks. Read for more information at the bottom.


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6 Home Remedies for Obesity & Weight Loss


This article is for those are having a hard time. I am sharing some tips that you can use at home immediately.

It will prevent you from consuming bad calories and at the same time you will start building healthy habits.

The truth is in the details and every single healthy habit helps. Here are some facts on obesity.

Did You Know That:

Obesity is the abnormal way of accumulating body fat, usually 20% more than the ideal weight of a person.

If a child’s parents are overweight / obese, the child has an 80% more chance of becoming overweight as well.

Nearly 4 millions Americans weigh more than 300 pounds

If someone was already obese as a child, then he or she can have a hard time later losing weight as they may have a lot more fat cells than a person who got obesity as an adult.

Main Causes of Obesity

The math on obesity is very simple:

Consume too much energy in the form of sugar and fat, but you do not use/burn all of this energy will lead to the body storing all of that extra energy.

Just think about it. Obesity is something that developed over the years through habits. It is not something that you woke up with.

The Main Reasons for Obesity:

Drinking Calories – drinking lots of beverages that contain sugar or artificial additives.

Think of regular and diet sodas. Even if the label states that it is without sugar, then it still contains additives and artificial sweeteners.

Portion Sizes – eating more than your body actually needs. This might be triggered in a social setting when you are eating with other people and they eat big portions.

Eating Outdoors Regularly – eating in restaurants in delicious I know it. However, the chefs made a lot of effort to make it tasty.

Restaurant dishes contain always more sugar and calories than the dishes you make at home. 

The chefs also use way more oil when cooking. This is not a problem when you eat outside for a couple of times. On a regular basis this an be harmful though.

If not tackled in an early stage, obesity can lead to the following:

  • Joint problems
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea and breathing problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Body pain

Home Remedies

Lemon Water with Honey

Lemon juice is soft on the body and in addition it is also aids your body in digesting your food.

This will aid your weight loss process. Honey contains lots of antioxidants and also aids the digestive process. 

This will help to cleanse your body and remove any excess waste.

This is very easy to make. Slice a lemon in halve and use the juices. Use 2 glasses of warm water and add one teaspoon of organic honey in it.

Make sure to use organic honey.

Honey that is wide available in grocery stores contains too much sugar.

The difference is explained in this video and also on how you can find this out yourself.

The left cup is the one with the real organic honey. The right one is honey that you can buy everywhere and is stuffed with artificial sweeteners....

This is the organic honey I use. If you can visit a bee farm and get it yourself locally then this is of course way better.


Ginseng is a root of a plant that comes out of the Eastern hemisphere. It grows in the mountains and can take years to harvest.

It has been used in the eastern culture for thousands of years and the health benefits there are known. 

In the western world not a lot of people are familiar with ginseng and its health benefits.

In traditional medicine ginseng is used to combat fatigue and it is good to speed up the metabolism in the body and to suppress the appetite.

How to use it. In traditional medicine they chop the root and make a tea out of it.

Luckily we can now just get them in tea bags

The process is the same as when you make normal tea. Have it twice a day max!

Green Tea

Green tea is full of nutrients that are good for your body and health. My day always start with a big cup of green tea

This gives me just enough caffeine and makes me calm.

Besides, green tea is rich in antioxidants which are good in regulating your body and in removing all kinds of toxic waste out of your body. 

Green tea is good in controlling your blood sugar level and will prevent any spikes after a meal.

Normally when a spike occurs, your body is not able to handle it efficiently and it will store all the extra sugar in your blood sugar as fat.

How to make this? Boil water and let is cool down for a couple of minutes.

Add your green tea bag and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

Adding boiling hot water will burn the green tea leaves and so it will also destroy the health benefits. 

Let the tea bag sit too long and the tea will become bitter.

You can have this drink more than once on a day! I like to start my day right away with green tea and have one before I go to sleep so I get very relaxed. I use this brand green tea and get it from Amazon.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is good in a variety of ways. It is known to boost the metabolism and prevents the body from storing from a surplus of fat.

Add coconut oil to your meal and it will leave you satisfied much faster. This will make you stop eating sooner.

How to use it. Instead of using sunflower oil, use coconut oil when you cook. The fats absorbed in your body with coconut oil are way better than regular oil.


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6 Home Remedies for Obesity & Weight Loss


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is good in slowing down the gastric emptying time. This is in short the time in which food moves from our stomach to small intestine during digestion. This leads to a low calorie intake.

Apple cider vinegar is also a natural diuretic and removes excess of water out of the body. It is also good to remove excess of sodium out of your body.

It is very simple to use. I use the brand Bragg which I get right from Amazon. Add two teaspoons to your bottle or cup of water and use a straw to drink it. 

Drinking it directly can enamel your teeth. Have this twice a day and drink it before you have your big meal.

Honey Ginger Drink

Ginger is a natural suppressant that will make you eat less. It is good to remove those cravings and it will make you feel full fast.

I already briefly discussed the health benefits of honey.

The combination of these two will boost your metabolism and will help your body to lose that weight.

Have a ginger piece chopped up and add that to a cup with hot water. Then add one teaspoon of organic honey.

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