7 Healthiest Foods to Lose Weight

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7 Healthiest Foods To Lose Weight

Weightloss is all about having a good metabolism that works well and a good low carb nutrition.

However, it is hard to stay motivated at times.

That is why I made this list of the 7 healthiest foods to lose weight with. These serve as healthy snack tips that are good for clean eating.

Most people make the mistake of eating smaller amounts of the wrong foods.

With wrong foods I mean foods that do not help you to lose weight and don’t fill up your stomach for a long time.

Foods that are high in calories and often consumed in smaller amounts: chips, nuts, “energy” bars, muffins, cookies and croissants.

What happens is that when these foods are consumed in small amounts, they are still full of empty nutrients and after a short time you will feel hungry again.

So then, you will find yourself in a binge mode, eating more and more of those type of foods. This eventually leads to a gain in weight.

It is important on eating foods that will leave you satiated for a long time when you want to lose weight.

This means foods that will fill up your stomach and wont make you feel hungry within an hour.

This basically means that you should consume foods that are naturally high in water or fiber.

Avoid all kinds of other foods that are dry and fat: think of cookies, croissants, pastries, French fries.

This comes down to all kinds of processed foods and unfortunately 90% of the foods you’ll find in the grocery store.

Go for foods without a label and you’ll jumpstart your weight loss effort 10X.

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1. Eggs

Eggs have a bad reputation and most people avoid eating whole eggs because they think it is unhealthy to eat the yolk and that it is bad for the cholesterol.

Eggs are rich in protein and contain healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Only because of this I would say that it is good for weight loss.

A single egg or two eggs a day doesn’t harm your body. 

You are more likely to benefit from the good nutrients than the other carbohydrate rich foods you would otherwise consume.

Plus, they are really cheap, easy to make and do taste good.

Cook them and have them plain, or make a scrambled egg, omelet or add an egg to your vegetables or salad. It can be really that easy!

2. Coffee

Coffee is always associated with a caffeine boost, but a cup of coffee can give you an antioxidant boost as well.

A cup of coffee is a good way to start your day with.

Apart from giving your brain a boost, it will boost your metabolism as well.

Coffee also helps the body to use more of the stored fat cells and helps a lot when it comes to weight loss.

It also curbs our appetite and makes us eat less.

The health benefits of coffee are destroyed when there is cream or sugar added.

So avoid all type of flavored (expensive) coffees that you can find in most coffee shops. Stick to the cheap old black coffee for your wallet and health.

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of probiotics and protein and serves as a great snack.

Probiotics is good for your gut, which is beneficial for your weight loss efforts. 

Have Greek yogurt as a snack whenever you have a craving coming up. 

Add some blueberries and you have a protein rich snack that is full of good nutrients and antioxidants.

This combination is also good to keep bloating at bay and remove excess water and gas from your body.

Stick to Greek yogurt only.

There are many flavored yogurts on the market that say they have 0% fat or sugar.

Which is misleading as they are full of artificial additives to make it sweet and give it that color.

4. Cucumber

You can consume cucumbers in a variety of ways.

There are plenty of options than besides just having a salad. 

Cucumbers are good for weight loss because they are fat free and full of good vitamins, water and fiber.

These are all components that will aid you in reaching your weight loss goal.

You can have them just plain as a snack, in a salad or make yourself a cucumber infused detox water.



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7 Healthiest Foods to Lose Weight


5. Oranges

Everyone knows that oranges have lots of vitamin C, but did you also know that they are also full of fibers and other good vitamins such as Vitamin A and calcium?

You can get juicy oranges everywhere and they are not expensive at all.

Oranges serve as the ideal snack. Nature made them that way. Just peel it and slice them and you are done.

6. Almonds

A handful of almonds are rich in fiber and high in protein.

Needless to say they serve as one of the best snacks you can get when you want to lose weight.

They help you feel full fast and are good grab to go for in between big meals.

Have them on top of your Greek yogurt, salad or simply keep them in your bag as a means when you want to buy some unhealthy snack. I like to have a bag of raw almond nuts without any salt in my bag as an emergency snack!

7. Popcorn

As long as it is not covered in caramel or butter then popcorn serves as a food that can aid you a lot in your weight loss journey.

Have this as a snack in the evening whenever you are relaxing on the sofa.

Popcorn actually has a lot of fiber and protein.

3 and a half of air popped popcorn has about 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams or protein. So this makes it a powerful food for weight loss.

Avoid microwave made popcorn as there are lots of additives in the package that are not good for your health.

It is much better to make it yourself the old traditional way. All you need is a pot, olive oil and these popcorn kernels!

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