What is FoodyWhale?


The Place to Reach The Best Version of Yourself

FoodyWhale is more than a weight loss blog. It's about preparing you to get the right mindset, so you can achieve anything you set your mind on. It's about getting that dream body of yours back, without spending hours in the gym and starving yourself on a daily basis. It's all about getting in shape again in a smart way.. and live and love your daily life.

Most people think that you need a personal trainer and custom made diet to lose a lot of weight. That's dogshit. They want you to believe that crap so you will buy more weight loss programs and gym programs. I want you to be happy for yourself and feel sexy again. This is your life. You only live once so you should take advantage of it.

That's why I started out with FoodyWhale. To show that losing weight is possible. Even if you are really busy and have other important goals in life at the moment.

To show that you can get in your dream body for almost free and fast just by eating the right foods and implementing some life hacks.

For Who Is This?

Foodywhale aims to address and solve all issues that are related to your physical and mental health, so that you can achieve weight loss results FAST and MAINTAIN it.

If you love knowledge and your own health, I support you to share everything on FoodyWhale if there is something new for you. Share this with all of those that want to lose a lot of weight but just don't know where to start.

If you don't want to really lose weight. But just want to continue with your old life, then this might not be the right place for you. FoodyWhale is all about providing real life solutions in a fast and effective way. There are many other blogs that are not providing value and just tell you what you want to hear. FoodyWhale avoids the fluff and tells only the hard truth. 

About Emma:

My name is Emma Wilson and the co-founder of FoodyWhale. I started out writing about my own effective weight loss tips and hacks after I've seen so many friends and other people in my environment struggling being overweight and I just wanted them to have a better life. So I started this blog and kept writing ever since.

I've always played a lot of sports and did my big portion of work to stay in shape. It was only until I started to work full-time that I noticed I had some troubles to stay healthy and in shape. So I did a lot of reading and observed how top athletes lived after their "retirement" and implemented their "effective" tips. I really had to make this work because I was about to be the fat one in the neighborhood.

So in the end I got that dream body back. But I was still unhappy from the inside. You know that feeling? Just as if your other half broke up with you. I felt like that. Why? I still saw so many people struggling with their weight while it was so unnecessary. So I started out sharing tips and tricks with my friends first. Then my colleagues.. In the end I started this blog so I could write about it.

What bothered me the most about this was and still is:


Or in my eyes: the lack of knowledge. Almost everyone had the motivation to make this happen, but they just missed vital information to make their weight loss journey be successful and they failed big time. Motivation is just the same as willpower. Starts out strong but just get weaker by time and after some time you will find yourself giving up. 

If most people had the right knowledge, then they would 10x their weight loss efforts and succeed big time. So that is the mean reason why it is my main goal to inform. It took me years to get this blog started and tried to present the information in a clear and effective way.

I know it can be overwhelming but if done correctly, everyone can lose weight fast. I've really put a lot of work in this. I hope this will help you tremendously and will jumpstart your weight loss journey.

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