Barefoot Yoga Benefits



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Here’s why you should do Yoga Barefoot 

Yoga is undoubtedly one of the most popular exercises in the market.

Wherever you may be, there’s probably a place in your area where people gather and do yoga, or you yourself might be into yoga.

In case you belong in the latter group, how do you this particular type of exercise? Do you wear shoes? Then, unfortunately, you are doing it wrong.

The thing about yoga is although it may seem simple; a lot of people tend to overlook some of its most basic rules, and one of them is doing the exercise barefoot.

In fact, most professional yoga instructors will ask you to remove your shoes even before the session starts.

This might sound weird to you and all but aside from being a part of yoga’s tradition and etiquette; there are actual reasons and benefits behind it.

So yes, in case you’ve been asked by a yoga instructor before to remove your shoe and you thought it was unusual then keep on reading because we have a couple of those said reasons right here.

Listed below are some of the top barefoot yoga benefits you should know about.

1.    Better Energy Flow 

-    One of the best barefoot yoga benefits you’re going to get is that it will help you be more connected to the planet we are on.

Notice how people who walk around without shoes or slippers on most of the time are more calm and collected?

It’s because they are believed to be absorbing the earth’s energy.

Yoga is not just about striking cool-looking poses to test the body’s flexibility and endurance; it is also about making sure that you are at one with nature physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

This is why unlike other types of exercises; yoga will leave you feeling energized and refreshed after each class.



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Barefoot Yoga Benefits


2.    Absorb Free Electrons 

-    Another barefoot yoga benefits you can get is the presence of free electrons in your body.

Turns out, the earth’s surface is filled with free electrons, and you can soak them up by going barefoot.

Research showed that having electrons in your body can help decoagulate and detoxify your blood.

Free electrons, when placed in the same system as free radicals, can also minimize the inflammations in your body.

3. Promote Better Stability and Balance  

-    The next barefoot yoga benefits you can get are better stability and balance.

Yoga poses rely heavily on your ability to achieve and retain them while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

So if you don’t have proper balance then your chances of falling and getting injured are quite high.

Aside from that, wearing shoes can restrict your movements which will affect the way you do the poses.

Wearing footwear during yoga can also lead to the improper alignment of the feet which will then result in poor body posture.

4.    Can Make Your Feet Stronger 

-    Probably one of the best barefoot yoga benefits you can expect.

Yoga strengthens your feet and improves their efficiency when moving.

In addition to that, doing yoga without any footwear on can also help issues regarding the feet, legs, and even knees.

How does it do that? Well, whenever you are doing yoga barefoot, you are actually connecting various points, nerves, and areas of the lowermost parts of your body with the floor.

And the movements caused by these will help strengthen your feet.

Wearing shoes when doing yoga is not advisable because they can limit the feet’s movements.

Shoes also have inner cushions which can affect your mobility, flexibility, and stability in the long run.

That’s why they are not even recommended to be worn at all times.

5.    Helps Treat Other Conditions 

-    The last entry in this list of barefoot yoga benefits has something to do about treating disorders.

Believe it or not, yoga can help treat other medical conditions that are not related to the feet.

Since barefoot yoga requires you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, a healthy connection to the earth will be established.

It is believed that this particular connection can help the body get rid of conditions such as insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, and more.

In addition to that, barefoot yoga can also strengthen the immune system, promote better metabolism, and even help solve menstrual problems.


Practicing yoga without any shoe, sock, or slippers on is the perfect way to do it.

However, if you have a foot injury or if the pressure makes you feel uncomfortable then we totally recommend that you use high-quality yoga shoes.

Yes, there are actual shoes made for doing yoga, so you should go for them instead of regular ones.

Also, if you are doing yoga outdoors and you are very self-conscious or you don’t want your feet to get dirty then wear non-slip socks.

There are socks that are designed specifically to make you feel like they are a part of your feet.

Using those types of socks will help you ease the pressure and retain your balance without making your feet feel restricted or very uncomfortable. 

The five yoga benefits we shared are just some of the things you can expect if you are keen on doing this exercise the right way.

Keep these in mind before you attend your next session so you can start getting all the barefoot yoga benefits that you deserve.

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