Bone Broth Fast For Weight Loss



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If you’ve been looking for a way to lose weight that doesn’t involve exercise, you may have come across bone broth fast.

Usually, people who are on a keto diet dedicate 1 to 2 days to consuming only bone broth, losing a considerable amount of weight in the process.

And while the phrase “bone broth fast” is pretty much self-explanatory, nothing beats going full-on nerd when it comes to health.

 Will it sustain you for at least a day? How does bone broth fast help with weight loss?

Does bone broth fast really work?

How do you make bone broth?

I’m pretty sure you have more questions in mind, so let’s dive right in to this so-called “healing elixir” and explore all of its wonders!



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Bone Broth Fast


What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is essentially broth (aka soup) made with water and animal bones.

It may or may not include cartilage, tendon and skin coming from pig, cow, chicken, fish or a combination of bones and such of other animals.

Making bone broth entails long hours of boiling, usually at least 8 hours, to release all the nutritious goodies and flavor that skyrocketed bone broth fast to stardom.

But don’t get me wrong. Bone broth is nothing new. It’s something our ancestors are all too familiar with.

You see, it’s almost a crime to throw out any part of animal during the hunting and gathering era.

 And it makes perfect sense! A successful hunt doesn’t come often.

So when it does, our ancestors made use of every part, be it for clothing, shelter or food, down to the very last bit!

In short, bone broth was initially a means to salvage food and not a way of fasting or losing weight, like how bone broth fast is used today.

But what our ancestors didn’t know (or did they?) is that that the meatless broth is actually brimming with nutrients and extra loaded with health benefits.

Health Benefits of Consuming Bone Broth

Magic happens when you combine heat, bones and water.

 Heating bones, tendons, cartilages and joints of animals that are grass-fed, grass-finished and/or organic brings out anti-inflammatory amino acids, collagen, minerals and electrolytes that can heal your body like no other.

How? Our modern lifestyle gives us everything in an instant, including food!

For convenience purposes and to save time, processed and pre-packed food has become part of our daily lives, bringing with it often unhealthy fillers, preservatives, loads of sugar, high amounts of salt and tons of oil.

All of these take a toll on your gut and your overall digestive health.

Simply put, you’ve now accumulated a lot of junk that could likely lead to digestion problems like gas, diarrhea, acid reflux, constipation and bloating.

 And while these symptoms are quite simple and easy to manage, they could trigger or progress into something more chronic like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which now affects at least 25 million Americans.

IBS is a combination of several symptoms including the digestion problems I mentioned earlier plus serious stomach cramps!

What makes it even worse is that health professionals can’t seem to point identify the cause of such digestive disorder, which is why IBS is simply treated symptomatically.

 However way you look at it though, one thing is clear: you’ll have to repair your gut and somehow reset it to the pre junk era to get rid of all your digestive woes and hopefully keep them away! And that’s when bone broth fast comes in.

Bone broth is rich in amino acids glycine, proline and arginine which all help calm your irritated gut and heal it back to health. ​

These anti-inflammatory amino acids all work together to improve your bowel movement and reduce the occurrence of bloating, gas, acid reflux and other not-so-pleasant phenomena happening in your bowels.

It is also rich in electrolytes that help hydrate your body, as well as minerals.

Most of all, bone broth is chockfull of collagen (especially if you added tendons and ligaments to your broth) which will give you supple, younger-looking skin and glucosamine, a popular antioxidant that works miracles on joint pains.

Of course, all of the nutrients coming from bone broth are 100% natural which means that your body can more readily and more easily absorb them.

But what’s really interesting is how bone broth somehow helps people lose weight, while reaping all of the health benefits it brings.​

So is bone broth fast really the key to losing weight?

Bone Broth Fast & Weight Loss

Fasting in itself is almost always guaranteed to make you lose weight.

But don’t think you’ll shed fat right away! You’ll have to revamp your whole diet to ensure sustainable weight loss and better overall health.

That’s why a bone broth fast is usually done along with specific diets such as Paleo and Keto.

I’ve heard wonderful things that’ll delight anyone who’s looking to lose weight from people who’ve tried the 21-day Paleo diet plan + 2-day bone broth fast.

 It requires you to go on a Paleo diet consisting of fiber-rich food like fresh vegetables and high-protein food like top quality meat for 5 days.

Then, you go on a bone broth fast for a couple days.

The 48-hour bone broth fast is enough to kickstart weight loss although real fat burning won’t start ‘til later.

If you notice immediate weight loss on the scale, you’re most probably shedding water weight as your body switches to conservation mode and slows down the process of burning calories.

Later on, your body will go into ketosis, a process wherein the body taps fats for energy instead of carbohydrates, and that’s when people truly start shedding those pounds!

This diet + fast combo goes on for 3 weeks and lots of people claim it really does the trick when it comes to keeping the weight off.

When you go on a bone broth fast, you’re allowed to consume about 5 to 8 cups of bone broth plus water or tea, if needed.

I’ve even heard of other people consuming a bit more than 8 cups and I think that’s okay so long as you don’t feel overly full during the fasting period.

I have to say, out of all the liquid fasting options, the bone broth fast route sounds most appealing.

I mean, you can’t go wrong with warm soup, right? It comforts, it nourishes and it’s quite tasty too!

Most people who’ve gone on a bone broth fast claim that they actually feel full until right about lunch time when they drink bone broth first thing in the morning.

But is bone broth really the only way to go if you want to lose weight? Definitely not!

 Anyone who goes on a fast for 2 days will most probably lose considerable amount of weight and fat.

Couple that with healthy and clean eating and you’re surely on track towards your weight goals.

There are many ways of fasting.

A quick search online will no doubt overwhelm you! Some drink only water, others a special juice of some sort while some permit a handful of low-calorie solid food during the fasting period.

But more and more people love to go on a bone broth fast because of its versatility and taste.

You can consume chicken bone broth now and beef bone broth later and you’ll still be fasting.

You can look forward to your cups of bone broth instead of drinking plain, tasteless water.

More importantly, a bone broth fast comes with a plethora of health benefits which I mentioned previously.

And there’s one more benefit to fasting (not necessarily limited to those consuming only bone broth) that’s been scientifically proven to prolong life and improve overall health. And that is autophagy.

Autophagy is the process by which our cells devour part of themselves in response to starvation or disease.

Truth be told, this natural body process sounds horrific at the very least but there is a reason why the cell is eating parts itself.

Our body is trying to get rid of older cell part that are less efficient yet still consuming energy.

And when you’re fasting or you’re sick, you don’t really consume as much calories, making energy source somewhat depleted.

I think it’s pretty smart for cells to go into self repair mode to become more energy efficient, so to speak.

But what do we get from this process? Autophagy is essential cleansing on a cellular level that somehow stimulates the human body to grow newer, more efficient cellular parts.

Think of it as a renovation or an app update. In the end you get a better, bug-free version of your body! And that’s truly amazing!



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Bone Broth Fast For Weight Loss


Is Bone Broth Fast For You?

With all the health benefits that bone broth fast can give you, including weight loss, it can be very tempting to jump in right away and get started ASAP.

However, a bone broth fast isn’t for everyone, including pregnant women or people on medication/s.

If you have any medical condition/s, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider first before going on a bone broth fast.

Bone broth fast is best for people who are already on a Paleo and Keto diet who want to be more fit by losing weight.

Consuming bone broth also benefits those who have joint pains as the collagen and glucosamine-rich soup helps repair joints on a cellular level.

Going on a bone broth fast also aids the digestive system by restoring gut health and making tummy problems like gas, bloating, acid reflux and more.

Final Words on Bone Broth Fast

I see bone broth fast as a very effective tool for weight management and better health, in general.

As an added bonus, you also get younger-looking skin! It is simple and easy to make with hundreds of recipes available online that you can access for free.

It is also cost efficient, requiring easy to source and very few ingredients that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Of course, higher quality bones and all may be priced a bit higher but there’s definitely no secret ingredient you’d have to majorly spend on for your bone broth fast!

I also like that it is quite easy to prepare, using just a stovetop and a pot.

It’s just that it takes quite a while to make the bone broth, anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.

But it makes sense as the longer it boils, the more collagen and nutrients make their way to the bone broth.

If you’re busy, maybe you can work around it by making big batches and freezing it to last you ‘til the very end of your bone broth fast.

Going on a bone broth fast may just be “it” for you, not only for weight loss but for improved health and well-being.

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