8 Easy Steps to Lose Belly Fat & Flat Stomach Tips

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8 Easy Steps to Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach Tips

Every woman aspires for a perfect flat belly because we women love to wear different clothes and styles.

It doesn’t matter how classy or expensive your outfit is, it’s not going to look that much alluring, without a flat belly.

There are many women out there, who yearn for a flat belly but just can't seem to make it happen. 

Nevertheless, beautiful women, I’m going to share some of valuable tips on how you can get a flat-slim belly.

Scientifically, belly fat is considered as “visceral fat” that is often allied with a larger waist, making anyone look wider.

Belly fat is not just bad physically rather; it can lead to many health diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, dementia, cancer etc.

Now, you should really worry about your fat tummy unless you follow this article.

However, let me clear one point initially, workout or exercises are not enough to lose belly fat; in fact, there are many other things, which you are missing out.

If you truly want to know about those things, stay tuned!



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8 Easy Steps to Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach Tips


1. Stay Away From Carbs

Running longer or working out more intensive is  not going to help you if you can’t resist the temptation against bad carbs. 

Remove all kinds of refined and processed calories including cookies, muffins, white bread, candies, pasta, cakes, other dairy products, junk, and fried food. 

I know, it’s really difficult to resist such mouth-watering food, but in order to gain something, you have to sacrifice something. 

Contrary to such food, add as many vegetables as you can in your daily diet, lean protein (fish, chicken breast piece), dry food, sweet potatoes, eggs, Greek yogurt, and fruits obviously.

Once you have started scheduling your diet plan and consuming fiber rich food, you will witness the transformation around your abdominal area. 

But don’t forget to workout.

2. Cut Off From Beverages and Sugary Stuff

People who consume soda drinks or juices are more likely to accumulate belly fat than those who don’t.

Liquid sugar is another big reason behind extra calories intake and belly fat.

In this concern, reduce the consumption of liquid calories and replace it with a larger  water intake.

Besides, there are a number of studies that have declared that sugar is the major cause behind weight gain.

An excessive amount of it leads to abdominal fat.

This is due to the fact that sugar basically converts into fructose, which is further converted into fat.

In fact, excluding sugar from your diet plan is a more effective way to lose belly fat than low-fat diets.

So, when your body will encounter less sugar, you will naturally lose belly fat.

3. Don’t Forget to Workout in Intervals

Every woman including me thinks that working out or running on a continuous basis is the best way to lose belly fat, however, this is not the case.

What do we need to do then? Well, that's easy

If you prefer running for weight loss, then do intervals by changing between high intensity of running and slow jogging or walking.

Some of the studies assert that doing intervals are helpful in reducing belly fat, as it boosts up the metabolism rate.

Moreover, you can start your workout by doing a warm-up session for about 5 to 10 minutes of slow jogging or jumping. 

It will elevate your body temperature and get your muscles prepared for the heavy tasks.

Then what you need to do is to work out harder for 30 to 60 second, and then take rest for few seconds, and repeat.

This way, you are more likely to perform well without getting much tired like before.

4. Crunches are Not That Good for Removing Belly Fat

I used to do crunches every day in order to get a flat belly. 

However, I felt that crunches were not targeting the midsection of my belly, where the fat is clearly visible. 

Rather, it is a good exercise for abs.

Here, it is a crucial thing to consider. 

There are many women including me self-analyze that certain exercises or ways are going to help us in our body or belly fat, but we are just mistaken.

Only relying on abdominal-focused workouts won’t help you to reduce belly fat. 

Belly fat is a place where our body stores energy, so a whole-body workout or functional exercises are required to deal with belly fat.

I personally, would recommend planks.

Doing plank exercises helps to create a standard push-up position. 

There’s no need to get worried if you find doing planks difficult, as a beginner, start from 3-5 sets of planks, covering from 20-30 seconds each.

Gradually, increase your time of holding planks.

5. Sleep is Important

Every major health/weightloss/fitness guru forgets to mention that good peaceful sleep is another effective way of staying fit and healthy. 

A study has affirmed that women who sleep less than five hours per night are more likely to gain weight including belly fat.

An 8-hours sleep is needed on daily basis for maintaining a fit physique.

Quality sleep helps in avoiding food cravings and high cortisol level (stress evoking hormone).

6. Say NO to Stress by Relaxing Your Mind and Body

Trust me; stress is not going to offer you anything good, except for ruining your mental and physical health.

In present days, every other person is entrapped in the realm of stress, which is affecting human life through many invisible ways, and body fat is another product of continuous stress.

Scientifically, stress hinders you from losing weight including belly fat because it interrupts the hormone regulation.

There are many activities that you can do for a more tranquil lifestyle.

As for instance, meditation is the best way to get relief from stress.

Engage yourself in other activities that you find relaxing and motivating.



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8 Easy Steps to Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach Tips


7. Prefer Intermittent Fasting to Lose Belly Fat

Intermittent fasting is an eating style, where you can eat within a specific time, and stop eating for the rest of the time.

Also, it doesn’t ask you to eat certain foods, but rather, it tells you when you should eat and when to stop eating.

Intermittent fasting is one of the greater ways to lose weight and belly fat.

You can conduct intermittent fasting in 16/8 diet plan, where you can fast for 16 hours and can eat during 8 hours.

A study upon intermittent fasting has shown that fasting people have experienced 4-7% decrease in abdominal fat within few hours.

Well, it may now somehow persuade you to try intermitted fasting for releasing belly fat.

8. Green Teas and Black Coffee is For Belly Fat

Don’t forget to drink a cup of black coffee or green tea before exercising.

The people who drink green tea or black coffee are more likely to lose belly fat quickly. 

It is due to the fact that such hot drinks contain caffeine and antioxidants, which speed up the metabolism rate than normal.

So if you want to increase the chances of getting rid of belly fat, make use of green teas and black coffee for burning effects

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