Fast Fat Weight Loss Tips for Women

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Fast Fat Weight Loss Tips for Women


5 Fat Weight Loss Tips for Losing Weight Fast

Do you know that feeling when your jeans all of a sudden don’t fit anymore?

You ask yourself how on earth could I have gained so much weight.

Your friends and colleagues have been noticing this too, but they don’t say anything to you about it.

You’re afraid you might never get back in shape again.

You think that the older you get, the faster your health will deteriorate and the harder it becomes to lose weight.

Have you ever invested your time and money in a weight loss diet program only to find that you were starving yourself and felt like a rabbit?

But you still want to enjoy life fullest and eat good stuff, without feeling like a rabbit.

Do you know the more we get older, the easier it is to gain weight? Do you know that the more you focus on your diet, the faster you will lose weight as you get old?

If you soon don’t understand how your body works, you’ll never be able to lose weight.

I assure you, there is a way to get past your struggle. You are not alone in this journey. It is possible to lose weight and eat delicious food.

Eating Throughout the Whole Day Is Harmful

As we grow older we still practice the same habits as when we were young.

We eat a full breakfast and have a good old lunch, not to forget the well prepared dinner with the family.

When you are young an eating pattern like this is good as the body needs more nutrients than normal for growth.

But as we grow older this can cause for problems.

This is because we have less physical activity as we get older, but also because our body needs less fuel.

So in essence we eat too much good food and this is causing the body to store all that extra energy as food.

The problem is that all of this might be good food as well. And not a single type of junk food comes in play.

How to Eat the RIGHT Foods for Weight Loss

The real root cause of your reader’s problem

The real problem is that food is everywhere we go and comes in all types and shapes.

At home, think of the office snack machines and out on the street.

Lots of discipline is necessary not to buy a delicious snack to reward yourself. 

This form of continuous eating is damaging to our body.

Mainly because we push so much food down into our body and it needs to process this all.

It is also bad because we do not eat the right healthy foods but lots of time we eat a lot of foods that are high in sugar.

Making us gain weight but more importantly makes us unproductive and tired throughout the day.

Bloating and other health issues are directly tribute to the food you consumed.

They key to losing weight is to consume the right foods, that will help you to lose weight naturally and fast.

Here are 5 tips that I practice myself and that will help you as well to lose weight fast.

1. Fruit Juices Are Making You Gain Weight

Fruit juices are now very trendy and available everywhere.

We can get an orange juice at Starbucks or at the local grocery store or a mango/passion fruit juice at the shop down the corner.

The truth is that fruit juices are not good for your health.

As soon as fruit is converted into juice, the majority of the health benefits have already disappeared. 

This is because the vitamins consumed through fruit juice is way less than if you would consume it through the natural way of eating an apple of orange.

In this way you eat the natural fibers as well and you get all the original vitamins and minerals in your body as well.

The fibers will help to let you feel full quickly so you eat less naturally.

And that is only if the fruit is converted into juice by yourself. 

The fruit juices you get in the grocery store are full of added sugars and additives which are only good for gaining weight.


Eat fruit as they are and avoid fruit juices you can buy everywhere. You can still create your own fruit juice or smoothie but be aware that these contain less fibers and nutrients than the original fruit piece. It can be a fast way to get vitamins in your body. But for one orange eaten naturally you would have to drink 4 orange juices and in this way you get 4 times more sugar into your body as well.

2. How Meal Preparation Can Help You Lose Weight

Most of the time we make choices not in advance but in the moment itself.

Just think of a moment you went for lunch with friends or colleagues.

You did not know what you were about to eat.

But when you were at the restaurant you could choose between a healthy salad or fried chicken with French fries.

I can already tell you that it takes a lot of discipline and courage to take the healthy salad.

And with some will power it is definitely possible to choose the salad.

But if this happens over and over again you will choose the unhealthy option above the healthy option some times.

You can avoid this by being prepared for every moment during the day.

Do not let others surprise you so that you will eat something unhealthy that will destroy all your weight loss efforts.

Plan your meals (lunch & dinner) in advance and have healthy snacks in your bag so that whenever you feel hungry you can eat something healthy.

Instead of having to buy some snack like chips or candies to fill your stomach.


Prepare and cook your lunches and dinners in advance so you can’t excuse yourself from skipping one time. Try to create easy lunches like grilled salmon for lunch or grilled chicken diners that you can take to the office and heat up in the microwave. If you skip your own pre-planned lunch or dinner, then you’ve wasted your own time and money. Trust me chances are not that high that you will let this happen.

3. Mindful Eating for Losing Weight

We are always busy.

Even when we eat we are busy. We try to do multiple things at the same time. 

We try to watch Netflix and eat at the same time. We try to read a book and eat at the same thing.

We just play on our phone while we are eating.

This is horrible for our body because we are simply not paying attention to the process.

Think for a moment: we watch Netflix and we just keep on eating, eating and snacking.

This until we feel extremely full. We should listen more to our body and stop with eating when we feel full.

This is called mindful eating and is practiced by monks throughout the world.

They do nothing else when they eat. They focus 100% on eating the food in front of them.

At the same time they think and ask themselves: where did this food come from, how was it made and how does it taste.

This allows them to be fully aware of what they eat and how much they eat.

As soon as they finished their plate, they stop eating.


Try to do the same and switch of everything else when you eat. Focus on your plate and eat what is on it. Ask yourself the same questions and think where your food comes from and how it is made. Stop with eating as soon as your plate is finished or when you feel full for 80%. Our brains needs some time to give a signal to our body that we are fully satiated. This can take up to 20 minutes so take some rest and be aware of this fact.



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Fast Fat Weight Loss Tips for Women


4. Drinking to Stay in Shape

Choices are to be made everywhere.

At the vending machine for which soda or at the coffee machine for a cappuccino or late.

These drinks that you can get everywhere are unhealthy for our body as they contain lots of sugar, milk or additives.

Think of the chemicals needed to give your soda drink that red or purple color.

Needless to say this is disruptive for your weight loss journey.

Focus on banning all of these sugary drinks from your body.

And try to drink only water. Water is free of added sugars, additives & chemicals and helps to cleanse your body and remove all toxins and waste.

So that your body can operate normally and help you to lose weight naturally.


Create a simple life. If you need caffeine have a black coffee or green tea. You can only have these without adding extra sugar or creamer/milk. These drinks will aid your weight loss efforts and are full of good nutrients, antioxidants and caffeine. All extremely helpful when you want to change your body into a fat burning machine.

5. Fasting is Important in Weight Loss

To eat throughout the day is bad for your body. Just in terms of not giving your body a moment to rest.

When you eat and eat continuously then your body is working overtime (not to mention all the extra sugars your getting in and causing for weight gain) and this is just not good as it is not making your body work optimally.

Have a period that you fast like once a week or everyday.

Try not to eat in the beginning for 12 hours and then slowly increase that time little by little.

This will give your body a chance to recover and reset itself so when you start eating the right foods, that the body will process these normally and you will start losing weight naturally.


Skip breakfast once in a while and start your day with lunch. If you stop eating after dinner and go to sleep and only eat till lunch then you’ve already fasted for more than 12 hours, 8 hours of which you were asleep. That is easily do-able and attainable for everybody.

Start with the Right Foundation

These five steps will help to steer you in the right direction when it comes to lose weight and you should be fine.

If you want to have fast weight loss results and a daily step by step plan, then check out my own weight loss program below.

Fasting is an important element of my 3-Week Fat Burn program where my clients lost 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks. A good fasting allows your body to reset completely so that it can absorb the nutrients from the food better.

All they follow is a simple and easy to understand system. Everyday there is a clear format to follow and tells them what foods they can eat and which ones are forbidden during their 3-Week Diet.

It is a system that you can use over and over again. So if you have lots of weight to lose. You can repeat the program again until you reach your desired weight. 

What makes me really happy is that my students email me on how this changed their life and why the tons of other programs didn’t work.

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