Flat Tummy Weight Loss Tips for Women



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Flat Tummy Weight Loss Tips For Women

It’s now or never. You are wearing your favorite clothes and that belly of yours is really visible all the time.

It only needs to have a bit more time before people start to ask if you are pregnant.

You already tried tons of different weight loss diets and programs but without any results.

When you look in the mirror you ask yourself if you are ever going to get that dream body back again.

I want to tell you that this is completely normal and that you are not alone.

We all have our good and bad moments. Sometimes those bad moments last longer than expected.

If you want to know how you can get that dream body of yours back again then you are at the right place!

I will share with you my most effective hacks on how you can lose that belly fat and have that flat belly all the time.

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Flat Tummy Weight Loss Tips for Women


Our Body Is Not Designed for The Current Way of Living 

A flat belly is not a feasible or realistic option for most of us “normal” people here in the world.

We work during the day and in the evening we need to do our things as well.

So we barely have any time to workout or run for an hour everyday.

Unless you are a Victoria Secret model and have 7 hours to train everyday then a six-pack should be considered realistic and normal.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of luck on our side. Instead we sit most of the time that we are awake.

At the office for at least 8 hours and when we come home when we sit again when we watch Netflix.

Our body is just not designed for this lack of activity.

Count on top of that that we eat more than our body actually needs. Tara: the magic recipe for weight gain. So actually it becomes more normal because our lifestyle changes.

But we watch too many movies, series and commercial that influences us that a six-pack body is considered to be the standard.

Fortunately, it is because of our own habits that we gained weight so that means that we can reverse this process as well. Let’s go more into detail about this.

Belly Fat Is a Good Indication 

We already been through the fact that you are busy.

So that means you need to play it smart instead of working hard. I believe that losing weight is all about focusing on what you eat and by being physically active.

I came to this conclusion because intense workout and running sessions will deplete your carbohydrates resources and will make you eat more after your workout and have more cravings.

So in the end you end up eating more and all of your training sessions are all for nothing.

The solution is to be in control of what you eat. 

However, you must eat the right foods and get some type of physical activity.

That’s why belly fat is not a bad thing.

It just gives you an indication that you are eating too much and not moving a lot.

The aim is not to get a six-pack but just to get back in shape and burn that stubborn fat.

Let’s discuss how you can do this immediately after reading this post.

Drink More Water 

Drinking water is good to do a good body cleanse and remove toxins from your body.

It also helps against belly bloating by reducing water retention. ​

So why only water?

This is because every other drink that you buy out there, think of: diet sodas, zero sugar drinks, fruit juices, dairy drink and water with a flavor are full of sugar and additives that are not good for your body. 

So when you refrain from those drinks and go full on water then you are already one step closer to reaching your weight loss goal.

Water is the best drink that you can have around you when you want to lose weight fast.

It also helps to make you feel full so you don’t have that many cravings.

Mix this routine up with green tea and black coffee. 

There are a lot of good nutrients in these drinks that help you to lose weight instead of gaining weight.

These are the only beverages you can have when you want to turn you body into a fat burning machine.

Be Mindful When You Eat 

Problem we are having nowadays is that we are eating too much of foods that aren’t good.

First of all, our portion sizes are way too big, especially if you eat out.

Secondly, is that we use eating as a way of comforting ourselves. 

When we are bored we eat, when we want some entertainment we snack on something.

We no longer listen to our body anymore and eat when we are actually hungry. 

While this is the exact same thing that we should do.

Start out by listening to your body and only eat when you are really hungry and not because it is lunchtime or 18:00.

When you do this, you don’t eat anymore out of boredom and you give your body the nutrients it really needs.

Also focus on eating only pure foods, think of natural foods like: fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and lean meat.

The goal here is to remove all processed foods from your diet and eliminate all sugar intake.

Even if the packages says it contains zero sugar then it contains all kinds of additives that are harmful for your health.

Snack Healthy 

So by now you will eat less during your “main” meals and occasionally you will get a craving or two.

This is absolutely normal and once in a while it is good to snack.

Feel free to snack on foods that will help you to lose weight instead of gaining it. 

Always have a bag of nuts in your bag that you can fall back on.

Nuts are full of nutrients and are packed with proteins that are good for weight loss.



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Flat Tummy Weight Loss Tips for Women



Planking is so simple but so POWERFUL.

Yet most people just don’t do this.

Planking helps to improve the core of your body and is done by almost all professional athletes on a daily basis. 

What I like the most is that you can do this literally everywhere.

At home or in the gym and it is the best way to get a flat tummy.

Try to incorporate it with your daily rituals, plank when you are are listening to a podcast or music.

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