What You Need To Know About Full Body Yoga



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Important Things You Need To Know About Full Body Yoga

There are tons of reasons why yoga can be considered as one of the best forms of exercise that mankind has ever known.

Among the best ones out there is the fact that it can put your entire body at work.

Yoga is done for a lot of reasons, of course.

Whether you want to feel more relaxed or test your body’s flexibility then chances are, you have already given this exercise a try.

But here’s the thing, are you aware that you can also use this for weight loss?

If you’re looking for an exercise that can help you lose weight without making you feel like you’re about to melt into a puddle of pure sweat and sadness then full body yoga is perfect for you.

While other forms of yoga can help you with certain things such as getting rid of neck pain and correcting your breathing, this one can benefit your whole body.

If you have zero ideas regarding full body yoga then do not worry because that’s what I am here for. 

I will be sharing the most important things you need to know about full body yoga.

From what the exercise is all about to how you can use it for weight loss; I will be helping you learn the ropes of full body yoga.

If you’re interested then let’s start with a quick definition of what it is.


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What is Full Body Yoga?

Sometimes referred to as Bikram Yoga, this form will require you to do 26 difficult poses in a room with a temperature of 105 Fahrenheit and a humidity of 40 Degrees Celsius. 

Designed by Bikram Choudhury, this type of yoga aims to improve one’s overall health.

Full Body Yoga offers a more intense routine compared to other forms, but it’s the one that can help you feel more confident after.


Before you scroll down straight to the workout routines, here are some useful tips on how to properly start a yoga session.

If you’ve already been doing yoga for quite some time then good.

But if you’re fairly new to this world, then these would be very helpful to you.

Tips To Remember Before Starting a Yoga Session

Yoga is fairly chill compared to other exercises out there, but that does not mean you’re just going to dive into it without any preparations.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind before you start a proper yoga session.

1.    Eat A Couple Hours Before You Begin 

-    Doing a yoga session with a full stomach is not recommended at all for it may leave you feeling uncomfortable while doing the moves and poses.

Make sure to eat at least 2 to 4 hours before you begin a session so your stomach and bowels are empty.

2.    Wear The Right Set of Clothes 

-    One of the best things about yoga is you don’t necessarily need to spend tons of your hard-earned cash just to make it happen.

However, this does not mean that you can just wear whatever you want while doing the exercise.

In order to achieve the routines perfectly and make the most out of your yoga sessions, you must be wearing the right type of clothes.

Good thing though is that when it comes to the perfect outfit for yoga, the only things you need to make sure of is that the clothes you’re wearing are comfortable and that they can allow you to move freely.  

Wearing tight clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and they might even affect your ability to achieve the poses required by the routine.

3.    Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High Immediately 

-    Yoga is a wonderful exercise, but unfortunately, not all people enjoy it. If you find yourself feeling a bit disappointed after your first try then please do not quit just yet.

A good idea to counter that disappointment is to switch studios or instructor.


It’s because the environment you’re in and the people you’re with can also affect your yoga experience.

So yeah, please keep your expectations in check to avoid getting disappointed.

4.    Go Barefoot

-    Unlike other exercises out there, yoga must be done without any footwear on.

Yogis believe that doing yoga barefoot is essential for the exercise itself is all about having a solid connection with the earth beneath our feet.

And what better way to do that other than to do the entire session without a shoe on, right?

After going through some useful tips to keep in mind before starting a yoga session, it’s time to take a look at the poses you can do in a full body yoga session.

Read on.

Different Poses You Can Try In a Full Body Yoga Workout

As mentioned earlier, Full Body Yoga puts the entire body at work.

These poses will require you to move areas of your body starting from your head all the way down to your feet.

Check them out below.

•    Forward Bend (1 minute)

•    Chair Pose (1 minute)

•    Downward Facing Dog (1 minute)

•    Dolphin Pose (1 minute)

•    One Leg Downward Facing Dog  - Left (1 minute)

•    One Leg Downward Facing Dog   - Right (1 minute)

•    Cobra Pose (1 minute)

•    Camel Pose (1 minute)

•    Upward Facing Dog (1 minute)

•    Forearm Plank (1 minute)

•    Side Forearm Plank – Left (1 minute)

•    Side Forearm Plank – Right (1 minute)

•    Bridge Pose – 1 Minute

•    Warrior I – Right (30 seconds)

•    Warrior II – Right (30 seconds)

•    Warrior III – Right (30 seconds)

•    Warrior I – Left  (30 seconds)

•    Warrior II – Left (30 seconds)

•    Warrior III – Left (30 seconds)

•    Triangle Pose – Left (1 minute)

•    Triangle Pose – Right (1 minute)

•    Tabletop Pose (1 minute)

•    Corpse Pose (1 minute)

•    Child’s Pose (1 minute) 

Benefits of Full Body Yoga

Probably the best thing about Bikram Yoga is that in addition to its mental and emotional benefits, it can also deliver a lot of positive physical changes to your whole body from head to toe. 

To get you even more excited about doing this, I’ve included some of the best ones you can expect.  

Take a look.

1.    Improves Your Cardio 

-    Practicing this type of yoga in a room with a hot temperature can do good things for the heart.

In fact, doing the 26 different postures of the original Bikram yoga routine is said to be equivalent to running one whole mile.

It also promotes better circulation which can contribute to your cardio. This is great especially if you don’t run that often.

2.    Makes You More Flexible 

-    As time pass by, you will notice that the poses are getting easier and easier to reach.

How and why did that happen? 

It’s because of all the stretching you are doing.

In fact, muscles are said to be able to move and stretch easier when used in places with hot temperature.

And since this form of yoga requires your entire body to move, even the muscles on certain areas you rarely focus on will be used, therefore allowing them to be more flexible.

3.    Helps Fight Stress 

-    If the stress from your everyday hustle has finally caught up with you then a session of full body yoga might do wonders.

There are two types of breathing exercises included in this exercise, and they can both help your mind reach a calmer state by allowing you to focus on one thing only – your breathing.

4.    Increases Your Lung’s Capacity 

-    You might think breathing while working out in a room with a hot temperature is hard, think again.

Actually, working out with harsh temperatures can help your lungs expand because you will have to breathe deeper.

And taking deep breaths will allow the lungs to expand even more than they normally would so you can take in more air.

5.    Gets Rid Of Toxins 

-    Are you trying to cleanse your body?

Then a session of full body yoga should be in order.

Working out in a hot room can cause you to sweat a lot.

That may sound pretty unpleasant but it’s the sweat that will drive those toxins out, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean after a session.

6.    Promotes Better Immune System 

-    This one has been a known fact for a long time now. Doing yoga in a hot room can make your immune system stronger.

It also makes the body’s regenerative capacity more efficient.

7.    Can Help Balance Your Emotions 

-    Full Body Yoga is a great exercise to do when your emotions are everywhere. It will help raise your awareness not just about yourself but also the people and things around you.

This will then lead to you having better decision-making skills which will hopefully allow you to live the best version of yourself. 

Other benefits of Full Body Yoga include:

•    Fewer Injuries

•    Strengthens Lymphatic System

•    Helps You Have A Clearer Skin

•    Fights Diabetes

•    Can Help You Age Slower

•    Gets Rid of Depression and so much more

But wait: 

If you think we’ve forgotten about one of the most important benefits of full body yoga then you are absolutely wrong, because we saved it right here.

Full body yoga is also great for weight loss.


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Full body yoga for weight loss


Full Body Yoga and Weight Loss: How?

Let’s be clear, full body yoga alone will not burn all your unwanted fats away.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good helper though. 

As long as you combine it with other things such as more exercise and diet then you should be good.

Full body yoga is a great contributor to weight loss for it will cause you to sweat a lot.


It’s because you are working in an environment with a temperature that can leave you perspiring within a few minutes.

In addition to your working environment, all the required stretching can also boost your metabolism which will help your body burn fats quicker before they get stored. 

Full body yoga can also assist in restoring proper hormonal balance in your body, which will then result in you having a more normalized weight


That looks great, right?

However, you must also know that full body yoga is not for everyone.

So for safety’s sake, here are some precautionary tips you need to remember before doing this exercise.


1.    Don’t do it if you have a low tolerance for hot temperature.

2.    Please be aware of the possibility of dehydration.

3.    Stop as soon as you feel dizzy, nauseated, or exhausted.

4.    Don’t do the exercise if you’re pregnant or dealing with a heart condition.

Final Thoughts: 

Full body yoga is a great exercise to try if you’re looking for something that can help you have better overall health.

From your physical to emotional and even mental aspects, this form of yoga can provide a lot of benefits that will surely be useful to you.

Unfortunately, this is not for everyone.

So before you try this for yourself, make sure you are capable of doing it or better yet, contact your doctor first to give you the go signal.

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