Is Hot Yoga Good For You?



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Whether you want to slim down for an upcoming supper escapade, family reunion, office get-together, weekend vacation, or even a wedding, you should know that losing weight is not as easy as it sounds.

For some of us, it can happen quickly.

But for a lot, weight loss can be a nearly impossible journey. Thankfully though, there are still ways to make it happen.

From diet plans to exercise, you will surely find something that can help you shed that extra weight.

And one of those things I’m talking about is hot yoga.

If you’ve been a fan of this exercise for quite some time now then there’s a huge chance you already know what hot yoga is.

But if not, then stop scratching your head because that what I’m here for.

What I’ll be sharing with you today are all the things you have to know about this particular form of yoga.

This includes giving you a quick definition of what it is, its benefits, its relevance to weight loss, and even some safety precautions. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about this weight-losing exercise then let’s start, shall we?


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What Is Hot Yoga?

It’s a vigorous style of yoga where an individual must do different poses in a room with high temperature, hence the name.

The harsh condition required in doing the routine will leave you soaking in sweat, but it is essential for a lot of reasons.

Hot Yoga is often referred to as Bikram Yoga, but the truth is, they are not entirely the same.


Yes, you read that right.

Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga have always been interchangeable, and that’s fine.

But if you really want to immerse yourself in the hot yoga weight loss lifestyle then you must know their differences in order to find out which one is more appealing for you.

Read the following to find out.

The Difference Between Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga

The two are very similar in terms of certain requirements.

One of the things that set them apart though is that Bikram Yoga follows a strict 26 pose and 2-breathing exercises routine that should be performed in the same order for exactly 90 minutes.

In addition to that, the temperature of the room you will be in must be at an exact 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity.

Other differences include having the front wall of the studio be covered in mirrors, getting extra bright lighting, keeping the noise minimal (no music, talking, or clapping except for the instructor), and no physical contact between the instructor and student in terms of form correction.

Hot Yoga, on the other hand, is not as strict as Bikram Yoga.

Each session of hot yoga can require you to do many different poses but that will depend upon the instructor or studio you’ll sign up on.

The temperature in the room will still be hot but it can be adjusted based on what the instructor thinks is best for you.

You can also do hot yoga on any surface which makes it an exercise to set up compared to Bikram Yoga.

Hot Yoga is also usually done with music; a session can also be done in a dimmed room lit with nothing but candlelight.

Great Tips To Remember Before You Do Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is very intense, and for that reason, you need to be as prepared as you can before you go to your first class.

To help make your hot yoga weight loss journey easier, I’ve listed some of the most useful tips you need to keep in mind before you give this exercise a try.

  • Don’t expect too much on your first try.
  • Eat and hydrate 1-2 hours before class.
  • Keep your clothing choices in mind, opt for shorter ones and avoid layering.
  • Take an extra outfit you can change into after the class.
  • Bring a large bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated during the routine.
  • Don’t do it if you can’t handle the heat for a long period of time.


After sharing some of the most useful tips to know, it’s time to talk about the safety precautions.

Due to its intense nature, hot yoga is unfortunately not for everyone.

So for your safety’s sake, here are some health warnings you need to be aware of.

Don’t Do Hot Yoga If:

•    You are pregnant, no matter what trimester you are on.

•    You don’t have a high tolerance for heat.

•    You have breathing problems.

•    You are suffering from a heart condition.

•    You recently suffered from heat stroke.

If you are any of the things we’ve listed above then it’s definitely a good idea to try other forms of yoga.

But if not, then you can proceed, just please make sure though that you’ll stop the moment you feel dizzy or lightheaded.

And it’s still best if you reach out to your doctor first before you begin a session.

Top Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga wouldn’t be this popular if it weren’t for the benefits it can give you.

To give you an idea on all the good things you can expect, here are some of the best benefits of hot yoga weight loss.

  • Strengthens Your Immune System
  • Practicing yoga in a hot environment can help boost your immune system. Hot yoga can also improve your body’s regenerative capacity which will surely come in handy in case you unexpectedly acquire an injury.
  • Works As A Great Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Yes, that’s right, practicing yoga in a room with high temperature can give a lot of benefits for your heart. In fact, finishing the 26-pose routine along with two breathing exercises are said to be equivalent to one mile of running. Isn’t that amazing?
  • A session of hot yoga will help you lose up to 1,000 calories per session. The stretching and movements required by hot yoga weight loss will also allow you to still burn calories even after you’re done with the session.
  • Pushes Toxins Out
  • The profuse sweating caused by hot yoga is perfect for when you want to detoxify your body. How does it do that? Well, when you give this exercise a go, you will obviously end up sweating a storm, right? All that sticky smelly liquid will push out all the built-up toxins you have whether it be under your skin or in your pores. This will help you feel good and clean even though you’re sweaty.
  • Can Heal Body Pain
  • No, hot yoga weight loss is not some miraculous exercise that instantly relieves you of all your body aches but it can definitely help you get rid of them. Hot yoga itself is made for therapeutic purposes so you can be assured that with regular use, hot yoga can soothe back pain and other ache-y stuff you have.
  • Helps Fight Depression
  • If huge wrecking balls of negative thoughts and emotions have started to crash into you then a session of hot yoga is a great idea for you. Aside from helping you focus more, all the sweating will also make you feel more relaxed. Think of what it’s like to be in a sauna room, the only difference is that you are doing you are required to do poses and breathing exercises.
  • Slows Down Your Body’s Aging Process
  • Have you noticed those people who have been doing yoga for years now? See how they look a lot younger than their contemporaries who don’t do the exercise? That’s one of the best effects of yoga. Hot Yoga – or yoga in general– can slow down the body’s reaction o ageing. It can keep you physically and mentally strong for a longer time compared to those who don’t do this exercise at all.

But wait:

If you think I’m forgetting one of the best hot yoga benefits out there then you are wrong because I’m saving it for last.

In case it’s not obvious yet, hot yoga can also help you with weight loss.


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Hot Yoga Weight Loss: How Does It Happen?

When you do hot yoga, you will obviously sweat a lot, right?

This sweating will help you burn a lot of calories which can promote a quicker weight loss process.

Please remember though that the calories you’ll burn with every hot yoga weight loss session you do will vary upon your weight and body’s natural capability … and that the weight loss part itself will not happen overnight.

You will have to keep doing it for a few months before you can see solid results.

You can also partner hot yoga with your chosen diet and other quick exercises to get in shape faster.

Final Words: 

Hot yoga weight loss is a great exercise to try if you want to shed those extra pounds. In addition to that, it can also provide a lot of benefits to other areas of the body from inside out.

However, it is not suitable for everyone due to its intense nature and requirement.

So make sure you talk to your doctor first before you give this exercise a go to ensure that your hot yoga weight loss journey will be as smooth as possible.

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