How Many Tablespoons Is a Cup

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How Many Tablespoons Is a Cup

Cooking is science - every mixture and every measurement of ingredients will result into having a scrumptious chemical reaction.

You cannot achieve a delicious recipe with just mixing all the ingredients at hand without measuring.

Sometimes cooking or baking measurements become confusing to us - especially to those who are new in learning the niche.

And this is something we should not take for granted because measurements are vital in all types of cooking.

Now, let us answer all the questions we need to have a successful cooking.

Just like - how many tablespoons is a cup? How do we measure that exactly?

Well today, we will figure out how we can end this confusion and find out how many tablespoons does a cup really contains.

Let us also see other important conversions we need before starting the kitchen battle.


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How Many Tablespoons Is a Cup


What Is a Measuring Cup?

A measuring cup is a kitchen tool or utensil used for measuring and weighing ingredients.

It is commonly made from plastic or glass that makes it translucent and has a visible measuring marks from the outside.

Some measuring cups are also made from metals.

It is harder to see the measurement with this type of material - so a dipstick is needed or the scale markings will be found inside the cup.

The basic capacity of a measuring cup usually ranges from 250 ml or 1 cup to 1000 ml or 4 cups.

But if you need a much larger size, huge measuring cups are also now available in the market.

Types Of Measuring Cups

A dry measuring cup is different from a liquid measuring cup.

Both were made for different jobs and for making the baking become neatly done.

Let us find out how these two differ from each other and if we really need to have a separate measuring cups for liquid and solid ingredients.

1. Liquid Measuring Cup

A liquid cup is visually different from the other type.

It has a pouring spout and a handle that makes it easier to transfer a liquid ingredient from the measuring cup to another container.

The scale marks are located below the pouring spout to avoid spilling over the edges when measuring.

The marks are very clear, and it makes the measuring more efficient.

This measuring cup is specially made for water, oil, milk - and more liquid ingredients for baking.

​2. Dry Measuring Cup

Dry measuring cups do not have pouring spouts and can be filled to the rim - which is something a liquid measuring cup cannot do.

The dry measuring cups are really made to do the dry measuring because it can be fully filled and can be levelled easily.

It won't be ideal to use this for liquid ingredients because it will surely spill and it is harder to transfer into another container.

This measuring cup is specially made for flours, sugar, baking powder - and more dry ingredients for baking.

Tablespoon To 1 Cup Conversion

Pin this conversion for an easier way to answer some important conversions like:

How many tablespoons is a cup of flour?

How many tablespoons is a cup of butter?

How many tablespoons is a cup of sugar?

How many tablespoons is a cup of milk?

How many tablespoons is a cup of water?

How many tablespoons is a cup oil?

How many tablespoons is a cup of yeast?

1 Tablespoon = 1/16 CUP

2 Tablespoons = 1/8 CUP

8 Tablespoons = 1/2 CUP

12 Tablespoons = 3/4 CUP

16 Tablespoons = 1 CUP

Having the above basic conversion will be very helpful for your future recipes especially if you do not have appropriate measuring cups or utensils yet.

Using tablespoons for measuring your dry and liquid ingredients is one smart way to get the accurate measurements.


The different measuring cups are both important tools for having a successful cooking and baking.

The liquid measuring cups are more dependent on its scale marks.

It should be placed on a flat surface, pour the liquid ingredients, and see the exact measurement through the marks at an eye level for accuracy.

While dry measuring cups can be fully filled and you need to scrape off the excess parts using a flat edge of a knife.

Dry ingredients are also most accurate when being scaled.

You can also incorporate a kitchen scale to exactly get the measurements of your dry ingredients since not all have the same texture that makes it harder to sift equally.

The Importance Of Measuring Ingredients

Measuring ingredients is always crucial in cooking specially in baking.

Here are some reasons why measurements should be taken seriously.

1. Accuracy

In cooking, we can easily adjust the missing or too much ingredient we have put in the recipe.

But baking is a way different process - no rooms for incorrect measurements.

Just like overdoing a baking powder, that alone will completely ruin the finish product and you need to do it over again.

While in cooking, you can always add some salt or anything during the execution.

That is why measuring of ingredients is important - baking won't allow you to fix a mistake anymore.

2. Easy To Adjust

Once you know the exact conversions like how many tablespoons is a cup, it will be so much easy for you to adjust the measurements of your recipe.

Trying to increase the volume of a recipe can be very tricky - same with decreasing its volume.

But since baking needs accuracy, it will be so much easier to adjust the measurements if you know the conversions you need.

Measuring cups and kitchen scales will help you achieve a successful adjustment with your recipe volume.

3. Consistency

It is very convenient to repeat or master a recipe if you take measurements seriously.

Repeating a recipe you love will become consistently successful if your measurements are consistent as well.

If you have a precise measurement, your recipes will be equally the same every time you bake.

Having even just a little difference with the measurements will be very obvious once the finished product is finished.

People will surely notice that something has changed with your recipe if you do not have consistency with the measurements of your ingredients.

4. Time Saving

It can very time consuming to test if a recipe really turns out right.

But - having an accurate measurement on the list will save so much time.

Most especially if you are into a food business - consistency of measurement is one secret to success.

And it makes every execution become easy to follow and swiftly done.

Therefore, every time you get hooked with a recipe - pin the measurements on your notes.

Because having that exact measurement will be easier for you to try it your own and it can definitely save a lot of time.

5. Success

But of course - having an accurate measurement of the ingredients will get you away from any kitchen trouble.

And it would result into a smooth and successful baking.

This is what we need in the first place - to have a successful product from any recipe we choose.

Measuring ingredients will surely get us one step closer to a perfect recipe.

Hence, measuring ingredients is really a must.

Here's More

Every measurement in baking really has a formula.

Every formula will result into different impact on your finished goodies.

However you want your baked products to be - the measurement should be the key.

You can definitely make it soft, crunchy, light, or even flaky.

This is why you should learn the accurate measurements of each recipe so that it will be so easy for you to adjust.

6. Leavening Agents 

Two important ingredients in baking that will do a big part with its puffiness is baking powder and baking powder - also known as the leavening agents.

One small mistake with its measurement will create a very obvious physical change.

These two ingredients are different and have their own role - but both will release carbon dioxide during the process that gives your baked goodies a perfect lift.

Having a wrong measurement with these will cause a change in the chemical reaction and will end up with a not-so-good outcome.

7. Other Baking Ingredients

When we say baking, we immediately think of grabbing a flour.

And with this, accuracy and consistency are always needed.

Having less or having too much will again result into a frustrating outcome.

This is one important ingredient, so better measure it precisely.

So with the sugar, milk, eggs - and more baking ingredients.

Everything should be measured carefully to achieve a baking journey like a pro.

Final Note

Kitchen battles are fun and challenging at the same time.

In order to succeed, you must learn and apply the measuring techniques.

We should always be careful with the consistency of our measurements to achieve an equally awesome job.

Grab your tablespoons, measuring cups, kitchen scale, and everything you need for measuring.

Have fun in the kitchen - cook and bake with love!

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