How To Do Dry Fasting For Weight Loss

Weight Loss


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How To Do Dry Fasting For Weight Loss

How TO DO Dry Fasting for WEIGHT LOSS

Dry fasting is known for giving a successful weight loss.

But - different opinions are battling everywhere about it.

Some people say it has incredible benefits for our health, while others say it can cause fatal illnesses.

What should we believe?

Should we still consider trying a dry fasting?

In this article, we will dive into the different sides of this debatable kind of fast.

We will dig more facts and figure out the truth behind the controversial dry fasting.

Read further - everything you need to know about dry fasting is here.


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Dry Fasting For Weight Loss



Dry fasting has been used by people since the ancient times until the present.

This is originally done for religious purposes.

Eventually, it has been developed and discovered as an effective way of losing weight.

Forget about water, juices, and anything else - you do not need that in dry fasting.

This kind of fasting does not allow any liquid consumption for a certain period of time.

Since it has been used by a lot of people for so long and did not cause any harm for them, people believed that it will also be safe for losing weight.


There are two types of fasting you can choose from:


An intermittent fasting is done by setting a time window to eat and fast for the whole day.

You will be allocating a certain amount of time to allow yourself to eat meals - both solid and liquid foods.

People mostly pick the 16/8 intermittent fasting.

This time window will allow yourself to eat appropriate meals within 8 hours - and do the dry fasting for the rest 16 hours.

People who choose to dry fast are commonly using this time window - they find it more doable.

The other time window is called 20/4.

This will only allow you to consume foods within 4 hours - much lesser than the first one.

And do the dry fasting for the rest of the time left - which is 20 hours.

This is more hard for people since you only have very few hours for eating and so much longer time for dry fasting.

This timeframe is not adviseable, though.

Your body will find it hard to adjust that can possibly cause health risks.


A prolonged dry fasting is done by implementing the dry fast for over 24 hours.

Health experts do not recommend this type of dry fasting since our body needs water to survive - and to keep our organs functioning well.

If dry fasting is being prolonged, this could surely harm our health.

But some people still take the risk - in the name of losing weight.

There is also a distinction between a soft and an absolute dry fasting.

A soft dry fasting will allow you to have external contact with water like brushing your teeth.

While an absolute dry fasting is the other way around - no water contact even taking a bath.

Obviously - most people choose to apply the soft way of dry fasting.



A dry fasting can increase the level of parathyroid hormones (PTH) - this is very important molecule for bone formation and strength.

Studies also show that people who are engaged with dry fasting have lower risk of coronary heart disease.

After a dry fast, most people have also been observed to decrease blood pressure level.

This type of fasting can also prevent us from degenerative diseases because of its high anti-inflammatory activity.

Another positive effect of dry fasting is its capability to reduce blood glucose level and regulating blood sugar.

With that being said - a dry fast can also reduce the risk of having diabetes.


Studies have proven that a dry fasting can increase the level of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) - these neurotrophins are the proteins needed for our brain to produce more neurons.

The BDNF plays a big role for our metabolic regulation, neuronal survival of the brain, learning capability, regulating neurogenesis, and maintaining a sharp memory.

A dry fast can indeed improve our brain health because it kills harmful cells through autophagy.


A dry fasting can guarantee a 100% chance of losing weight.

It is an intense way of cutting food consumption - thus making us reduce excess fats.

But studies show that the weight loss a person achieved from this fasting is possibly just water weight.

Therefore, a person will gain back that weight very quick once they head back to their regular food consumption.

However - you can have fasting to assist with any weight loss program to achieve a long-lasting leaner body.

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This weight loss program is designed to hit a real long-term weight loss.

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This could be the million dollar question.

And the answer is - YES! But not for everyone.

Here, I have a list of steps to determine if a dry fasting is suitable or safe for you:

STEP #1: Consult an expert

Discussing with your doctor should always be on top of your priority when it comes to making decisions like this.

Those who are undergoing a treatment or taking medicines every day are likely to be restricted from dry fasting.

Some medications or most - are strictly being taken with an unempty stomach.

Therefore, if you really want to dry fast - a doctor's approval is crucial.

STEP #2: Try an easier fasting

It is better to try an easier weight loss method first like water fasting or any other lighter diet.

This will give you a clue on how your body will handle or react on dry fasting.

This will also allow yourself to discover how capable you are to survive a dry fast.

STEP #3: Prepare your body

It is best to take it slow like narrowing your calorie intake day by day.

You also need to train yourself on avoiding caffeine and other unhealthy drinks.

And of course - choose to eat healthy foods always.


A dry fasting can be safe to people who are suitable for this type of fasting.

On the other hand - it can be dangerous for those who have not took any necessary check before diving into the fast.

To sum it all up, if we follow the precautionary measures - everything will be safe for us.

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