How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens in a Week



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How to Lose Weight Fast For Teens

Teenage years tend to be the hardest part as so much is going on and is left to be discovered.

A different school, environment and friends. If that wasn’t enough you find that your body is changing and hormones are a new thing you never hear of before.

That can be a huge problem and you begin to worry about how you can get rid of all that extra weight.

You feel uncomfortable when you are alone in the gym or running outside.

Be assured as you are not the first girl who is experiencing and it is certainly not the first time in history to overcome to a person.

If you want to get that dream body all emphasis should be on building healthy habits.

So let’s discuss on how you can effectively lose weight as a teen.



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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens in a Week


1. Don’t Drink Calories

The fastest weight to gain weight is to drink your calories.

Think of milk/milkshakes, soda’s and all type of drinks that contain sugar.

Even the diet-sodas are harmful for you because they contain all kinds of additives that are all in some science lingo on the label.

The moment you abandon these type of drinks, you will notice that getting in shape is easier than before.

Instead only drink water. And lots of it.

Drinking water will help to remove all the toxins from your body. 

In addition, you might be holding excessive water in your body.

By drinking water, you will remove this and also stop your body from bloating. 

You can also have black coffee and tea (preferably green tea).

These two drinks are full of antioxidants that are good for your body and to boost your metabolism. Your goal is to only consume unsweetened drinks.

2. Listen to Your Body

Most probably in the morning you are told to have breakfast and then when you come back in the afternoon to eat again.

In both situations you did not feel hungry.

The solution? Listen to your body and skip a meal.

Eat when your body tells you that you are hungry again.

In this way you will give your body to burn the extra energy that is stored in your body as fat and to get rid of that.

3. Eat the Right Foods

If you build the right habits right now, then you do not need to worry later in life every time when you are gaining weight.

If you know this, then you also know how to get back in shape.

Again and again.

If you want to lose weight, then you need to stop eating all the foods that are processed and packed.

Most of this you can in the local grocery store.

Also remove from your diet all kinds of carbohydrates, think of: white bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and fried food. 

These type of foods release a sudden spike of sugar in your blood sugar levels that your body can’t manage.

As a result, the surplus of sugar in your bloodstream is stored as extra fat.

So we need to first reset your body and get your blood sugar levels normal.

After this you can slowly introduce carbohydrates back in your diet. 

Instead focus on eating pure and whole foods.

Think of chicken, fish, beef, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

These foods are full of good nutrients and do not contain any bad fat or nutrients.

Eat these foods and your body will convert in a fat burning machine. I like to have my meat, fish and chicken grilled for the taste!

4. Cheat Day

Fully abstaining yourself from a particular thing is never good.

Motivation is strong and weak in times.

To make sure you stay on track during the difficult times it is important that you have a cheat day. 

Give yourself some pleasure time to eat whatever you want to eat on a certain day.

Eat till you get sick of it. 

This will make sure you won’t desire or want that food in the upcoming days when you are sticking to you weight loss schedule.



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HOW TO lose weight for teens


5. Get Enough Sleep

This is important for your health but also for your school results.

Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep every day.

People with a lack of sleep don’t have enough focus during the day and this reflects back on your eating pattern and your study time.

You will notice that you do not have the willpower to continue and that is because your hormones are out of order due to the lack of sleep.

This will make you snack more and eat bad foods and most importantly your school results will be affected by this.

How to prevent this?

Set a time for yourself that you will go to bed and hold yourself on to it.

Remove your smartphone out of your bed at least one hour before you go to sleep.

Make sure that you did some exercise as well during the day so that you are mentally as well as physically exhausted.

This will ensure for a good night rest.

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