How to Lose Weight Fast Healthy in 30 Days Without Any Exercise



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How to lose weight fast healthy in 30 days Without any Exercise

It’s that time of the year again, you slowly are aware of the fact that you are gaining extra weight.

You look at yourself and you know that must do something about that extra weight on your body.

On the other hand, you also know that you hate to visit the gym where it is full of other people and where it rather feels like as if you are lost in the jungle.

However, you also know that if you soon don’t lose weight, you’ll never be able to get that dream body back.

You’ve read through dozens of weight loss articles and are utterly confused on what you should do right know to lose weight.

The information out in magazines and on blogs is conflicting and every article tells you a different thing.

I’ve been through this as well and understand how you feel. You are not alone in this journey and I will share with you my secrets on how weight loss is possible without any exercise.


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How to Lose Weight Fast Healthy in 30 Days Without Any Exercise


Weight Loss Can Be Done Without Intense Gym Sessions

Intense gym sessions that leave you totally broken afterwards are not necessary when it comes to losing weight.

It is true that you need some form of physical activity to keep your body active but most weight loss is done in the dieting part.

The foods you eat are extremely important. 

This mostly determines if you are gaining or losing weight easily.

This is where my own weight loss program is all about focusing on eating the right foods and by being physically active.

Eating The Wrong Foods Lead to Easy Weight Gain

We are surrounded with food everywhere and it is so easy to get some kind of food in our hands.

It does not even matter if we are outside or at home.

When we are bored we just grab something to snack on we are pleased (for the moment being).

The problem is not how often we eat but what type of foods we eat.

Sad but true is that almost all foods you can find in the grocery store are harmful for your body and are most likely to be responsible for your weight gain.

You can easily combat this and convert your body into a fat burning machine by having a clear structure and system to follow.

This will make your body lose weight automatically instead of gaining extra weight.

This all starts by having the right fundamentals before you commence on your weight loss journey.

Remove White Carbs From Your Diet

White carbs cause for a spike in your blood sugar level and when this happens then your body can not handle the extra amount of sugar in the blood.

End result?

All that extra sugar is converted and stored as extra fat in the body.

When this is happening frequently then your body is gaining weight super fast.

You can avoid this process by removing white carbs from your diet in the beginning.

White carbs can be found in: white rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, fried food and diary.

It is important to refrain yourself from carbs as to get your body’s blood sugar level and systems back to normal again.

What to do:

Fill your plates up with veggies and protein.

Protein can be anything from lean chicken, beef or fatty fish like wild salmon.

Make sure half of your plate is full of vegetables. This will ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals inside

Prepare Your Meals in Advance

Be prepared for every situation and prep/plan your meals in advance.

Temptation will only happen when you are hungry or eager for a snack.

Preparation will avoid any situation where you will be tempted to eat bad foods.

Plain and simple in your meals is best in meal prep. Eat the same dinner for three days consecutively.

Be willingly to do that.

The best part is that you can eat as much protein and vegetables as you want. 

To be honest it is pretty hard to overeat on these type of foods and if you do, then it isn’t harmful at all.

What to do:


Write out and plan all your meals one week in advance and have snacks ready in your bag.

Think of nuts as a snack that you can always have in your bag.

When you are eating out ask for a salad without any dressing instead of the rice, potatoes you usually get. 

Tip: make sure at least half of your plate is filled with vegetables.

People that remove carbs from their diet often say they have low energy levels.

Eat enough vegetables to compensate for those nutrients.

Avoid Calories in Drinks

The easiest way to gain weight is by drinking sugar.

I know what you think: I’m not guilty of this! 

But even diet sodas and zero sugar sodas are harmful for your health.

These drinks are filled up with additives and chemicals instead of sugar to make it taste good.

These are even more harmful for your body than sugar.

Remove these drinks completely from your daily diet.

Even fruit juices are a no-go as these are also filled with sugar.

What to do?

Only have water, black coffee or tea.

Have these without any added sugar or milk/creamer. 

Only drink drinks without sugar. It is easy to drink calories but damn difficult to get rid of them.

So better avoid drinking them at once.

Have a Cheatday

It is impossible to be this strict to yourself and be committed for a long time to such a schedule.

So once a week have a full CHEAT day where you eat what you just have been craving so bad for to eat.


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How to Lose Weight Fast in 30 days


Eat on those foods until you get sick of it.

This will prevent you from craving for that type of particular food for the upcoming period.

This will give you more motivation to continue with your weight loss efforts and it also gives you that permission to binge on all the bad foods you wanted to eat.

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