How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise 

Do you feel as if you never have any free time on hand available?

Do you feel that you need to juggle in between your job and family?

It demands so much time from you and you just don’t feel now is the right moment to start losing weight seriously.

You are thinking that if you soon don’t make this your number one priority, you’ll never be able to make this happen.

You’re afraid you might never get that beach body back again.

I want to emphasis that you are right in your thinking. Your health should always be on priority #1 and I can assure you that there is a way you can get over this struggle.

Let me dive deeper into this and show you how this can be done.


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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise


You Have Too Much On Your Mind

Everyday is passing so fast and you find that you can’t control the day or week.

You barely have any leisure or relaxing time for yourself.

Appointments with friends are family are stacking up.

It almost seems impossible for yourself to have some alone time without someone disturbing you. 

You constantly tell yourself a lack of time is the main reason you’ve not started to lose weight.

However you slowly discover that those pounds are adding up and soon you need to do something about it.

But WHEN? At work you are extremely busy as deadlines are approaching and at home you have a family to take care of.

As a result of this you have not been exercising for a long time and been enjoying life a bit too much when you look at your belly.

It is now or never to start losing weight. If you do not start now you’ll never get back in shape again.

Eating and a Lack of Sleep is Why You Are Not Losing Weight

You are gaining weight because you are eating stuff that is not good for your body or you consistently have a lack of sleep.

I understand you are busy as hell, but we are talking about your HEALTH.

This does not only have a negative impact on yourself, but also for the people around you and the closest ones to you.

Paying attention to the stuff you eat is important in weight loss.

Eliminate sugar and carbohydrate rich foods from your diet.

Switch all these foods for natural foods as much as you can.

If you first began your day with a muffin or croissant, switch it for an apple.

Do this for the entire day. When you have dinner arrange your plate half full of vegetables and the other half only protein meat.

A lack of sleep is good for no one. Not for yourself or your family.

Remember a moment when you were grumpy and you let all your frustration out on the ones closest to you.

Think if this was due to a lack of sleep. I will tell you, chances are high you didn’t have enough sleep the night accumulating to that particular event.

Not getting enough quality sleep stimulates you to also eat more on the day itself.

You are out of patience and the body wants to have some instant gratification so it can please you.

So you end up snacking more during the day and eating all the bad foods that are disruptive for your weight loss efforts.

Not enough sleep makes your will power diminish till a point you just give in to temptations. It is better to sleep more and have good quality sleep so you are ready for the day.

Better Sleep and Diet Is Good for Weight Loss

Start removing all processed foods from your kitchen and house.

This means all kinds of foods produced by a company.

Think of all kinds of canned and packed food. So 90% of what you can find in the supermarket.

Out of sight = out of mind. When you do groceries be sure you only buy natural items: fruit, vegetables and lean meat like chicken, beef and fish.

If you overeat on these foods, then the consequences are not harmful for your body than when you overeat on calorie rich foods.

Improve Sleep Quality and Start Fasting

Start with a 24-hour fast.

This is how my own weight loss program starts as well.

This is needed to reset your body and have it function formal again. If not done, all the dieting and working out efforts will be in vain.

So for optimal results, do a 24 hour fast and start eating healthy afterwards

Allow at least 7 hours of sleep for yourself. I prefer 8 hours of sleep but everyone is different and some can go with less sleep.

Only use your bedroom for sleep and sex. Everything other is forbidden. This is necessary to tell your body that your bedroom is for relaxing purposes.

So don’t work in your bed on your laptop or play on your phone.

Focus on pitch dark when the lights are out.

Also make sure to remove all kinds of phones, and tablets.

An e-book reader is allowed but everything else is forbidden. This all is to ensure you get a good night rest.


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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise


Basic Pillars for Weight Loss

This is the foundation for any busy person to start losing weight immediately.

The principles are simple but not easy to execute.

Make sure you plan everything ahead and you follow the basic guidelines. 

If you want an exact step by step plan for everyday, check out my own weight loss program below.

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It is a system that you can use over and over again. So if you have lots of weight to lose. You can repeat the program again until you reach your desired weight. 

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