How to Lose Weight in 30 days



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5 Amazing ways to Lose Weight in 30 Days

Losing weight is a constant favorite in almost every Christmas wish list, health goals checklist and just about any to-do list we can ever imagine.

You will come across many people who want to know how to lose weight in 30 days, in a week’s time or as quickly as possible.

Women usually want to slim down after giving birth or after gaining a few more pounds as they age. 

Some people aim for a slimmer figure for health reasons while some simply wish to look good and feel sexy.

The great news is, no matter what your reason is, you can get all the maximum benefits once you’ve lost all those extra pounds.

You get healthier, feel younger and look a lot better if you know how to do it right.

The tricky part is how to lose all the excess weight without sacrificing your health.

Some people resort to skipping meals or taking unregistered diet pills just to reach their target weight.​

Some even overexercise in their desire to drop the pounds as fast as possible.

Remember that doing these unhealthy activities affects your health negatively.

You’re exposing yourself to sicknesses, injury and a lot more health problems.

Additionally, your weight will definitely fluctuate if you choose unhealthy methods like the ones mentioned above.

What we should aim for is to shed off extra pounds and stay healthy.

Let me share with you 5 easy ways on how to lose weight in 30 days.

Yes, you read that right. 30 days is enough for you to get rid of those stubborn fats and achieve a slimmer figure.

Read on to know how you can effectively work this out:


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How to lose weight in 30 days


1. Eat right and eat healthily.

We all know about this tip.

The problem is, we don’t really follow it.

Let me tell you about a common scenario.

First, we choose unhealthy foods because they taste good and they are readily available in the market.

Second, we get so lazy in learning about healthier choices and we come up with the best excuses just to avoid eating healthy.

In the end, we blame ourselves for being overweight and we suddenly get the urge to reduce.

Unfortunately, we go back to the first step and set aside healthy eating just because we feel it’s inconvenient and confusing.

So is there really a solution on how to lose weight in 30 days when it comes to diet?

Absolutely, yes.

Here’s a simple list of foods and beverages you should have and those that you should avoid.

Foods to avoid:

Junk foods/Fast foods (potato chips and french fries leads the list)

French fries

Processed foods

White bread

Processed red meats

Sugary foods and drinks (sorry, but cakes and pastries included)

Just a quick reminder, this is not a complete list but these items are the top foods to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight.

Additionally, the way food is made or prepared matters a lot.

Potatoes are healthy but it becomes the opposite once it’s fried in refined oil and sprinkled with a lot of salt.

Foods and drinks for health and weight loss:

Whole foods (grains, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables)

Whole eggs (yes, but limit yourself, please)

Fish (again, it depends on how you cook it; tuna and salmon are good examples)

Boiled potatoes

Unprocessed red meats (but in limited portions only)


Detox water (infused with fruits, herbs or vegetables)

These foods are healthy because they are low in calories but high in protein, fiber and other nutrients needed by the body.

2. Eat small portions on a small plate

Every how to lose weight in 30 days list should always have this technique for it works wonders for your body.

After knowing what to eat, you also have to know how much of it should go to your plate.

Remember that anything in excess leaves no benefit to your body at all.

Losing weight means saying yes to eating the right food at the right amount.

Often, eating on large plates cause weight gain for we put in a lot more food to cover the entire space.

Meanwhile, using a small plate can be beneficial for you only get to place small portions of food and you feel fuller thinking that you’ve already consumed everything.

This is a technique backed by studies so you better start trying it now.

A good step is to start using salad plates every time you eat in or dine out.

By doing so, you’re training your mind and body to eat portions of healthy food at the right amount.

Additionally, load up your plate with veggies and high-quality protein for a healthier meal.

3. Choose the right workout

Exercise should be on priorities list if you want to know how to lose weight in 30 days.

Bear in mind that this works in harmony with proper diet and you can’t have one without the other.

It’s easy if you can freely go to the gym and get guidance from a fitness instructor.

However, I can’t say the same for a busy mom who barely has enough time for herself.

If you don’t have the leisure to head to the gym, you can do simple exercises right at home.

The technique on how to lose weight in 30 days through exercise is to find the right workout plan for you.

You can’t just jump in and do 3 sets of 30 sit-ups and whatever random workout you find online.

Take into consideration what your body can handle and what injuries you currently have.

There’s also a term called FITT principle in the world of exercise.

This means frequency, intensity, time and type.

These factors should also be highlighted as you plan your routine.

Furthermore, don’t settle for workouts that you’re not comfortable doing and stick with the ones you enjoy the most.

Besides, it’s something that you’ll be doing for 30 days or more so you have to be really careful in choosing a workout plan.

Below are the basic types of exercises you can choose from:

Strength exercises (weights, pushups)

Endurance (brisk walking, jogging, aerobics)

Flexibility exercises (stretching)

Balance exercises

4. Choose the right supplements.

Supplements are a vital part of any how to lose weight in 30 days plan.

Due to its rising popularity, you can find loads of supplement products on the market.

You’ll get a headache just by looking around a multitude of tablets, drinks and capsules with several weight loss claims.

The technique in choosing is to look out for these factors: safety, reliability and quality.

Supplements are also designed to complement healthy food and help keep the body healthy and nourished.

Here are some supplements that are popularly linked to weight loss:

Probiotics- live microorganisms that helps improve digestion and helps people lose weight and belly fat.

Whey protein- helps the body gain muscles and lose fat.

Glucomannan- rich in dietary fiber that helps in weight loss

I’ll say it once more: in losing weight, things should work in harmony.

You should exercise, eat the right food, use the right plate and take the right supplements.

These things will never work independently so a good balance of these factors will absolutely set you up for success.


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How to lose weight in 30 days


5. Determination, Positivity, Focus and Patience.

You won’t figure out how to lose weight in 30 days if you sit around and wait for a miracle.

It’s also not likely to happen if you don’t strive for success and believe that you can achieve your target weight.

Your mindset plays a big role in your weight loss game plan. Focus on your goal and don’t limit it to weight loss.

Instead, aim for a slimmer figure, a healthier body and a stronger immune system.

Wake up every day and feel more determined to accomplish your goals.

Most of all, be patient for weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

We’re talking about 30 days so better start trying out the tips I’ve listed and make it a point to do these things regularly.

Weight loss programs continue to evolve over the years but look at it closely and you’ll figure out one thing: Losing weight will always revolve around diet, exercise and determination.

You made the right choice in reading this for this article is a summarized and easy-to-read version of all the essential techniques you need.

You can always go back to this how to lose weight in 30 days article and start taking steps towards your healthy weight loss journey.

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