How to Lose Weight with Vitamin B12 Shots

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How to Lose Weight with Vitamin B12 Shots

People are always in a constant search for the latest weight loss trends and just about anything related to fitness. 

This is especially true for women who gained extra pounds after pregnancy and for ladies who barely have enough time to get back in shape.

Perhaps one of the most popular trends is the use of Vitamin B12 shots for weight loss.

The question is, can it really help you shed off those extra pounds?


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How to Lose Weight with Vitamin B12 Shots


Weight Loss 101

Before we get to know more about B12 shots for weight loss, let me get one thing straight.

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

The process takes time, effort and patience.

In addition, it is really important to note that weight loss always comes with these three factors:

  • Health. Always remember that weight loss is not just about looking good or getting to wear those pretty little clothes again. The main goal we should have in losing those excess fats is to be healthy and fit. Losing weight the right way means having a slimmer figure while keeping diseases at bay.
  • Safety. People also easily fall for weight loss trends that are obviously not safe. We sometimes rely on testimonials from friends or neighbours without even checking the facts. What works for them may not work for you at all. There are several related literature about Vitamin B12 available online. It is also a must to consult your doctor to be completely sure about what you should be taking and how much the dosage should be.
  • Weight management. Another common dilemma among fitness enthusiasts is weight management. We often go for the easy way out and choose weight loss techniques that promise overnight success. As a result, our weight goes back and forth and we end up gaining more than when we first started.

More often than not, our weight loss programs fail because we’re too lazy to research, too busy to consult a doctor, too gullible or simply too eager to get fit in an instant.

To help you out, I have rounded up how B12 shots for weight loss works and what other benefits it can provide to the body.

B12 Shots for Weight Loss

What exactly is Vitamin B12 and why is it such a big name in the world of weight loss?

Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is a water-soluble B complex vitamin.

It is naturally present in meat, fish and dairy products.

Vitamin B12 is known to provide the following benefits:

  • Increases metabolism & assists in weight loss
  • Necessary for the formation of red blood cells
  • Boosts energy and endurance levels in the body
  • Prevents and treats anemia
  • Promotes fetal development (brain function)
  • Good for mental health
  • Promotes optimal health

Vitamin B12 is usually taken by people with B12 deficiencies.

Symptoms include weakness, palpitations, shortness of breath, pale skin, numbness and a lot more.

Vegans don’t have enough access to Vitamin B12 as well.

They can’t naturally obtain B12 from meat so the best choice for them is supplementation or injection.

Healthy people who are not B12 deficient are also fans of this vitamin for it offers a multitude of benefits to the body.

Vitamin B12 became more of a trend when people, specifically celebrities (Charlize Theron, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Rita Ora) started getting Vitamin B12 through shots or injections.

Whether it’s for a quick energy boost or for weight loss, B12 shots undeniably became a craze and it continues to reach a wider market as days go by.

B12 shots are available in weight loss clinics, medical spas and beauty stores.

Why choose B12 shots for weight loss over supplementation?

It is said that injections are far more effective than supplementation for it is more concentrated.

Also, it does not have to go through the digestive system as it directly goes to the veins.

This method is said to provide optimal absorption.

There are also people who are not fond of ingesting supplements and who would rather choose shots over capsules or tablets.

While there are conflicting statements about the effectiveness of B12 shots for weight loss, this vitamin plays an important role in increasing metabolism.

A healthy metabolism is key to a healthier body.

This vitamin is also vital for physical and mental health.

People with low B12 levels are at risk for mood changes, weakness, fatigue and stress.

These risk factors also lead to an unhealthy body that results in an increase in weight.

For these reasons, B12 can actually contribute to a person’s weight loss efforts.

More importantly, we should combine exercise and a healthy diet with Vitamin B12.

Know that B12 shots for weight loss are not stand-alone products.

Your weight loss efforts will go to waste if you only take B12 shots then slack off and wait for your weight to go down.

You should also start changing your meal plan and go for healthier food choices.

That way, you can walk through your weight loss journey with ease.

Remember that physical activity, diet and vitamins entirely depend on one another.

Keeping these three factors in perfect harmony is a great way to manage your weight and keep yourself healthy.

Another important thing to remember is that anything taken in excess is not beneficial to the body.

So take your B12 shots for weight loss moderately and don’t go overboard just to reach your target weight.

Unlike other vitamins, B12 does not cause toxicity when taken in large amounts but it is wiser to watch over your dose to save money and time.

It is also best to consult with a doctor especially if you have any existing medications that may or may not go well with the shots.


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How to Lose Weight with Vitamin B12 Shots


Furthermore, optimal health is also key to a healthier body so better check out B12 shots for weight loss on your next doctor’s visit.

Losing weight is indeed hard, but it’s amazing how much weight loss trends have evolved over the years.

Trends like the B12 craze are not just based on testimonials for the vitamin also has benefits backed by science.

You can also go for the traditional way of taking supplements or go for injections for a quick boost.

Overall, Vitamin B12 is definitely something you should include in your next weight loss plan.

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