How to Start Eating Healthy for Losing Weight

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How to Start Eating Healthy for Losing Weight

You have tried all kinds of other diets and all without any result….

You tried eating clean for days but the scale did not budge at all…

If this applies to you, you might have hit a weight loss plateau.

In simple words, this means it is just extremely difficult for you to lose weight.

All stuff that would work on normal people just does not work for you.

I know how difficult this is and have seen it from close.

The secret here is to start eating healthy every single day.

Everyone has his or her own definition of healthy so I will go deeper into this and discuss how you can lose weight by starting eating healthy for losing weight.

If you have any questions or just are not sure, hit me up with an email and I’ll be more than happy to help where I can.



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How to Start Eating Healthy for Losing Weight


Motivation Facts

This is the hardest part and it all starts with your own imagination and visualizing the best version of yourself.

Nobody talks about how important motivation is while it is so crucial to your success.

When we start visualizing and planning our weight loss journey, we plan it to be smooth and that we will accomplish the desired results within weeks if not days.

This is the part where people do it the wrong way and set themselves up for failure.

Trust me I’ve been guilty of this many many times and it took me so long to get over this part.

I am happy you are reading this right now because most folks do not grasp this concept during their whole life.

When you plan and picture your weight loss journey mentally, you should incorporate this the next time.

Plan moments that you will face difficulties, days that you don’t want to do this at all, days that you have low levels of commitment and motivation.

Trust me these moments will happen quite frequently in your daily life and you should visualize or at least be aware of them.

To only plan and visualize the good moments and days is almost like a fairytale and will set you up for failure because when that moment of stress hits you, you will quit.

People who have success in let it be weight loss or financially or another aspect have been through good and bad moments.

When they hit a down moment or had a moment they wanted to quit, they persisted for multiple times.

That is how you achieve greatness.

To not stop when life is pushing you hard. It might happen more than 3 times that you want to throw the towel in. 

Falling down is natural and is part of life, it is the moments you fall and get up on your feet that determines your strength of character and the willpower to succeed.

Have this in mind and you are destined for greatness. Trust me you can do it. If this other skin girl can do it, you can freaking do it. I got your back on this one.

Weightloss Ideas

If you are not losing weight and you are exercising your ass off then the problems centers around your diet.

It is all about the food you eat and the drinks you drink. Cold hard facts here.

The key is to eliminate all kinds of carbohydrates from your daily diet. In weight loss, these kind of foods are bad, bad and evil.

During normal life and combined with a working out schedule, carbs are completely fine.

But when you want to lose weight, carbs are freaking evil. Get rid of them. 

Think of bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, muffins, potatoes, fried food.

If you are serious and want to lose weight remove these foods from your daily diet.

Another important element is to remove the consumption of sugar in your body.

Think of almost all kinds of processed and packaged food that you can find in the grocery store, from candies, cakes, canned stuff, desserts, and sugared drinks.

You simply can’t have these type of sugar in your body. Have them in and you will disrupt all your efforts.

So I know what you are thinking right now, what can I eat? I will cover this in the next parts so read along with me.

Shopping Lists Tips

Right now we discussed almost everything that is forbidden by now.

The best part?

All those stuff is made by big companies and they try to constantly add new flavors to the products so they can ask more money for it and sell more.

First, let’s cover the easy part, what can you drink?

Drink water and tons of it throughout the day.

What’s so good about water? It is free and will save you money! 

I am not kidding, but on a more serious note though, water will detox your body from toxins and will get rid of the waste so your body can digest food properly again.

It is important that your body can process food normally again.

If you continue to eat carbs and sugar, your body is just not fully prepared and instead of losing weight, you just gain weight automatically. This is an automatic no go.

Shop for natural food that normally has no label on it.

Think of lean meat, fruit, and vegetables. Eat plenty of fish during the week as fish has good fats and good nutrients like omega-3.

Avoid buying any kinds of packed products as these normally contain a lot of salt and sugar and all other kinds of additives.



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Meal Prep

Another part of weight loss that is often not discussed is discipline.

Discipline is everything.

This means that you continue with your hard work and routines even if you have low energy levels. I will tell you this.

Everyone can eat clean when their motivation is high.

The same does not apply for when people have low energy levels, they usually quit.

Such a shame as some simple hacks can prevent this from happening again.

One of these is meal planning or meal prepping.

If you know beforehand what you are going to eat, your mind can focus on this and you will not be distracted that fast by sudden temptations out on the street. 

You will not impulsively buy that donut or Frappuccino but instead just stick to your diet plan.

This is very simple and you can even go so far as to prepare your meal in advance.

Do this and if you skip your own pre-made meals, you just shoot yourself in the food.

You’ve wasted your money, time and energy. Trust me you will not let this happen.

This makes it way easier to resist that night out with friends when you already made your dinner three days ago.

That night out with friends would have been a few beers and pizzas and would have thrown you out of the weight loss game.

These are my mental hacks that have helped my clients a lot when it comes to losing weight.

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