How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

I am not talking about daily affirmations every morning in front of the mirror.

This article is not about this, I will be covering real life examples and tips that you can practice yourself.

Have you been doubting yourself lately and having troubles losing weight?

It almost seems impossible for you to reach your goal now…

I know how this feels and this is completely natural and almost everyone has been in the same situation. Though no one talks about this subject.

Losing weight is not easy and smooth as many other might have convinced you to believe.

It is difficult, hard and daily struggles are a part of it. The questions: "I have no motivation to lose weight" almost appeared in my mind daily... 

Well you might be wondering:

"How to get motivated to lose weight when depressed".

You are luckily at the right place and I will share my best practices with you.

You’ve made a decision to lose weight and that is a big step by itself. I am happy for you and will share with you my tips on how you can succeed and lose weight fast.

You are not alone in this journey, be aware of that and always know there are many other people who are in a more distressing situation than you.



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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight



How to stay focused on Diet and Exercise

The problem in this society is that everyone always talks about the same things when it comes to losing weight.

You need to move more and eat less.

While that is not entirely true and is just a small part of it, mindset is even more important.

State of mind? Literally no one talks about this.

Everyone is discussing the latest weight loss drink that will make you lose weight overnight.

And basically just talking about one part of weight loss.

Your mindset is everything when it comes to succeeding in life and this also applies for weight loss.

 Everyone imagines a smooth journey from A to B with a happy end. This is not how life works and goes.

Your journey from A to B comes with ten if not 20 obstacles you need to overcome before you can conquer.

The truth? Most people imagine a smooth journey and when the first obstacle arises the quit.

People literally quit the first time they encounter difficulties and this is THE recipe for failure.

I have had my own portion of up and DOWNS, mainly downs.

Trust me you have to get through these down moments, these are completely natural and a part of life. 

You know you are living when you are having up and downs, always remember that.

If you life would be one flat line, that would not be living your own life. 

Everyone has got their fair share of bad and stressing moments.

The problem is that when we see successful people we only see the good part of their journey. 

Never their other “bad” part which consists of moments of depression, stress and literally no motivation to do a single thing.

However, depression is natural and the secret is to build a routine that you can perform everyday.

Every single day. Why?

Because everyone can eat healthy and work out when they are highly motivated.

That is not difficult.

What separates the winner from the crowd is to do the same when you are not motivated at all or are depressed.

To do the necessary when everyone else would quit right away. It is time to do the right thing.

Knowing this will set you up for success.

So imagine the hardships and the difficult moments when you are planning your next steps ahead.

In this way you will not quit at the first or second difficult moment, but you will prosper and thrive!

So practice this immediately and you've tackled for yourself the question: how to stay focused on diet and exercise!

Next important is your lifestyle, so follow me as we cover How to Get in Shape!

How to Get in Shape

In weight loss the most important part is your diet, I cover the foods and drinks in many of my articles so feel free to stroll through my blog.

75% of your weight loss efforts come from your daily diet and a lesser 25% from physical activity.

Exercise and workout is important for weight loss I am not saying it is not. All I am saying is that you should focus on your diet in the very first beginning.

Start focus completely on eating healthy.

Basically this comes down to removing all kinds of processed foods that contain either carbs or sugar and instead focus on eating only natural products.

Think of lean meat and fish that is full of protein and vegetables and fruit. We are talking about losing weight here and therefore this is necessary.

If you want to live a happy and healthy life, you can include carb and sugar in your daily life.

But in weight loss you need to be strict on yourself, everything else becomes much easier then.

Also remove all kinds of dairy products and drinks that contain sugar.

Dairy products are full of good vitamins and minerals but in weight loss they come with a lot of sugar and that is just the one thing we want to avoid.

Start drinking water and lots of it. You can also have green tea, black coffee and other detox drinks.

You may be wondering:

How to stay motivated to lose 20 lbs? Well practice the above and you are on your way to reach the top!

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Experimenting is all part of life. Look what works for you and stick to that.

Remove everything that does not work for you. 

Do you need to hold yourself accountable for everything you eat?

Start with a daily diary where you write down all your foods so you have a clear overview.

Stick to the same eating times everyday and try to eat the same meals every day/week.

You will establish a routine, schedule that you find comfortable to live with.

This will make you more focused and you are less likely to cheat on your diet or have an unhealthy snack throughout the day.

Also set certain evenings apart for your physical activity, whether that be working out, walking, biking or swimming.

Make time slots for these things and do them.

So when Cindy asks you to go out for dinner or for a drink on Monday evening you can say you have to work out instead of sipping that calorie bomb of a gin tonic or a beer that will make you gain weight. 

Set goals for yourself and stick to these.



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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight


Simple Exercises

Keep it simple.

So simple you can do these simple exercises every day without needing a lot of motivation. 

It can be a simple routine of core body exercises or a daily walk. Make it a routine so that even when you are busy, you can do this.

No excuses.

This is your own health and you need to start small before you can achieve greatness.

When you get comfortable you can do if for a longer time and more intense.

Best Diet Plan

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