Keto McDonald’s Guide: What To Eat And What To Avoid



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Keto McDonald's Guide: What To Eat And What To Avoid

Being on a keto diet needs transition of foods you usually eat.

Most people on keto oftenly refuse food chains like McDonald's because the first impression we always had was - food chain meals are not healthy.

But good news are coming and you should check this out.

McDonald's has something consumable for people on keto diet.

Once you bump on any McDonald's branch, do not take the other way anymore - step inside and order a meal that is suitable for your keto diet.

Oh wait, not all meals available can be good for you.

But - I am giving you a complete guide on what you should be having on your table and what you should be avoiding.


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Keto McDonald's Guide What To Eat And What To Avoid


McDonald's Breakfast Meal Options:

McDonald's offer so much choice for your desired low-carb breakfast meals.

They have a bunch of different sandwiches you can choose from and these sandwiches luckily do not come with additional sauces.

Having that said, there is nothing to worry about trying to eliminate those sauces that might ruin your keto diet meal plan.

The safest way to order a low-carb breakfast meal is to let them know that you are refusing the buns, breads, biscuits and bagels.

That will be completely understandable - so do not hesitate to ask the crew.

If in case you forgot to do so, you can simply take it off by yourself once you get the meal on your table.

Here is a list of breakfast options that you can order while on a keto diet:

• Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel

• Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit

• Bacon, Egg and Cheese  McGriddle

• Egg McMuffin

• Sausage Biscuit

• Sausage Biscuit with Egg

• Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle

• Sausage McGriddle

• Sausage McMuffin

• Sausage McMuffin with Egg

• Steak, Cheese, and Egg Biscuit


As stated earlier, remove the buns and biscuits if it is included in your meal to prevent disobeying your keto diet's calorie prescription.

You can also order the "Big Breakfast," but - eliminate the biscuits and hash browns please.

It is highly important to keep in mind everything that you should be taking away from the option to avoid temptations.

You can also ask the McDonald's crew for a lettuce to take place of the buns you have removed.

McDonald's Lunch Meal Options:

Lunch meals are normally more heavy than the breakfasts.

McDonald's still got the low-carb meals your body needs for lunch.

But listen carefully - there are more stuffs to avoid this time.

Do not forget and hesitate to tell the fastfood staff that you do not want to include neither the additional sauces, salad dressings, onion rings, french fries, and of course - the buns.

Here is a list of lunch options that you can order while on a keto diet:

• Artisan Grilled Chicken

• Bacon Smokehouse Burger

• Bacon Smokehouse Artisan Grilled Chicken

• Bacon Ranch Grilled Salad

• Plain Side Salad


Never forget to kick out the buns, sauces, salad dressings, french fries, and onion rings.

Yes, it makes the meal more delicious but do not forget that you are on a keto diet.

You can still enjoy your McDonald's meal without breaking your keto diet by eliminating those prohibited foods.

McDonald's Dinner Meal Options:

It is completely alright to order the lunch options for dinner.

But most people just want to have bunless burgers for dinner instead.

Yes, bunless it is!

This may sound redundant but it is the most important point to remember before stepping into a McDonald's branch - you are on a keto diet so please be extra careful with choosing your food.

Remove the buns, breads, onion rings, fries, extra sauces, and salad dressings - always go for plain.

Here is a list of dinner options that you can order while on a keto diet:

• Bacon McDouble

• Big Mac

• Cheeseburger

• Double Bacon Smokehouse Burger 

• Double Cheeseburger

• D ouble Quarter Pounder With Cheese 

• Hamburger 

• McDouble

• Quarter Pounder With Cheese

• Triple Cheeseburger


We sometimes feel a little lazy to cook or prepare a dinner at home, the reason why we choose to order something on the go.

And that is alright - be thankful that you can still purchase a meal that suits your keto diet on fastfood chains like McDonald's.

But then again - no buns and extra carbs please.

Let's Get Hydrated!!!

For having a refreshing drink to be paired with your low-carb meal, you also need to choose a low-carb beverage.

Can we find that on McDonald's?

Oh yes - they got everything you need to keep you hydrated.

1. Coffee

Keto diet allows you to consume plain coffees.

And the good news is - you can order one on McDonald's, too.

They offer an unsweetened and freshly brewed coffee.

This is one great hot drink which is best paired with your low-carb breakfast choice.

2. Diet Coke

If you are looking for something really refreshing, a diet coke might be perfect for you.

It contains zero calories and does not have any sugar.

But diet cokes can also be unhealthy if being highly consumed because of its artificial sweetener.

Therefore - drinking diet coke is allowed but with moderation.

3. Tea

For tea lovers, McDonald's still has something for you to sip.

They have incredible unsweetened teas specially made for people like you.

Do you love green teas? Yes - order now and McDonald's will serve if for you.

Plus - more awesome varieties of unsweetened teas that you should try.

4. Water

Nothing can beat the pureness of water.

It is always the best drink to pair with any meal.

It is the safest refreshment you can have.

No need to overthink about its content - it is indeed the purest and the most perfect drink to keep you hydrated.

You can order for a Dasani bottled water on McDonald's.

It is basically a filtered tap water made by the Coca-Cola company.

Tips For Having a Perfect McDonald's Keto Meal

Tip #1 - Visit Their Website

McDonald's website has all the nutritional information you need to know.

You can check in advanced the calorie and carb count of each meal in order to perfectly choose the best meal when you order.

This is the best way to do before heading to the nearest McDonald's and not losing focus on your required calorie count.

It will become more easy to customize your meal and control its nutritional content if you explore the McDonald's website first.

You can even compute how much calorie and carbs you will be getting when you remove the buns, biscuits - and more.

Tip #2 - Best Time To Eat On McDonald's

It is not advisable to consume fastfood meals for the entire day.

The best time to eat on McDonald's would be breakfast - you can start your day with a customized breakfast meal.

The best keto friendly options on McDonald's are also served during breakfast.

Think of their breakfast sandwiches without the bun - that will be definitely a good bite to start your day.

Eating any fastfood meal should only be once a week because too much of it will be unhealthy and can ruin your keto diet.

And if you need to choose a time to eat - you should stick with breakfast.

This is because you will be able to give your body enough time to digest everything you have consumed.

Tip #3 - Always Pick The Plain Side Salad

The plain side salad would be the healthiest piece you can order on McDonald's.

Aside from its very low carb and calorie content, it can also offer so much more.

It contains vitamin C, calcium, iron, and vitamin A.

Having this with your breadless sandwich or bunless burger will give a high increase on your meal's nutritional content.

Avoid choosing the salad with chicken and dressings because this might surely ruin your keto meal - always choose the plain one instead.

Tip #4 - Bring Your Own Keto Friendly Bun

A sandwich without the bread would look boring - a burger without the bun won't look as appetizing as it is anymore.

But keto friendly buns are now available in the market for keto dieters.

So - why not bring your own bun to make your sandwich or burger look like nothing's missing?

This is one smart idea to enjoy your meal even more on McDonald's.

Take every bite without guilt while making your meal look like you have not removed anything from it.


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Keto McDonald's Guide What To Eat And What To Avoid


Final Note

Looking for keto friendly meals should not be hard and complicated.

Food stores and even fastfood chains like McDonald's are becoming considerate and adjusting their meals to create something consumable for everyone.

It is now more easy to customize an order that will be suitable for any type of diet like keto - and this is really something great.

Never be afraid to grab a fastfood meal again and get a quick keto friendly meal.

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