The Origin and Definition of Macchiato

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The Origin and Definition of Macchiato

Nowadays - it is becoming harder to identify what a real macchiato is.

Coffee shops have been inventing different varieties of coffees including a reinvented macchiato.

But nothing still beats the original macchiato.

If you have been wondering what a real macchiato is and where did it came from - this article will dig deeper on a macchiato's definition and origin.

Hearing caffé macchiato makes coffee lovers go get a cup.

It is indeed a delicious punch of goodness - the reason why it is highly in demand on all coffee stores.

But where did this awesome drink came from?

That - and more facts about a macchiato will be discussed right now.

What is a Macchiato?

Along with the cappuccino and espresso - a macchiato came from the rich coffee culture of Italy.

It is pronounced as (mah-key-ah-to) and it means "spotted" or "marked."

A macchiato is basically a cup of espresso with a drop of foamed milk on top.

It is obviously the reason behind its name - it is deliciously marked with milk.

Coffee lovers would prefer taking a macchiato on an afternoon coffee break because of its extra flavor and mildness that suits the afternoon mood.

But still equally great having a sip of macchiato in the morning.

If you have been ordering a macchiato and it looks way different more than the description above, that's maybe because it has been reinvented.

It can still be considered a macchiato - though some coffee shops took it to the next level.

But beyond appreciating a type of coffee, it is also fulfilling to know its original form.

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The Origin and Definition of Macchiato


The Benefits

Macchiato lovers or coffee lovers - this is more than just a daily routine.

Starting your day with a taste of caffeine can bring so much benefit for our health.

#1 - Rich Source of Antioxidants

Studies show that coffees are surprisingly considered as the primary source of antioxidants.

This new discovery is definitely shocking because we commonly know that we can get these antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

But - researches have already proven that most Americans gain antioxidants from coffee.

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated - offers the same level of antioxidants.

People cannot get the same level of antioxidants a coffee can offer from any other dietary supplements.

macchiato coffee is full of antioxidants

#2 - Improved Brain Performance

A lot of people drink coffee to help them get away with sleeping while on a task.

But - it is actually more than just waking up your sleepy heads.

Caffeine can help boost your brain function by making it become more energized, active, and focused.

This does not mean drinking coffee can also make you become smarter.

However, it will make your brain functioning way better than the usual.

This makes your coffee or macchiato considered as the best working partner - it can absolutely help you perform well.

Therefore, if you are losing focus at work - a cup of macchiato will help you get through your tasks.

a cup of macchiato can improve brain performance

#3 - Reduced Risks For Type 2 Diabetes

This is one amazing fact of what coffees can bring us.

Studies have proven that people who regularly consume coffee as a part of their daily dose - are more protected from having type 2 diabetes.

If your family has been known for having diabetes, then you must start having coffee in your daily routine.

This will definitely help you become protected and lower your risks of getting the said illness.

A macchiato might be perfect for you if you do not want plain coffees.

There are also a lot of coffee varieties that you can choose from - and discover the best coffee for you.

We will also tackle those types of coffees in the later part of this article to help you choose the perfect cup.

benefits of macchiato coffee

#4 - Reduced Risks For Heart Disease

Having type 2 diabetes can make your body become more prone to having heart troubles and even stroke.

Having that said - because coffee can make you prevent type 2 diabetes, this also means that you are also protected from having heart diseases and stroke.

Studies also proven that women who drank about two or more cups of coffee a day - have 20% advantage of protection from having these diseases.

This is indeed awesome - with just enjoying a delicious macchiato, your body can benefit a lot naturally.

why a cup of macchiato should be in your daily routine

#5 - Decreased Development of Parkinson's Disease

For older people, a cup of coffee can still do so much help - and this is magical.

Caffeine can help block the development of Parkinson's and even Alzheimer's diseases.

This is also research and study proven.

Drinking coffee can do so much aid for people - especially for the brains.

This shows how caffeine can help people prevent getting Parkinson's and Alzheimer's development.

And even for those who already have existing diseases stated above, drinking coffee still has something to offer.

It can also lessen the involuntary movements caused by the existing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

So please introduce drinking a good shot of coffee for the older ones.

#6 - Decreased Risks For Depression

Having a lot of things running in mind - a cup of coffee can absolutely lighten things up.

This is also considered as a fact.

A coffee can reduce the risks of having depression.

It is the most effective aid for protecting oneself from having that unwanted heavy feeling inside.

We are all aware that depression can be seriously dangerous.

If you are prone to depression or you know someone who might suffer from it - then it is time to take a sip.

Having a good talk over a cup of macchiato will blow away the risks of having a depression.


There are also important things to remember when it comes to drinking coffee.

Yes - it gives a lot of extreme benefits but it has exemptions.

People who are pregnant should have a monitored or limited caffeine consumption.

It is also better to totally stay away from it until you give birth just to be safe.

And also - people who are suffering from anxiety disorders should refuse.

It is vital to avoid caffeine consumption because it can trigger anxiety attacks.

Please share this to your loved ones who are pregnant or currently dealing with anxiety disorders.

Different Types of Coffee

Health conscious people are loving every cup of coffee because of the above health benefits - and more.

Here are the different types of delicious coffees that you might want to try having.

​1. Macchiato

A cup of coffee with a drop of milk is one happy drink to start your day.

A single cup can only contain around 15 calories - the only thing you have to control is adding too much sugar on it.

It can double its normal calorie content or even more if you do not watch your added sugar.

It is best to keep it as it is and enjoy its natural taste.

2. Latte

This is basically an espresso with frothed milk - and a cup of latté contains around 120 calories.

If you will use skim milk instead of the usual ingredient of a latté which is frothed milk, this can lower its calorie content up to 70 calories.

This type of coffee is also a good source of calcium which can give another health benefit for you.

​3. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is basically an espresso with milk and froth.

A cup of this coffee can contain around 110 calories - which is much lesser than some other type of coffee.

But - it has lesser calcium to offer compared to a latté.

4. Almond Milk

An almond milk coffee is basically a cup of espresso with almond milk instead of the usual milk that other type of coffee uses.

Some people prefer this type of coffee with almond milk because an almond is known for its very low calorie content.

This one will be great for your health as well.

5. Flat White

A flat white coffee is basically an espresso with steamed milk.

Same with a latté, it also contains around 120 calories - and can also be substituted with skimmed milk to lower the calorie count.

It is always fun to know how you can make your coffee taste more tasty and more healthy.

6. Mocha

This one is really refreshing - it is basically a latté with an added chocolate syrup.

It contains around 160 calories which is obviously more compared to some other type of coffee.

A mocha latté definitely tastes great but if you are limiting your calorie intake, this one's might not be suitable for you.


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What is a Macchiato


Final note

By now - you have already known what is an original macchiato looks like and where did it came from.

The next time you stop by a coffee shop, I am sure you already know what type of coffee you need to have.

It is always fun to know the origin and what does a certain type of coffee contains rather than just choosing it because of its taste.

Choose the best type of coffee for you - and enjoy your cup of goodness!

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