How To Choose The Best Potato Masher

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How To Choose The Best Potato Masher

Get ready to mash your potatoes in just a snap and learn how to choose the best potato masher - today.

But before diving into choosing the perfect masher for you, let us give honor to its inventor first.

Let us travel back in time and see how these potato mashers were made.

But wait - what does a potato masher exactly means?


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How To Choose The Best Potato Masher


What Is A Potato Masher?

A potato masher is a food preparation or kitchen utensil.

It is basically used to mash potatoes in the most convenient way.

People choose to mash potatoes with this utensil because it helps prevent cell damage to a potato and makes it release lesser starch than the normal procedure.

Aside from it is making the work more easy and fast - it will also produce a perfect mashed potato texture compared to the outcome of doing it manually.

Eventually - people have discovered using it for mashing or pounding other ingredients.

Who Invented The Potato Masher?

A potato masher was invented in 1932 by Jean Mantelet - a French industrialist.

He thought of inventing something like this as a present for her wife.

He wanted to make her wife's kitchen chores become easy, particularly mashing potatoes.

And yes - it was indeed a successful and productive discovery.

It was unexpectedly embraced by a lot of housewives who have heard about his invention.

It was incredible to discover something like this at that time when kitchen utensils were not yet a big deal because everyone used to do the mashing and other cooking executions manually.

But - he did not stop there.

He continued inventing more kitchen utensils and appliances until he was able to build his own company.

He named his company as "Moulinex" - and he was then known in France as "Monsieur Moulinex."

Everyone loved his inventions because it had helped women to handle kitchen duties more easy and fast.

Jean Mantelet died on January 1991 at the age of 90 - just a month after he retired.

But his invention remains alive until today and will never die for sure.

That was how potato mashers were made - and where all these potato mashers came from.

Characteristics Of A Good Potato Masher

Potato mashers are in demand around the globe because of its undeniable useful function that makes mashing of potatoes become easy as chopping.

Companies have been reinventing and producing their own versions of potato mashers.

But - what really makes a potato masher become one perfect choice?

We will go over the different characteristics of a great potato masher to help you choose the best one.

1. A potato Masher Should Be Well-Made

The most important thing to consider is its durability.

A potato masher should be powerfully built to survive a heavy mashing.

The head should be made with stainless steel while the handle should have a plastic or silicone cover - a wood cover should also work.

These materials will be very important to be found in your chosen potato masher to assure you of good quality.

2. A potato Masher Should Be User-Friendly

Cooking geeks does a lot of mashing every day.

It is crucial for a kitchen utensil like a potato masher to be comfortable to use even for a long period of time.

Its design should be ergonomic to make the mashing more comfy.

It is an important factor to consider having your kitchen utensil's design to be visually beautiful and hassle-free to use at the same time.

3. A Potato Masher Should Be Made With Sanitary Materials

Other than choosing a strong and easy to use potato masher, hygienic materials should also be a must.

It should be made with materials that are resistant to dirt, stains, rust - and corrosion.

It is obviously because we do not want bacterias to live in our potato masher.

We should be very cautious about this because it can cause serious health issues if being neglected.

4. A Potato Masher Should Be Easy To Clean

After a whole day of potato mashing, a potato masher should be easy to clean.

The head is where the work mostly happens and it is where some waste might hide.

It is important to choose a potato masher that is easy to clean both by hand or a dishwasher - washing should never be a problem.

Aside from having sanitary materials, it is also very crucial to find something that is easy to wash for additional hygienic purposes.

5. A Potato Masher Should Be Multi-Functional

Admit it - you do not use potato mashers for potatoes alone.

We also use these for mashing or pounding other fruits and vegetables.

Choose something that could withstand all these kitchen works.

A good potato masher should function more than just mashing potatoes.

It should also work on bananas, carrots, broccolis - and more.

Two Types of Potato Mashers:

There are two types of potato mashers that people use for mashing potatoes and other ingredients.

Potato mashers have either an upright or sideways handle made for holding its head.

But these mashers have different head constructions and that's what makes them different from each type.

Let us see how both types differ from each other.

1. Branding Iron Masher

This type of masher has a head made with gauge wire in zigzag or S-like form.

This kind of potato masher is essential for achieving a perfect chunk or avoiding an overmashed potatoes.

This is the most common version of a potato masher because it is easier to control the texture of mashed potatoes.

2. Round Masher

This type of masher has a head that is formed like a circular plate with drilled holes.

This version of potato masher is equally good for mashing potatoes and other ingredients as well.

Some people love their mashed foods to be well-mashed and not chunky.

If you are one of them, a round masher suits you best.

Other Uses Of Potato Masher:

Yes - potato mashers are not just for potatoes.

It is indeed a handy and versatile tool for people who loves to stay in the kitchen.

Here are some amazing ways on how to use your potato masher.

Crushing Baby Foods

When a baby starts eating solid foods, you surely strive to serve a healthy one.

Mashing veggies and fruits is always on top of the priority dishes for the baby.

Mashing soft fruits like bananas can be fluffier with potato mashers.

And so with the boiled vegetables - mash it with a potato masher to achieve the perfect softness.

A round masher is more than perfect for crushing baby foods.

Crushing Broccoli ​

Whenever you need to crush broccolis, cauliflowers, and more - a potato masher is everything you need.

A branding iron will be a perfect fit for this.

It can result into perfect chunks, just exactly what your dish needs.

Start creating a more healthy recipe and make it look more delicious by using a potato masher to achieve the soft vegetable chunks you aim to have.

Crushing Hard- Boiled Eggs

Craving for egg salad?

A potato masher will help create your healthy dish in the most convenient way.

Using a branding iron type of potato masher will give you the perfect egg chunks you need.

You can also use the round masher to achieve a mash that is suitable for an egg sandwich.

Whatever you wish to do with your hard-boiled eggs, a potato masher will keep things handy.

Crushing Nuts

We usually use walnuts to sprinkle on top of our favorite desserts.

And yes - a potato masher can also do that for you.

This is why you need to choose a durable one to prepare for a heavy pounding of ingredients.

Crushing nuts should also be doable with your potato masher.

You can either choose to use branding iron or round masher according to your desired crushed nut texture.

Crushing Tofu​

For vegan lovers, tofu is always a great ingredient for recipes.

Tofu is known for its very less fat content while still having a tasty flavor.

Using a potato masher to crush tofus for scrambles or any other cooking masterpiece will give you the right texture you need.

A branding iron type of a potato masher should work best for tofus.

It can dice the tofus appropriately for your desired dish.

Final Note:

You can actually do more than just the other uses of a potato masher listed above.

A potato masher can also create perfect bread crumbs or biscuit crumbs for desserts, crushing ground meats to prevent uneven cooking - and more!

This handy kitchen utensil can offer so much help for your cooking techniques.

Grab one for your kitchen today - and make things easier with your food preparations.

But always keep in mind the characteristics of a perfect potato masher stated above before purchasing one.

Choose a potato masher that is durable, versatile and made with sanitary materials.

Enjoy mashing potatoes - and more!

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