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It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard of the latest weight loss fad that is raw juice cleanse.

In an attempt to not hope too much or get ahead of myself, I decided to wait it out and have others try it first before I do. And boy was I missing out!

It turns out that raw juice cleanse can indeed help you lose weight! Yet there I was, trying to put it off... too chicken to try!

Let me tell you why there’s no need to fear juice cleansing and share to you all the health benefits it brings, including losing weight.


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Raw Juice Cleanse


What is a raw juice cleanse?

Raw juice cleansing is when you consume only juice for 1 to 3 days.

Depending on how strict you want to go about it, other low calorie food may be permitted such as water, herbal teas and one serving of raw, fresh fruit or vegetables.

Some even go as far as eating vegetable salad when things get tough!

How do I start my raw juice cleanse journey?

Juice cleansing is pretty straightforward. Or at least it is if you’ve been eating clean for the past week or so!

All you have to do is to drink juice in 2 to 3-hour intervals all throughout the day.

Most raw juice cleanse programs usually follow a schedule like below.

Upon waking up: Take a glass of warm water with some lemon juice (aka lemon water).

Breakfast: Juice #1

Morning snack: Juice #2

Lunch: Juice #3

Afternoon snack: Juice #4

Dinner: Juice #5

Before going to bed: Smoothie or any nut milk

However, if your diet consists of instant and microwaveable food, fast food, take-outs and high-calorie, greasy, sodium-filled, sugary food items, you’ll have to start eating clean at least a week before you start your raw juice cleanse.

You can start by ditching processed, instant food items and replacing them with fresher, more fibrous food.

By the end of the week, you should have eliminated all the no-go foods and follow a cleaner, greener diet similar to Paleo or Mediterranean.

People who drink alcohol, coffee and other stimulants will also have to cut back on them.

That’s because you’ll most likely have withdrawal symptoms once you start eliminating them from your diet and let me tell you that it’s absolutely no fun at all!

Gradually weaning yourself from your daily habit will give your body enough time to adjust and not crave for them while you’re trying to fight hunger pangs throughout the raw juice cleanse.

Once you have that all down, you are now ready to prepare juices that’ll last you anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

Although it’s really quite simple, juice cleansing can be meticulous when it comes to sourcing and preparation.

When going on a raw juice cleanse, it is imperative that you only use fresh, all natural and organic fruits and vegetables.

If you’re not sure how the produce was grown, the next best thing you can do is to rinse the fruits and vegetables with a special produce wash to remove all the pesticides and other chemicals that may be on the skin.

You can usually get it at your local supermarket.

Another thing to note when preparing juices for cleansing is that they should be fresh, meaning pressed or juiced on the same day you’re consuming them.

This can be quite a challenge if you’re working or have big events coming up so make sure to take those into account before you start.

It is best to pick non-busy days so you have ample time to prepare your juices and avoid social activities involving food and drinks.

If you’re not big on making the juice yourself, you can also get ready-made juices online and have them delivered to you.

There are lots of raw juice cleanse proponents who have various programs including weight loss, detox, etc. complete with menus so you know exactly what juice you’re getting!

The juices usually arrive frozen and are thawed 4 to 6 hours before consumption.

Don’t worry about the freshness as the freezing process effectively preserves nutrients, keeping all those vegetable and fruit goodies well and intact.

What does juice cleansing do to my body?

People who have gone on a raw juice cleanse claim to feel lighter and notice that their skin is incredibly softer than before.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of doing a juice cleanse!

Think of it as your body’s break from eating meats and consuming salts, sugar and other seasonings such as sauces.

All of that gunk gets accumulated in your gut and your body (especially your digestives system) suffers from those nasties everyday.

If you often have unexplainable tummy aches, have difficulty passing stool, endure recurring acid reflux and other digestive problems, you’ll thank the heavens once you go on a raw juice cleanse!

It will reset your body while still providing nourishment.

For a maximum of 3 days, your body gets treated to top quality and all natural taste and flavors that are brimming with vitamins and minerals!

Since all of the nutrients are juiced, you get to have them in potent and large amounts as opposed to the trace vitamins and minerals you get after cooking your vegetables and some fruits.

Keep in mind that all the nutrition you get is in natural form, making it so much easier for your body to absorb!

And since you’re consuming nothing but healthy fruit and vegetable juices for about 3 days, you will notice considerable weight loss too!

Especially when it’s done regularly, coupled with healthy, clean eating.

When you go on a raw juice cleanse, your daily calorie intake plummets, forcing your body to look for other sources of fuel.

It now turns to fat, burning the very thing you so despise for energy. Aren’t you glad? I know I am!


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Raw Juice Cleanse & Detox For Weight Loss


Any tips while on a raw juice cleanse?

I’m not going to lie. Living 3 days on juice is a challenge, especially if you aren’t really into fasting or other detoxifying programs.

But trust me when I say the results are all worth it! And trust me when I say you can do it too! Just remember these simple tips:

1. Sip your juice instead of gulping down rapidly.

If you drink your juices too fast, you’ll feel bloated (and queasy) and may want to throw up if you’re new to the whole juicing thing (especially with the green juices).

2. Avoid strenuous exercises and activities.

I’m not saying you should stop going to the gym or halt your morning jogs but go easy.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Gentle exercises like yoga and stretching should be okay.

3. Get enough sleep.

Your body needs to recharge during this challenging time so make sure you’re clocking in ample snooze hours.

Having a restful sleep also lowers the likelihood of having a headache the following day.

4. Listen to your body.

If you are extremely hungry and think you can’t go on any further, eat a piece of fruit or a small serving of vegetables to tide you over the next juice.

If you’re feeling unusually light-headed or nauseous, take a rest and drink water.

5. Do it together with a friend, family or special someone.

It can be very hard to go through 3 days of raw juice only so doing it with someone else is already a comfort in itself!

You can share your struggles to someone who’s actually also experiencing the same and if you’re lucky, that someone might give you helpful tips on how to combat hunger pangs and your hangry (hungry + angry) moments.

Motivation is extremely important so hopefully you do it with someone who’s “game” and totally up for 3 bittersweet days!

6. Consult a health professional.

Juice cleansing is generally safe but if you have any type of medical condition, pregnant or nursing or on medication, it is best to get clearance from your healthcare provider before starting your raw juice cleanse journey.

Final words on raw juice cleanse

I see juice cleansing as a tasty way of detoxifying the body and resetting years’ worth of junk from an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

It just so happens that while it is flushing out toxins from the body, it is also doing a great job of kicking fat and excess weight to the curb!

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