Running for Weightloss



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Running for Weightloss

We all need to start somewhere when we begin with our weight loss journey.

And since running is the exercise with the lowest entry barriers. And since it is also closely associated with burning fat, no wonder that people chose running as the first activity they start with when losing weight.

I personally like running a lot. I do it alone and run through the neighborhood and beyond. In the beginning I was the fat one running around the block.

But now I am faster, more flexible and have more condition.

What I like the most is to smell the air and see the environment changing all the time.

It gives me an opportunity to enjoy the evening breeze and see the people from different blocks.

Running is my own quality time to reflect and think and most of the times just to stop thinking and relax.

Be aware that running is not the only way to lose weight. There are many other options that will help you to lose weight. I have created my own weight loss program where my clients lose 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks without spending a single minute in the gym. Read more at the bottom.



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Running for Weightloss


1. Start out Right

When you begin with running around the block, make sure you have the right gear.

With that I mean do NOT use old shoes, shoes that do not fit properly.

If you insist on using old shoes while running, you might have problems with your Achilles heel and joints later.

Get some clothes that you feel comfortable with and for different periods of the year: sunny, windy & rainy.

Some people prefer to wear compression or thermal shirts to prevent their belly and chest from bumping all the time and some others prefer just to wear a loose and old t-shirt. 

Wear only the clothes that you feel happy in and that does not bother you while running.

I recommend to get a good pair of shoes.

I get mine at the sport outlet store but it is better to visit the local running shoe specialty store. 

They will measure your feet and tell you if a thin or thick sole is better for you. This will help to prevent you from any injures that you might get from bad shoes.

2. Do a Test Run

When you have your shoes ready, go for a test run or walk of 40-50 minutes. Just walk or run slowly.

The goal of your test run is to see if the shoes fit correctly and if you have any troubles/issues with your joints.

If any problems arise, schedule a consult with your doctor before you continue with running for weight loss.

3. Start Slowly

If you are new to this, then start out by just walking.

Make your walks longer by the time and increase your own pace.

The goal here is to get your body comfortable and familiar with the heavy impact running has on your body.

For overweight people, running is quite heavy on the body and joints.

4. Increase the Pace

After a week, increase the pace of your walks.

This will look like this, for the first 30 seconds you will walk slowly and for the next 30 seconds you will run moderately.

Do this during the whole running session and gradually increase the running pace after every time.

Do this until you are completely comfortable with running continuously.

You should be able to maintain a running pace where you can still breath and talk easily.

5. Control Your Energy level

Sometimes we are really pumped up to lose weight and as a result we start our running sessions almost as if it was a sprint.

After a couple of minutes, you will find yourself out of breath and struggling during the remainder of the session just to keep up with yourself.

Try to control your energy level and pace. You are in control and decide whether you go faster or slower.



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Running for Weightloss


6. Mix it up

Your body gets used to the route you run and if you do this over and over gain it adapts to it.

This means you will not burn more fat fast.

The solution to this is to change things. Go for a longer route one day and try a shorter one the other day. 

Change up the pace as well.

7. Team Up

Find a partner with whom you can run together.

This can be a family member, friend, someone from the gym or just a total stranger who you found on

The point here is that when you have someone you are accountable for, then you are more likely to continue and chances become very small of giving up.

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