Simple & Fast Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy: How to Lose That Baby Weight

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Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy - How to Lose that Baby Weight

Kudos! You’ve surpassed that 9 challenging months of hormonal changes, mood swings, food cravings, physical changes and painful labor.

Now, holding that sweet little bundle of joy brings a sense of pride and achievement of what you have endured as a mom.

This sense of happiness can however be overshadowed by feeling of ambivalence over the overwhelming responsibilities and frustration looking at your old picture and what you see when you look in a mirror.

You only wonder on how you can get back in shape as fast as possible again...

How can you lose weight fast while you are taking care of your baby and your daily life...  

But do not worry, below are tips on how you can lose those baby weight and bring back that pre-pregnancy body.



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Getting Started

The first step is always the hardest. Loving yourself is the key.

Sure, taking care of the baby can take a toll on you, with all the new responsibilities, not to mention lack of sleep, you can easily neglect oneself and succumb into that post-partum emotions.

You need to accept that the body changes are part of that pregnancy journey and also recognize that you need time to take care of yourself as well.

Allot time for your needs and know that taking care of one’s health is not a selfish act.

The goal is to have a healthier body to take care of your baby and family.

Plan what can make you happy, check exercise regimens, try different healthy foods and do not be discouraged. 

When I encounter roadblocks, I always to go back to why I started. Again, the goal is to be healthy for your family.

My Post-partum Weight Loss Journey

I have two boys, my firstborn was 8.8 pound and the youngest was 8.4 pounds at the time of the delivery so you can imagine how big I was and every after birth I always struggle to lose those extra weights. 

Amongst the other things, I also struggled with post-partum depression.

Before, I had that sense of guilt taking time off to exercise and feeling I am neglecting my baby whenever I need to leave the house to go out and jog.

My partner was very supportive. 

Soon I realized that this is not selfish at all because, after some time when I started to lose a couple of pounds, I noticed I had more energy to take care of my child.

I had that stamina to get more things done in the house compared to before and getting up late at night when the baby is crying is not as difficult. 

For my second born, I have adopted the same guideline on bringing back my ideal weight.

Modifying My Lifestyle

Here are three of the things that helped me trim down 40 pounds.

This may sound like a cliché but in order to lose weight, diet and exercise are necessary.

Aside from these, what became effective for me adding is adding “consistency” into the mix.

I did nothing fancy nor did I spent extra on any supplements or surgery.


It is an advantage for me that I am the one preparing the meals for my family.

I plan the meals and I can decide on food options.

Prepping and cooking meals was hard work at first.

But I committed myself to that responsibility. 

We avoided eating out.

This led to extra savings and at the same time ensured we only eat healthy foods.

I do not have time to go into much details like counting calories or macros, but you may opt to do that. I just followed below guidelines in the kitchen:

I.    Little to no oil: when buying groceries, I only buy the smallest pouch of oil and use as little as possible when cooking. Like when I prepare chicken, I won’t add oil and just use the natural oils coming out when the chicken is sautéed or stir-fried. But my main option is to steam or bake.

II.    Having protein: protein-rich foods like white meat are good for losing weight. It’s not caloric rich but can make you feel fuller faster compared to carbohydrates like pasta or bread. I avoided any processed meats like corned beef or meatloaf.

III.    Greens: I always ensure that I consume some vegetables every meal.  Vegetables also belong to the low caloric food group and easy satiety

IV.    Water: I have opted out from buying juices and sodas. Fruit juices might sound healthy but it contains unnecessary sugars and artificial sweeteners that add belly fat. I also drink one glass of water before taking my first bite.

V.    Snacks: replace chips and cookies with fruits like apple or protein/oatmeal bars when you want to crave for something to munch.


At first, I struggled to find time to exercise.

There are a lot of exercises that can be done inside at home, but I guess the tricky part is ensuring that these exercises are being done daily.

Remember that it takes time for our body to recover after having a baby.

Do not rush on starting the exercise regimen right away. 

Consult with your doctor when is the best time after delivery to avoid adding stress to the body.

Do not get stuck in a single exercise regimen. 

Try to experiment on the different exercises may it be Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or just a simple jog.

Look for what is fun for you.


Try to insert activities every day.

If there are days that you missed to do your exercise routine, ensure to increase the activity or do it longer the following days. 

Simple things like walking if the destination is just a couple of blocks away from home instead of using a car, taking the stairs instead of a lift, carrying my baby up and down the stairs when trying to put him to sleep—these are extra calorie burning activities.

There are a lot of things we can do we just have to be creative about it.

Roadblocks ahead

There are times when things can become hard and you might feel exhausted and wanted to give up. 

You may feel discouraged like if you see no improvement on the scale or the dress you wanted to wear still does not fit you.

When this happens, it is important to go back to your main reason before you started. 

Remember that you are doing this for yourself and ultimately for your family.

The healthier you are the more effective and efficient you will be for your family.

When things do not seem to change, I normally tweak a thing or two either adding more activity or extending 15 minutes of my exercise routine. 

I also ensure that I do not skip meals as when this happens, I find myself binge eating on my next meal.


Love yourself. Celebrate your body and the body changes.

Choose to act and take responsibilities for your actions.

Remember that diet and exercise might be the key but its consistency in changing your lifestyle that will ultimately make a difference.

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