The 5 Best Detox Food Weight Loss Tips

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Our body is designed to keep us in a healthy state.

The systems in the body are so designed that when we eat something bad for out system, then the body is already busy with flushing the toxins out of our body.

Now, recently detox diets have been popping just like flowers in spring.

They promote a strict diet that is often difficult to follow and hold on to.

And when you just started out then you already experience extreme fatigue or headaches that makes you want to quit it.

The fatigue and headaches are a common process.

This happens when you are body is detoxing itself and it is getting rid of all the bad things in your body. 

The pain and suffering is only temporary.

In the end you will come out better and healthier than before.

I tried some of these detox diets myself and found some to be really good and some to be very strict.

I personally don’t like diets that are very strict because it limits yourself and the chances are very high that you will not complete the detox diet.

In my fast weight loss program, I explain what foods are good for losing weight fast and which foods you should avoid all together.

My clients lose on average between 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks without spending a single minute in the gym. 

All the focus is on your diet and what you eat. Read more at the bottom of this post.  



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The 5 Best Detox Food Weight Loss Tips


But in general I like it when people want to start building better habits.

Eventually and in the end better habits lead to a better life.

I wrote this post for those that are not ready yet for a strict detox diet, but still want to begin losing weight right now.

I searched out the foods that offer the best health and weight loss benefits for you.

These can be purchased easily and everywhere so there are no excuses.

You can also use them daily in a simple way so you do not need to perform difficult processes to make them and eat them.

Remember the goal of a detox diet is to ‘detoxify’ your body from all the toxins.

That is the main focus of a detox diet. That you will lose weight from it always comes second. But losing weight comes hand in hand with a detox diet.

This is because you get rid of bad habits and in this way you also remove bad foods from your life. 

By building better habits you will lose weight naturally and stay in shape as long as you practice these healthy habits.


Well you know the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

There is a truth to this as they are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

You can have them daily and plenty of them.

They make sure that your sugar levels stay normal and the sugar is flowed on a regular basis into your blood.

Usually after eating white carbs, your blood sugar level will rise tremendously.

If this happens everyday then your body can’t handle the amount of sugar in your blood and starts to store the extra energy as fat.

And that is when you start gaining weight like crazy.

So apples help to reverse this process and to keep your blood sugar level normal.

Apples are also rich in fiber and therefore keep you satiated for a long period of time.

This will prevent you from overeating and snacking all the time.

Also thanks to the high levels of fiber, it will help your body to get rid of excess water in the body.

It works also as a detoxifier to remove toxic metals out of your body.

Apples are on the #1 position because they are so simple and you can use them in a variant of ways.

You can have them as a snack, in a salad or as apple cider vinegar. The options are many and just very simple.

Take care however.

The apples you will find in most grocery stores and markets are full with pesticides.

If you have the option, try to buy organic apples. Otherwise, wash them thoroughly and remove the skin of the apple.

Try to use this rule: Apples that shine the most and therefore beautiful apples are full with pesticides, the ugly apples are usually the most organic ones you can get.

But in short, apples are superfoods.


Beets are rich in antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, minerals and sugar.

What I love the most about beets is that you can get them everywhere and eat them how you want.

Eat them as a snack, in a salad or put them on the dinner menu as vegetables.

The fibers are of the insoluble kind and will make sure you don’t get constipated.

It makes sure your food gets digested properly and that your stool will get bigger.

The beautiful red color is not only good for on your Instagram pictures, the color comes from the high amounts of antioxidants and will help to prevent you from certain diseases in addition to detoxifying your body, they also help to purify your liver and blood.

Just be at ease when you consume then as it might be that your pee turns pink or that your stool is a bit red-ish. It is not blood, its just the beets that are digested by your body.


Nuts are high in fat soluble vitamins that are good for your cells and functioning of your brains.

Not to forget that they contain lots of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that help the bowel process to remove toxins out of the body.

You can have them as a snack and just a hand of them will make you feel full. Get started with this yummy mixed peanut box from Amazon!


You can chop a bit of a ginger and make your own ginger tea and have your own detox drink.

Ginger is good to keep the digestive system healthy and therefore to remove toxins from your body.

Have a ginger tea after each meal and this will help you feel full for a longer time and keeps you from snacking and eating more.



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The 5 Best Detox Food Weight Loss Tips



Talking about the BEST superfoods! It does not even matter if you get them fresh or frozen.

They are high in fiber and aid the food in moving through the digesting system.

The faster food goes through your intestines, the less waste and toxics will remain in your body.

This will eliminate constipation and you will lose more weight in this way.

Besides they are also full of anti oxidants and other good stuff. They keep you satiated for a long time and are perfect as a snack.

If you love to have them with yogurt, then try to have Greek yogurt instead of normal yogurt. Normal yogurt is full of sugar and additives.

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