The 5 Best Diets for Weight Loss



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The 5 Best Diets for Weight Loss

You might or might not have heard about these diets. You might have even followed a couple of these.

I will go through each diet and discuss what it actually is, what are the benefits and my personal opinion of these diets.

I am a strong believer that in order to get success, you’ll need to have a system in place.

A diet can be a great source of information and a system for you to reach your desired weight.

That’s why I created my own weight loss program called: “The 3-Week Fat Burn” where my clients lose 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks. It has a clear structure that you can follow, and do’s and don’ts. At the bottom you can read more about this.

Note that a healthy diet should not be a starvation diet and also one makes optimal use of your body resources.

It should not deprive your body of essential nutrients, a lack of this can harm your body more in the end than it is good for you.

So let’s go into it!



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The 5 Best Diets for Weight Loss


1. Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet is designed after the diet over our ancestors also known as the “hunter & gatherer”.

Some might also know it as the cavemen diet!

The theory is that they led an active lifestyle and only ate whole foods. 

Therefore, they did not experience any of the diseases we currently have.

Think of obesity, diabetes and all kinds of relatively “new” diseases. 

So basically in short, the paleo diet only let’s you eat the same foods as our ancestors back then thousands years ago.

What is restricted in this diet?

Any type of grains and dairy can not be consumed.

This also applies for all processed foods and basically all foods with refined sugar.

This diet stimulates you to eat more meat and fish, but also more eggs, vegetables and nuts.

What do I think about the Paleo Diet?

I think the Paleo is not a bad diet and what I like the most is that you can’t have any refined products.

Overall this is good for your health.

However, the Paleo diet was originally not created as a weight loss diet. It is more of a lifestyle diet. I find it therefore to be very hard to follow as a diet as it is very restrictive.

You will need to resist all the temptations you will encounter outdoors.

I also don’t find it very creative and you will find yourself eating the same foods over and over again.

I think that the best way to honor our ancestors is to have the same level of outdoors activity as them, instead of replicating their diet.

2. Ketogenic Diet

What is the Keto Diet? It is technically a type of low-carb diet.

The aim is to bring your body in a state of ketosis.

Ketosis means that your body is burning the fat that is stored in your body.

This is mainly done by eliminating carbohydrates from your daily diet. 

You can only have a limited amount of carbs daily.

People that followed this diet will experience some minor headaches in the beginning, but in the end lost some weight and overall they have more energy.

What I like about the Keto diet is that it reduces the carbohydrates intake.

This is something that is part of my weight loss program as well.

But in the Keto diet, it is very hard to stay in the state of ketosis. If you only eat a few grams too much, then you need to start all over again.

This can be time consuming as it takes 3-4 days to enter the state of ketosis.

So in my opinion you need to be either very disciplined or either pretty committed to complete the Keto diet.

3. Sugar Free Diet

The name already reveals the main goal of this diet.

You are going completely sugar free.

I find this a good initiative as I think that we consume too much sugar. So when following this diet.

You will remove all types of sugar from your diet. 

Think of drinks, processed foods, dairy, bakery products and so on.

This is also something that I teach in my weight loss program, but in a different manner.

The Sugar-Free diet is about refraining yourself from sugar for a long period of time.

I don’t find this realistic as this means you can’t have fruits and vegetables (think of healthy foods as coconut & honey) as well.

As those contain natural sugars.

Therefore, you are depriving yourself of essential vitamins and minerals and is in the end rather harmful for your body.



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The 5 Best Diets for Weight Loss


4. Weight Watchers Diet

The Weight Watchers Diet is almost the same as counting calories.

But here instead there are no forbidden foods. 

You can have every foods, as long as you have enough points for them.

The point system is based on a mix of the type of food, think of fat, carbs and protein amount.

Vegetables and fruits have no points so you can eat plenty of those.

What makes me prefer this diet over the other ones is that there is lots of information on the web and there is also an APP available.

So there is a strong community.

And either a good or minus point is that the week is not fixed and can change every moment based on what you ate today. 

I am not a big fan of counting calories and points because it requires a lot of planning of time.

And sometime you might feel as if you need to purchase certain “Weight Watchers” products.

Overall I think this diet lacks a clear structure and lay-out.

5. My own The 3-Week Fat Burn Program

This is my own program that I’ve created and it is all about eating the right foods to lose weight, without spending a minute in the gym. Learn what foods you can not touch at all during weight loss and which foods will speed up your internal fat burning processes.

I find that healthy eating accounts for 80% of our weight loss results.

So I put a strong emphasis on that. 

My clients tell me upon completion that this knowledge has changed their live.

And that they use these tactics to build healthy habits and to stay in shape. They are able with these facts to lose weight over and over again.

It comes with a full refund guarantee. So if you followed it but it didn’t brought you the desired results, then I will refund you completely without any questions.

My clients typically already see results in the first week of the program. In just 3 weeks they lose between 10-20 pounds.

More importantly they can do this over and over again. I’m happy that this is helping people to be happier and healthy.

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