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Have you always struggled with your physique and energy mood?

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Eating the right foods and getting the right vitamins in your body will help you perform better not only in the gym but in all other aspects of life as well!

So you are at the right place to figure this all out.

I will explain the benefits of the main vitamins and how this can help to improve your weight loss efforts.

So want to know what type of foods you should actually eat for burning fat?

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Best Vitamins for Weight Loss



Vitamins and Body Weight

There are 13 vitamins that are believed to be important for a healthy functioning of our body.

Missing just a single one of these 13, may already cause your body harm.

One example might be, facing obstacles in your weight loss journey.

Just to give an example. Fatigue and depression may be associated with certain deficiencies in important nutrients.

Fatigue and depression then again might cause troubles with your motivation, exercising habits.

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss - Vitamin B

Certain vitamins are specifically promoting a healthy metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which your body processes food into energy.

If you do not get enough vitamin B during the day, then this may cause the metabolism to work slower. That will make it harder to lose weight.

Another factor of a deficiency of vitamin B is that you may feel very tired throughout the day. With a vitamin B deficiency, it is almost impossible to retain an active lifestyle.

Most people who are most likely to have a vitamin B deficiency include the elderly and vegetarians.

Vitamin B is one of the vitamins that helps to lose weight and accelerate the metabolism.

Large amounts of vitamin B are mainly found in seafood, liver, lean dairy, eggs and cheese.

Vegans who do not eat these products are so easy to build a shortage of these vitamins.

There are a lot of different B vitamins including:

  •   Vitamin B1: occurs mainly in cereals, potatoes as well as in dairy, meat and many fruits and vegetables.
  •   Vitamin B2: Almost the same as above, and food products are. Dairy, meat products, vegetables and many fruits.
  •   Vitamin B3: Meat, whole grain products, vegetables, nuts and fish. Vitamin B3 itself can be manufactured by the body from a particular amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan can be found among others in peas, cocoa and therefore chocolate and milk.
  •   Vitamin B5: that we see all the foods that we have already mentioned above. These are the whole grain varieties, vegetables and dairy products.
  •   Vitamin B6: Grains, meat products, eggs, different kinds of fish, dairy products.
  •   Vitamin B8: Organ meats especially liver, soy, seeds and nuts, dairy.
  •   Vitamin B11: Vegetables including especially leafy vegetables and potatoes.
  •   Vitamin B12: Like almost exclusively in meat products and then primarily in organ meats such as liver. However, vitamin B12 is also found in fish and eggs, including milk. Vegans will have made it very difficult to have sufficient vitamin B12 in the blood because they exclude such products from their diet.

Best Vitamins For Weight Loss - Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a crucial player in the list of vitamins that help to lose weight.

Vitamin C is the one vitamine that people often do not associate with weight loss.

Yet recent studies showed that it still plays an important role in the process.

Vitamin C helps to keep up your metabolism in the body.

Also you can burn more fat with Vitamin C is also known to use more fat as energy in the body, so you would burn fat more quickly.

This is especially the case when exercising.

That does not mean that you will lose weight automatically with huge doses of vitamin C.

It is certain that people with a low amount of vitamin C are less efficient in losing weight than their counterparts with a higher value of Vitamin C.

Excellent sources of vitamin C are acidic fruits such as red berries, lemons, oranges and grapefruit.

Best Vitamins for Weight Loss - Vitamin D

You might have a Vitamin D deficiency if you have a dark skin color, or simply if you do net get enough sunlight, are obese or if you are old.

Then this risk might be very high. Vitamin D is produced by the skin when it comes in contact with the sunlight.

Vitamin D is also widely present in oily fish and fresh orange juice and milk.

A deficiency of vitamin D can also be an obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Research has also shown that people who follow a diet and had a low value of Vitamin D in their blood were the least to lose weight quickly after some time.



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Best Vitamins for Weight Loss


Make Sure You Get Your Daily Portion of Vitamins

When you switch to a healthy diet make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, healthy fish like salmon and mackerel, whole grains and unsaturated fatty acids that can be found in nuts and seeds, as well as in some fish species.

Then you are less likely to have a deficiency of certain vitamins.

Vitamins that are very effect to help lose weight are therefore vitamins B and D.

However, vitamin C plays an important role in the use of fat as energy for the body. Especially during exercise.

If you know for yourself that it is impossible to get these amount of foods in your food schedule.

Then prepare yourself and buy vitamin pills of those that lack in your current diet!

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