Top 10 Teas to Lose Weight



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Top 10 Teas To Lose Weight

Here is the list of top 10 fat burning teas to lose weight with. I like natural detox drinks and I found that tea fit in my healthy living pattern a lot. They support my exercise schedule and don’t interfere with the foods I eat. The best part is that you do not need a recipe at all.

A cup of tea is simple to make. It can’t get more easy in life then this.

All you need is hot water and a teabag or mint leaves. 

Let the latter infuse and voila you have your weightloss drink ready.

When you want to lose weight it is important to create an environment that supports you all the way through.

Swap all kinds of diet sodas, regular sodas and beverages with sugar for tea.

You will find that once you do this, you will start to lose weight.

A cup of tea can only do so much for you.

When you are eating clean and live a healthy life, you will find that a cup of tea will help you in your weight loss efforts.

Don’t expect that a cup of green tea will make you lose 2 pounds after you shove that double hamburger down your throat.

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Top 10 Teas to Lose Weight


1. Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-Erh tea is a fermented Chinese black tea and one praised by Tim Ferris, author of the 4-hour workweek.

It helps you to improve your digestion and move the food fast through your body, this so the body does not have a chance at all to absorb the fats from the food.

Tim uses Pu-Erh tea to start the day with but most people enjoy a cup of Pu-Erh tea after a meal.

If you choose to drink Pu-Erh tea, try to stick with Pu-Erh for the rest of the day and swap all kinds of other drinks for Pu-Erh tea.

2. Green Tea

One of my personal favorites and I have a cup of green tea every single day.

Try a cup of green tea before you have your work out.

It will energize you and give you enough fuel to perform good for the upcoming hours. 

Green tea is rich in catechins, these will support your body to release fat from the fat cells and then to use that fat for energy.

So catechines are especially good to burn that stubborn fat.

3. Oolong Tea

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea as well and it name means Black Dragon in Chinese.

It is full of antioxidants & catechins that boost your body’s metabolism and that in turn helps you to lose weight.

It also has a good amount of caffeine and might improve your mental clearness and thinking. 

Oolong has a light and smooth taste. Have a cup just to relax down a bit after a hard day of stress.

4. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a tea that comes from South-Africa. It is made out of the Rooibos plant that is grown exclusively in the Cederberg region of South Africa.

People in South-Africa have been using it for over centuries.

The name “Rooi Bos” is derived from Dutch what is more or less similar to Afrikaans and it means “Red Forest” Rooibos has a good reputation in South-Africa and is used widely to solve all kinds of skin issues.

It is not so known in the Western world that rooibos is used in all kinds of skin products.

Rooibos tea is full of antioxidants and works relaxing.

Because it does not contain any caffeine, it is good to have a cup in the evening.

5. Mint Tea

The fresh and pure flavors of mint tea just make me go crave for a cup of it.

Mint tea is good to improve your overall digestion so that your body can remove waste from the body faster.

This is good when you want to lose weight as your body is able to perform better.

Have mint tea with a bit of organic honey.

This sweet combination will suppress your appetite and curb your cravings for any sweets later on the day. 

Mint tea does not contain any caffeine so feel free to drink it during the evening.

Having a headache? Next time try mint tea, it has a soothing and relaxing effect and will help you get rid of that headache.

Mint tea is one of the teas that I like to make out of fresh leaves.

When I want mint tea, I only want to have a tea that consists out of fresh mint leaves.

I can be really picky when it comes to this.

This is mainly because I am of the opinion that mint tea consists out of FRESH mint leaves and hot water.

Nothing else. Maybe a spoon of honey.

For every other tea, including green tea I like to use tea bags. This is the only exception.



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Top 10 Teas to Lose Weight


6. White Tea

White tea is one of the purest teas that you can get (the other one most obviously mint tea).

The leaves are from the same tree as green and black tea but the harvesting method and taste are totally different.

The leaves from white tea come from the plant “Camellia Sinensis” and can mainly be find in China.

The scent of white tea is kind of sweet and flowery while its taste is also sweet and kind of light.

This is totally the opposite of the green and black tea whose scent and taste is kind of dominant and bitter.

The youngest leaves of the tea plant are used to make white tea. These are white and hence its name “white tea”.

The leaves are almost not processed at all, they only need to be dried in the sun and they are done.

That’s why it is one of the purest teas you can get.

White tea helps to use existing fat in the body and use that for energy.

It also helps to hinder/prevent the creation of new fat cells. 

White tea should rest a bit longer in hot water than most other teas.

Let is rest between 4-6 minutes in your cup and when the water is gold/yellow like then your cup is done.

You can also re-use it for another cup, make sure to leave it a little bit longer to get the same color.

7. Black Tea

In general, black tea has been more oxidized than green, white or oolong tea and the taste is therefore also stronger.

Because of this it also contains more caffeine.

Oxidation happens when the leaves are exposed to air for a long time and that is why the leaves get a black or dark color.

Another interesting fact is that green tea loses it flavors after a year.

Black tea is able to contain it flavors and benefits for up to 50 years and was therefore a form of currency in Mongolia, Tibet and Siberia up to the 19th century.

Black tea is also rich in antioxidants and contains polyphenols.

This is a plant compound responsible for blocking fat absorption.

Black tea has also a lot of flavones and has been associated with a lower body mass index.

Black tea is one of the most consumed teas in the Western world and accounts for the majority of the teas available. It comes in different variations: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ceylon and English Melange.

Want to try it out before you buy it? Visit a Chinese restaurant, there they serve black tea! Just don’t drink black tea the English do with milk and sugar.

This will remove all the fat burning abilities.

8. Goji Tea

Goji berries have been used in Asia as a medicinal medication for centuries.

Goji berries are rich in: amino acids, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins.

Goji berries are used for diabetes in traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The berries are also rich in chromium, the component that helps in regulating your blood sugar level.

It also helps to preserve lean muscle when you are losing weight rapidly and in this way it boosts up your metabolism and prevents you from gaining more weight.

The traditional way of making Goji tea is by using the berries and let them soak in boiling water.

Pour yourself a cup and when you’ve finished the tea, you can eat the berries as well.

9. Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the foods that is able to increase your body temperature and in this way also your metabolism.

Ginger the plant has thermogenic properties and good when you want to lose weight.

It is rich in antioxidants, which means that it helps your body to remove waste and toxics out of your body. 

This will make your body perform better and it will be able to burn fat faster.

10. Matcha Green Tea

If you want to try out something new, then Matcha Green Tea might just be the thing for you.

It is almost getting a hype right now and people are making cakes, ice-creams and milkshakes out of it.

It comes from Japan and has been used there for centuries as a medicinal tea.

The process of making the tea is extremely complex and difficult and takes a lot of time.

Therefore, Matcha is also kind of expensive.

Note that only Matcha powder from Japan is authentic, if the powder comes from elsewhere then it is not organic and real Matcha.

Only a small percentage of the elite tea farmers in Japan is able to produce good Matcha.

Before the Matcha leaves are harvested, they are covered with a dark cloth.

This ensures that the leaves don’t get a lot of sunlight, but makes sure that the leaves get that dark green tint.

After the leaves are harvested, they will be steamed and then oxidized.

The steaming and oxidiation process ensures that the leaves have a high amount of caffeine and polyphenols.

Polyphenols belong to the category of catechins. We already discussed the health benefits of catachines above.

Polyphenols on the other hand we did not.

These are powerful antioxidants and are good for the heart and and blood pressure.

It is also good in controlling the blood sugar level and protects the liver against toxins.

Besides catechins and polyphenols, Matcha Green Tea also contains L-theanine.

L-theanine improves the concentration level, better sleep and for a good feeling.

L-theanine first comes into our bloodstream and passes on to the brains. 

It gives the same health benefits as coffee, without the dehydrating part and other unpleasant effects of caffeine.

Matcha improves the metabolism and also stops the growth of fat cells.

So besides being super healthy, Matcha Green Tea is also very good for weight loss.

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