Top 3 Essential Oils for Weightloss

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Top 3 Essential Oils for Weightloss

I support the use of essential oils and I think it benefits people who are trying to lose weight a lot.

I personally use it for all kinds of other things. I use lavender lavender oil to easy the mosquito bites in the summer.

I want to point out that essential oils are not a shortcut or magic solution that will make you lose weight overnight.

It is not a magic potion that you can use after your visit to the McDonald’s.

That would be naïve and I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you.

Following a healthy lifestyle that consists out of eating healthy and working out frequently is the best way to lose weight and stay in shape.

Do this and have essential oils to support you in your weight loss journey.

Essential oils are important to strengthen your physical health and mental state so that you can lose weight easier and faster.

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If you are searching for the best essential oils that have strong medicinal features to help you in your weight loss efforts, then you are at the right place.

Let’s dive deeper into this.



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Top 3 Essential Oils for Weightloss


What are Essential Oils Exactly?

Different civilizations and cultures from all around the world have been using essential oils.

Think of the Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and Indians.

They are already familiar with the strong powers and health benefits for more than thousands of years.

Essential oils have been used for a long time as medicines and they come from the barks, seeds, flowers, roots and leaves in the purest form you can ever imagine.

Because it is concentrated, it means that it contains the health benefits of that certain plant or fruit, but then stronger and you often just need to apply a bit to get the medicinal features.

How to Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be used in manyways.

You can either drink (provided the essential oil is free of toxins and additives), inhale or apply it on your skin.

The benefits differ in the way you apply it, and it also differs with a certain oil on how you can get the best medicinal benefits.

Aromatherapy or inhaling it. This is done by using a diffuser to get the fragrant of the essential oil in the air.

In this way you use aromatherapy to stimulate your brain and to harmonize your body and mind.

Inhaling essential oils can influence your physical, mental and emotional state directly. This indirectly affects everything from your mood, motivation, hunger, sleep and blood pressure.

This is good for weight loss as it can stimulate a slow metabolism, fight against cravings or help your digestion. Essential oils are just a part of the puzzle but can help you tremendously.

The Top 3 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

1. Grapefruit Essential Oil

We already know that grapefruit is a fruit good to eat when you want to lose weigh.

Though it is sometimes difficult to get because it is not available all year round. Luckily we can buy it now as an essential oil.

It is good to suppress your appetite, detox your body and remove an excess of water.

When the essential oil is extracted from the grapefruit, you will have a high concentration of nootkatone.

This actives ‘AMP-activated protein kinase” (AMPK). AMPK makes sure that your body first uses up all the sugar and removes the fat left in your body.

This stimulates your weight loss efforts a lot in the beginning.

This is the Grapefruit Essential Oil I recommend on Amazon.

How to use it:

Apply it: add 1 or 2 drops on your inner wrist and smell it throughout the day.

Drink: add 1-2 drops in a cup of water and have it first thing in the morning. This is good to give your metabolism a boost in the morning and flush out the toxic waste out of your body.

Diffuse: add a few drops in your diffuser in the evening: this is good to prevent cravings in the late night evening.

Inhale: do you crave for something so badly, inhale once directly from the bottle or drop it on a cotton ball and inhale it from there. Breath deeply and the grapefruit oil will make you relax.

2. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil helps to suppress the appetite and to reduce stress and inflammation.

It has a mild aroma and it is good to balance your hormones and increase the oxygen in the blood flows.

It also helps to detox and eliminate toxins in the body that can get stored in fat cells.

This has an overall positive impact on your digestion.

How to use it:

Drink: add 1-2 drops in a cup of water and have it in the morning so that it benefits your digestion.

Inhale: either inhale directly or add a few drops on a cotton ball and inhale. This will help you to stop from overeating and suppress your cravings.

This is the Lemon Essential Oil I recommend on Amazon.



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How to use essential oils for weight loss


3. Cinnamon Oil

I already talked about the health benefits of cinnamon in my other articles.

Cinnamon oil also comes with tons of health benefits. It is good in balancing your blood sugar levels.

This is good to prevent the storage of extra fat. 

But also to control and regulate your cravings and stop you from overeating.

How to use it:

Drink: The Food and Drug Administrations states it is safe to take internally but before you do this, make sure that it is 100% pure and free from toxins & additives. You can buy a therapeutic grade one.

Add 1-2 drops in a cup of tea or warm water and add honey. Have this drink daily and it will support you a lot in your weight loss efforts. Have it before a big meal or in the evening to curb your cravings

Inhale: take a deep breath from the bottle and do this whenever you feel like you want to snack on something.

Diffuse: add a few drops in your diffuser. This will help your house smell like paradise but it will also help to create an environment that will prevent your body from overeating.

This is the Cinnamon Essential Oil I recommend on Amazon.

If you don’t have a diffuser yet, I recommend to get one!

It will help your house to smell great and remove those nasty kitchen smells.

In addition, it will also help to stimulate your body and mind indirectly to eat less and be happier. 

Below is the diffuser I use, you can get it on Amazon.

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