Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

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Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

I know how it feels. After a time of comfort and living the good life, I sometimes look down and see that my tummy increased in size AGAIN.

Personally, for me I usually know what the cause is. It is always a combination of sitting the whole day and sticking to my normal eating pattern.

And for most people the cause is different.

Some might be insulin resistant, while other may just have had a pregnancy and are in postpartum.

Whatever the reason is for your weight gain, it is very important that you are aware of it.

Self-awareness is at times very difficult.

But if you want to get skinny and slim again, it is good to know in the first place how you gained that weight.

If you by now know what is your root cause of gaining weight, then I want to congratulate you. You are now one step ahead of 90% of all other people who have troubles with losing weight.

Now it is important to talk about how you can get rid of that stubborn fat. It is not a difficult journey. However, it is also not impossible.

I went through the all of this and created my own weight loss program to guide and help other succeed in getting happy and healthy again. Read more at the bottom!

The tips here are designed to help you on the right path and to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Having a strong foundation is something you need if you want to succeed in this.



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Weight Loss Tips for Beginners


Find your THING

Explore and try different things out that will help you to get back in shape. And try to go with a partner to these things.

The things you can try out are many.

Think of joining a local dancing class or sign yourself up to a Caribbean cooking class.

Going together not only gives you some mental support, this will make you feel more comfortable and the chances are sky-high of you sticking to it. 

The most important thing is to find something you are passionate about and truly love.

Whether that is a physical activity like playing tennis, riding horse or walking in the neighborhood.

Or if it’s about healthy eating, think of: healthy cooking, meal prepping or dieting. Find your own thing and something that you truly like.

Everyone is different and we are not bound by certain rules that tells us we can only lose weight in the gym.

Be Realistic

Motivation is a fickle thing.

At times strong but most of the time it weakens to an all-time low.

It is therefore crucial that we set expectations that are realistic and tangible.

A goal that goes like: I want to lose 20 pounds in my first week by following a ketogenic diet and by spending at least two hours daily in the gym, is quite hard to follow and chances are high you will not finish the week as planned.

As a ketogenic diet will deplete your energy levels, you will be quite grumpy after a few days and your it may seem as if your willpower disappeared at once.

Followed up by a daily visit to the gym makes it even more difficult as your carb resources will be finished and after a few days your body will be in pain.

Do your own research and set expectations that are realistic.

This is good to boost your self-esteem and self confidence.

Be Comfortable /FUN

Enjoy the process. Getting back in shape takes quite some time.

The only way you can enjoy the process is if you like the activities you are doing in the moment.

If exercising is not your thing, then focus on eating healthy.

If on the contrary healthy eating is not your thing, then focus on the physical activities a lot. 

It is up to you to find a balance in between and have fun while doing it.

My weight loss program is all about losing weight by putting a huge emphasis on the diet part.

The weight loss is done without spending a single minute in the gym.

WHY Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Think why you want to get back in shape again and lose all of that extra weight.

Each person has their own unique goal.

Some want to feel attractive again, some are preparing for the Mexican beach of Acapulco while some women just want to be healthy and happy again.

Figure out WHY you want to lose weight. Write it down and have it somewhere where you can see this daily. 

This will give you the required motivation whenever you need it.



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Weight Loss Tips for Beginners


Be Prepared

Do not make the mistake like tons of other people that failed in succeeding in their weight loss goal.

They thought it was a very easy thing to do and therefore did not prepared themselves for the difficult times ahead.

The more you see it through the eyes of a professional athlete preparing for a big game ahead, the likelier you are to succeed.

What I mean is that you can plan your meals ahead.

You can prepare your meals in advance if you are really eager. 

Have some healthy snacks in your bag.

Prepare for every occasion that might happen so that when you are hungry, you will not be compelled to go to the local fast food joint to get a greasy snack.

Or if you all of a sudden get hungry that you do not need to grab one of the snacks of your toddlers.

With these tips in mind, you are more then ready to start losing weight. Read my other articles for tips that go deeper into the science of losing weight. Or if you feel really ready, check out my own weight loss program.

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