Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

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Weight Loss Tips for Women over 40  

You find that no “special diet” or workout is helping you in your weight loss efforts.

You almost tried everything but without any result.

But when you look in the mirror you see the extra weight you are carrying.

And you tell yourself: If I soon don’t lose weight, you’ll never be able to get back in shape again after age 40.

You are really eager and determined to lose weight every time you see yourself in the mirror.

The thing is that you just do not know how.

Be at ease as you are not alone in this journey. Everyone that is getting older has the same issues.

Losing weight as you get older is certainly not impossible. It will be difficult but it is an achievable goal.

Just let me share with you how you can do this as well to get that dream body back again.



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How To Lose Weight For Women Over 40


As You Get Older So Does Your Body’s Metabolism

It becomes harder and difficult to lose weight as we become older.

The same eating patterns and exercises don’t give us the same results now at a later age.

This all has to do with the way our body’s metabolism works.

In short when it comes to weight loss the metabolism is responsible for how fast or slow we burn calories.

Besides that, the metabolism is also vital in keeping the body alive.

It becomes much easier to stay in shape if you have a fast metabolism. So let us focus on that!

As we grow older there are a wide variety of reasons why our metabolism slows down.

The main ones that matter is that the internal organs get older as well and as we become less active as we grow older.

The truth is that we can not do anything about our internal organs that are aging, but we can do something about our physical activity.

Be in Control of What You Eat

The truth is we find ourselves busy all the time and give priorities to other things over our own health.

Think of working full-time and having a family to take care as well.

This will soak up all your time and they should be your number one priority. 

Not even to mention friends that you need to catch up with and all of other kinds of (social) meetings.

However, that does not mean your health should suffer under all of this.

It is possible to lose weight and stay in shape while you are busy with work or your family.

Because you place priorities on other things above your health, it means that you are not giving yourself the right nutrition your body needs nor the physical activity you really need.

Instead you are eating the wrong foods at the wrong times of the day.

This makes you gain weight naturally and this should stop right now. The goal is to make you lose weight naturally and passively.

This is possible just by paying attention to what you eat and by being active.

No extreme calories counting or intense exercises are necessary to achieve big results.

Let me go deeper into this.

Up Your Network

We humans are social animals.

Let’s face it. What I mean with this is that our environment is vital for success. 

You need to share your weight loss goals with the people that are the closest to you, whether that is your family, friends or colleagues.

Imagine you shared this with your family and they want to support you in your weight loss goals.

At dinner every single member is eating the same healthy foods as you and do some form of physical activity with you as well.

In this situation, the chances of you reaching your weight loss goals are enormously high.

On the other hand if you are the only one eating healthy at the table and the other ones at the table are eating fries and fried chicken, then it becomes extremely difficult to succeed.

You can resist the temptation once, or even maybe twice but eventually you will take some fries from their plate. Or take some cookies/candies that they usually eat.

What I am trying to say is that your will-power is limited and you should create the right environment for yourself.

Drink Water  

One cause of getting too much sugar inside the body is by drinking sugary drinks.

Think of all kinds of sodas, diet sodas and even fruit juices.

A lot of sugar is added to make it taste good and even if it says zero sugar, then other chemicals or additives are added to the drink that are sometimes even more worse.

Drinking sugary drinks is one of easiest ways to make you gain weight.

You can solve this by removing all kinds of drinks from your diet except for the following: water, black coffee and tea.

Even water with a taste that you can find in the grocery store are strictly forbidden for you.

The goal of this is to detox completely from sugar. We are simply not aware of the huge amounts of sugar big manufacturers put in soda’s just to let it taste better.

This is good for at a party, but do this everyday and those pounds will come on more easily then expected.

It is also important to notice that you can not add sugar or creamer/milk to your coffee or tea.

Black coffee and especially green tea are known to improve the digestion process and metabolic rate.

So if you add those things to it, you just destroy the actual purpose of it. In addition, you can have these drinks all the time and you will not gain any weight from it.

These will actually only help you to lose weight.

These beverages will decrease your appetite as well and therefore you will eat less.

Continue like this and losing weight will not become difficult for you anymore.



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Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40


Spending Hours in The Gym  

Losing weight is 80% about your diet and 20% exercise, this is something my own weight loss program covers in depth and tells you exactly which foods you can eat and which ones are forbidden to even touch.

What I am trying to say is that you do not need to spend two hours in the gym and work your ass off.

What you need to do is to work smart, not hard. 

If you run for an hour on the treadmill, you are exhausting your body and then your body will give you signals that you need to eat more in order let the body recover well.

So what will happen is that after your gym sessions your cravings will only increase.

This is a common mistake that many people make and why they fail in their weight loss journey.

Instead find another activity that makes you active physically. Think of yoga, dancing, walking or biking.

Something that you can do everyday and something that you actually enjoy.

If you can do it with a family member of friend is even better!

How to Eat Healthy All the Time

Carbohydrates are the main root of evil when it comes to weight gain.

You can find carbohydrates in almost any food that is in your everyday diet.

Think of bread, pasta, cereals, fried foods. and diary products

Remove all carbohydrates completely from your diet and all foods that are processed and packaged.

The goal of this is to provide your body only with clean foods that contain healthy fats and stimulate your metabolism.

The truth is that most weight gain is related to an overeating of carbs.

So go completely natural and chose foods that do not have a label. Think of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, chicken filet, fatty fish like salmon.

These foods consist of a lot of protein and if you overeat on this, then it is only good for your body.

Besides it is hard to overeat on these foods because they will make you feel full very fast.

Get Enough Quality Sleep

We are always busy and have things to do in our life.

That is why we cut back on our sleep because we see it as something useless.

Truth is that if you do not sleep well then you are giving your body not enough time to rest and recover.

 The chances are high that on the following day you will be very grumpy and irritated. Not only will you be of a burden to your closest family members.

Your hormones will also encourage you to eat junk foods and have more cravings of these kind.

So a lack of sleep is a bad thing for someone that wants to lose weight.

So have at least 7-8 hours of sleep so that you are fully rested and that your hormones are in balance.

Some tips to get better and longer sleep:

  • Only use your bedroom for sleep and sex
  • Make sure your bedroom is completely dark
  • Remove all electronic devices out of the bedroom
  • Don’t work on your laptop in the bed
  • Don’t play on your smartphone when you lay in bed

When you do this then you tell the body that the bedroom is only for sleep and rest only and after some time the body adapts and completely relax when you are in bed.

It is Up To You Now!

Losing weight after age 40 is certainly possible.

You are equipped with the right mindset now to achieve your goals.

If you want a daily step-by-step plan then check out my own weight loss program below.

It all comes down to paying attention to what you eat and control that. Secondly, be physically active.

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